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Dongfeng Offroad 4x4 Water Bowser 6000Liters -8000Liters

Offroad 4x4 Water Bowser 6000Liters -8000Liters
LHD / RHD Optional
6000 L-8000L( 1580 Gallons - 2100 Gallons)
Optional stainless steel tank
Price: $ 18000
Discount Price: $ 16800

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Offroad 4x4 Water Bowser 6000Liters -8000Liters

LHD / RHD Optional  

6000 L-8000L( 1580 Gallons - 2100 Gallons)  

Optional  stainless steel tank

 Water Tanker Bowser-004Water Tanker Bowser-052



1.Stainless Steel/Aluminum Alloy Water Tank,  Price Add  $1000 /cbm ( $5000-$20000)

2.Insulation Layer For Water Tank,   Price Add  $2000-$3000

3.Stainless Steel Water Pump,  Price Add $1500- $2000  

4.Fire Pump, Fire Cannon  CB10/20 Price Add $2800 ; CB10/30  Price Add  $3100

5.Pesticide Cannon, Pump Price Add  $100-$8000

6.Cabin Electric Remote Control Sprinkler Cannon Nozzle Price Add  $2000

7.Honda Motor Pump Price Add  $700

8.RHD Price add $3000 ( ISUZU only LHD)

9.Optional mounted with Crane, Man Lift Basket, Rear Spraying Device, Barrel Pesticide Spraying Device, Gasoline Pesticide Machine, Diesel Pesticide Machine, Led Arrow Lights

Water Tanker Bowser-063Water Tanker Bowser-166


Product specification

Product features

Tank material:carbon steel,stainless steel

Tank shape:round square,oval,round

Pump:self-priming pump,centrifugal pump

High efficiency:maximum loading capacity and light weight technology

Standard:synchronize with European and American technology and modular design


Vehicle main technical information:
Product Name

Offroad 4x4 Water Bowser 6000Liters -8000Liters

Dongfeng  water tank truck
Product Model Dongfeng
Water tank size(mm) 3800*1700*1100mm(length*long axis*minor axis)
Overall size(L*W*H) 7000*2180*2750mm
Gross weight 8495kgs
Rated capacity 4600kgs
Curb weight 3700kgs
Approaching/Departure Angle 24/11(°)
Front/Rear suspension 1210/1990mm
Max.speed 90km/h
Chassis Parameters:
Chassis Brand Dongfeng
Chassis model DFA1080LJ11D3
Drive type 4*2/4x4,RHD or LHD
Fuel Type Diesel
Tire Specification 7.50R16,7.50-16
Tire No. 6
Wheelbase 3800mm
Alex No. 2
Leaf Spring No. 8/10+7,11/9+7
Front trend 1770,1831mm
Rear trend 1586,1640mm
Passengers in cab 3
Axle loading 3390/5105
Engine Parameters:
Manufacturer Dongfeng Chaoyang Diesel Engine
Model CY4102-CE4B
Horse Power 136HP
Displacement/Power 3856ml/100kw
Emission standard Euro 3/4/5/6

Water Bowser EXW Hot sale list 

water transporting truck, thermal insulation water transporting truck, drinking water tank truck, liquid food truck, fire water tank truck, pesticide spraying truck, and etc.
Chassis brandChassis modelTankOverall dimensionsWheel baseEngine modelHP/standardTireEXW   Price  


CAMCHN1240P29E2M3J2000010420X2500X35605220+1350WP10.270E32270/Euro 311.00R20$45,528
DONGFENGDFL1160BX120008290X2370X27604700B190 33190/Euro 39.00-20$26,175
DONGFENGDFL1250A92200010770X2480X31005350+1300C260 33260/Euro 311.00R20$43,768
DONGFENGDFL1311A43000011980X2500X36901850+4600+1350C260 33260/Euro 311.00R20$47,751
DONGFENGEQ1060TJ20D350005980X1980X21803300CY4102-C3F95/Euro 37.00-16$11,603
DONGFENGEQ1090T9ADJ3AC60006995X2285X27803800CY4102-E3C120/Euro 37.50R16$15,197
DONGFENGEQ1100FKJ80007350X2440X27903950YC4E140-33140/Euro 39.00-20$15,672
DONGFENGEQ1108KJ100007450X2480X29853950B170 33170/Euro 39.00-20$19,180
DONGFENGEQ1121GKJ100007450X2480X29853950YC4E160-33160/Euro 39.00-20$16,946
DONGFENGEQ1126KJ1120008500X2460X30004700B190 33190/Euro 39.00-20$21,404
DONGFENGEQ1141KJ150008105X2490X30504500B190 33190/Euro 310.00-20$21,566
DONGFENGEQ1290WFJ3000011995X2495X36901950+4250+1300C280 33280/Euro 311.00-20$44,243
DONGFENGEQ5253GFJ2220009950X2480X35504350+1300B210 33210/Euro 310.00-20$29,769
FAWCA1250P63K1L5T1AE4Z2000010425X2495X32004800+1350BF6M1013-28E4280/Euro 411.00R20$49,025
FAWCA1310P63K2L6T4E3000011860X2495X31001950+4550+1350CA6DL1-31E3F310/ Euro 311.00R20$49,834
FOTONBJ1073VEJEA-A50005990X1955X230033604DW91-63NG298/ Euro 26.50-16$10,017
FOTONBJ1102VDPEA-G160007225X2300X268039004102QBZL130/ Euro 28.25-16$14,723
FOTONBJ1163VKPGG-1120009000×2490×31505000Phaser160Ti-33160/ Euro 39.00R20$24,588
FOTONBJ5257GNFJH-S12200010350X2490X30104725+1300SC9DK270Q3B1270/ Euro 310.00-20$41,383
ISUZUQL1070A1KAY60007250X2300X235038154KH1-TCG40120/ Euro 47.00-15$23,962
ISUZUQL1160ANFRY160009000X2465X290050006HK1-TCNG40240/ Euro 410.00-20$54,357
ISUZUQL1250DNFZY200009480X2495X35504350+13006HK1-TCSG40280/ Euro 41.00-20$68,928
ISUZUQL10503HARY50005990X1870X225033604JB1CN98/ Euro 47.00-15$19,493
ISUZUQL11009MARY100008490X2390X255044754HK1-TCG40190/Euro 48.25-20$31,118
JACHFC1161P3K2A47F100008500X2500X31504700YC4E160-42160/Euro 411.00R20$30,406
JACHFC1241P2K1C54F2000011990X2500X35601900+5400CA6DF4-20E4200/ Euro 411.00R20$42,343
JACHFC1311P2K4H45F3000010980X2500X37551900+4500+1350WP10.270E40270/ Euro 411.00R20$53,796
North-BenzND1254B41J200009770X2480X30304100+1350WP10.270E32270/ Euro 311.00R20$42,495
North-BenzND1310D46J7Z013000011960X2495X31001950+4650+1350WP10.310E32310/ Euro 311.00R20$51,421
SHACMANSX1255NN464200009935X2490X32104575+1400WP10.290E32290/ Euro 312.00R20$46,240
SHACMANSX1315NN45613000012000X2490X33401800+4575+1400WP10.270E31270/ Euro 311.00R20$45,765
SHACMANSX1165UN461150008620X2490X31004600WP10.270E31270/ Euro 312.00R20$34,939
SHACMANSX1255UM434200009800X2495X31304325+1350WP10.290E32290/ Euro 312.00R20$41,858
SHACMANSX1315TM45613000011996X2496X34741800+4500+1350WP10.310E32310/Euro 312.00R20$50,860
SINOTRUKZZ1167M4611W100008500X2500X33004600WD615.92266/ Euro 212.00-20$35,738
SINOTRUKZZ1257N4341W200009895X2496X29584325+1350WD615.69336/ Euro 212R22.5$44,006



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