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Isuzu-6X4 Truck Mounted Aerial Work Platform 24m

Isuzu-6X4 Truck Mounted Aerial Work Platform 24m
  • Shanghai, China
  • 10000
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Japan Truck Aerial Work Platform Truck (ISUZU-High Lifting Truck 18 -22meters Manlift Basket)

Brand Japan Crane Truck With Bucket Lift for Electric Companies With I.SUZU Engine  Crane Truck With Bucket Lift for  Electric Companies

Custermizing  Crane Truck With Bucket Lift for Electric working

Telescopic Aerial Platform

fully Hydraulically Operate Arial Work Platforms

fully Hydraulically Operate Arial Work Platforms
Max operation height 12m,14m,16m ,18m,22m,16m
max operation radius 5.7m, 6.3m,7m
max working platform rating loading=200kg,

Aerial Working Platform High Altitude Working Truck for Street Lamp Maintenance Function:

Telescopic beam lifter truck (also called aerial telescopic platform truck, hydraulic aerial cage, overhead working truck, truck platform, beam lifter vehicle, truck mounted insulated aerial lift, telescopic boom truck, high-altitude operation truck) is ideal for maintenance of traffic lights, street lights, landscaping trees, cleaning/setting signboard and other high aerial works.


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Curb weight  
Over size  
2 axles  
Power steering  
Front axle  
Rear axle  
Working height  
Max speed  
Emission standard  
Euro 5 or Euro 6  
Hydraulic legs  


1.Japan truck platform lift truck  
2.Working height:18-20meters
3.Chassis:difference kinds brand for compare
4.we can do it according to your requirements.

Truck Mounted Aerial Platform 16m Manlift Mounted Water Tank 3000L

Model DRZ5250JGKD Curb weight 18000
Over size 10930×2500×3820(mm) Type 4x2
Wheelbase 5100+1300 mm Power steering Equipped
Front axle 7ton Rear axle 18ton
Gearbox Manual Tire 10.00R-20;11.00R20
Engine Japan brand 300hp Working height 22M
Max speed 95km/h Emission standard Euro IV or Euro V
Color according to you Hydraulic legs 4units


1.22meters high lifting platform truck
2.Working height:22meters
3.Chassis:difference kinds brand for compare
4.we can do it according to your requirements.

Isuzu-6X4 Truck Mounted Aerial Work Platform 24m

Isuzu-6X4 Truck Mounted Aerial Work Platform 24m

Isuzu-6X4 Truck Mounted Aerial Work Platform 24m
Isuzu-6X4 Truck Mounted Aerial Work Platform 24m

Isuzu-6X4 Truck Mounted Aerial Work Platform 24m
Isuzu-6X4 Truck Mounted Aerial Work Platform 24m
Isuzu-6X4 Truck Mounted Aerial Work Platform 24m


ISUZU mounted Crane truck ( 3.2Ton boom crane SQ3SK2Q)


Vehicle Brand


Chassis Brand


Overall Dimension

6500 * 2100 * 3100 mm

GVW / Kerb Weight

7,300kg / 4,000kg


Cab Capacity

2 persons allowed

Air Conditioner

Heating/cooling air conditioner


Fuel Type


Engine Brand



130 HP (88 KW)  4KH1


2999 ml

Emission Standard

Euro 4 or 5


Drive Type

4X2, (Left hand drive ONLY)


Manual MSB 5 speed levers with 1 reverse

Wheelbase/No. of axle

3360 mm / 2

Tire Specification


Tire Number

6 tires and 1 spare tire

Max Speed

90 km/h


Metallic paint


Cargo Box Dimension

4000*1900*500 mm

Crane Type

Telescpoic boom crane

Max Lifting Capacity

3200 kg

Slewing Angle

360° All rotation

Crane Weight


Installation Space

850 mm

Control panel

English or Your language

All standard accessories: Basic tool kit, English manual...


** Knuckle boom crane.

** Hydraulic tipper box.

** Box thickness according to requirement.

** Box height could be nominated
** Remote Control Box optional

Items Parameter
Truck Model 5070JSQ2
Crane Parameter Max Lifting Capacity 3200 kg
Max Lifting Moment 6.8 T.M
Recommend Power 14 kw
Max Oil Flow of Hydraulic System 25 L/min
Max Pressure of Hydraulic System 20 Mpa
Oil Tank Weight 30 L
Crane Weight 1229 kg
Installation Space 850 mm
Rotation Angle 360° All Rotation
Cargo Body Thickness Side 2mm
Floor 3mm

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Aerial platform truck 16m water tank and water pump ,Truck Mounted Aerial Work Platform water tank,Work Platform water tank truck,aerial bucket truck  water tank,bucket truck with water tank ,Truck Mounted water tank Aerial Work Platform

Isuzu-6X4 Truck Mounted Aerial Work Platform 24m

Isuzu-6X4 Truck Mounted Aerial Work Platform 24m

Truck mounted aerial platform, which will be used to clean pole mounted solar panels for street lights. So it requires a special arrangement of truck mounted water tank as well as water hose at the basket.

The pole height is 6M so aerial lift should be 8-10M.
Water tank capacity can be 3000Ltr
JMC aerial ladder moving house truck 28-45meters for sale
$39,000.00 - $45,000.00/Set
JMC 12-16m High altitude platform truck/Aerial platform truck
$19,000.00 - $22,000.00/Set
Big order JAC 12m/14m high lifting platform truck for sale Kyrgyzstan
$19,000.00 - $22,000.00/Set
2018 New Aerial working truck with bucket/Aerial platform truck
$19,000.00 - $22,000.00/Set
JAC 14m/16m Overhead working truck/High altitude operation truck
$19,000.00 - $22,000.00/Set
DongFeng Aerial work platform truck/hydraulic lift platform truck
$19,000.00 - $22,000.00/Set
DongFeng 18m Aerial truck with basket/high lifting platform truck
$19,000.00 - $29,000.00/Set
Special Aerial platform truck/truck mounted aerial work platform
$26,000.00 - $36,000.00/Set
Japan truck aerial work platform truck/high lifting truck 18meters for sale
$39,000.00 - $42,000.00/Set
HOWO Aerial platform truck/Aerial working truck 16 meters
$19,000.00 - $24,000.00/Set
JMC truck mounted aerial work platform/aerial platform truck/aerial truck with basket
$25,000.00 - $30,000.00/Set
JMC ladder lift truck/aerial ladder platform truck/aerial ladder trucks
$25,000.00 - $30,000.00/Set
JMC truck mounted lifting ladder/lifting platform truck/high lifting platform truck
$25,000.00 - $30,000.00/Set
JMC aerial work platform truck/truck mounted aerial platforms/telescopic aerial platform truck
$25,000.00 - $30,000.00/Set
JMC aerial working truck/aerial lift truck/aerial truck
$25,000.00 - $30,000.00/Set
Japan 18 meters aerial work platform truck/truck unloading platform
$32,000.00 - $39,000.00/Set
China best seller 18-22m electric aerial work platform truck
$19,000.00 - $29,000.00/Set
Japan 20 meters battery operated platform truck with insulation bucket
$32,000.00 - $39,000.00/Set
China vertical lifting platform truck 6-12m for sale Philippines
$14,000.00 - $17,000.00/Set
New 12m aluminum small lifting platform/weight lifting platform
$14,000.00 - $17,000.00/Set
Cheapest 12-16m aerial lift truck/aerial working truck with basket
$19,000.00 - $22,000.00/Set
Hot sale 2018 manual high lift pallet truck/high lift hydraulic hand pallet truck
$19,000.00 - $22,000.00/Set
China folding arms aerial truck/ Aerial working truck with insulation basket
$19,800.00 - $22,800.00/Set
JMC straight arms aerial work platform price/High altitude working platform truck
$35,500.00 - $36,500.00/Set
Aerial truck with water tank/aerial platform fire truck/truck aerial fire platform
$21,000.00 - $29,000.00/Set
JMC 28 meters ladder rack for truck/aerial ladder truck for sale
$32,000.00 - $38,000.00/Set
JMC 28 meters ladder lift truck/truck ladder rack for sale
$32,000.00 - $38,000.00/Set
Howo 16 meters hydraulic platform truck/platform lift truck/cherry picker
$21,600.00 - $25,000.00/Set

Top quality high lifting platform truck 9-12meters/aerial working platform truck with double cabin
$18,000.00 - $20,000.00/Set
double cabin 6 seats vertical lifting platform truck 6-12meters/high lifting platform truck
$16,000.00 - $20,000.00/Set
22M aerial working platform truck/aerial bucket truck with Dongfeng new cabin
$39,000.00 - $44,000.00/Set
Good quality I suzu aerial platform truck/aerial working truck/truck mounted aerial work platform
$32,000.00 - $39,000.00/Set
Japanese truck mounted High lifting aerial work platform/Hydraulic arm lifting platform
$58,000.00 - $59,900.00/Set
mobile hydraulic high rise aerial work platform operation truck for sale
$7,000.00 - $20,000.00/Set
2019 new white 22m folding jib high aerial working platform truck/high-altitude operation truck for sale
$7,000.00 - $20,000.00/Set
Dongfeng24m High Altitude Operating Truck for sale
$7,000.00 - $20,000.00/Set

Factory supply high altitude operation Street lights maintenance truck for sale
$7,000.00 - $20,000.00/Set
Mobile lite platform 12-18m for aerial working/Telescopic aerial work platform with truck
$35,000.00 - $36,600.00/Set
JAC High Altitude Operation Truck 4x2 12 - 25 m Working Height for sale
$18,000.00 - $25,000.00/Set
JAC High Operation Aerial Platform Truck Left / Right Hand Drive for sale
$18,000.00 - $25,000.00/Set
JAC 16-18m High Operation Aerial Platform Truck for sale
$18,000.00 - $25,000.00/Set
4X2 20 meters high altitude Aerial platform operation bucket truck for sale
$18,000.00 - $25,000.00/Set
18-22 meters high altitude operating truck/overhead working platform truck for hot sale
$18,000.00 - $25,000.00/Set
Dongfeng 22meters truck mounted aerial work platform/aerial lift truck
$38,000.00 - $42,000.00/Set
20meters Telescopic boom aerial work truck/JMC boom lift truck for sale
$48,000.00 - $49,999.00/Set
Foton forland aerial bucket truck 16 meters/truck mounted work lights 12m.14m for sale
$18,000.00 - $20,000.00/Set
Japan brand aerial working platform truck 22meters/platform lift truck
$85,000.00 - $88,000.00/Set
JAC double cabin platform lift truck 16meters/high lifting platform truck with Euro V engine
$24,000.00 - $25,500.00/Set
Aerial working platform truck 14meter/HOWO 4x2 platform lift truck
$21,000.00 - $21,500.00/Set
38meters aerial ladder moving house truck/ladder lift truck
$62,000.00 - $63,000.00/Set
Dongfeng high quality 18-20meters Lifting arm aerial work platform truck for sale
$48,000.00 - $48,600.00/Set

Truck may be medium light truck of 3.% ton.
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