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Bei Ben V3 Triphase Jet Flow 25m Uplifted Spray Fire Truck

Bei Ben V3 Triphase Jet Flow 25m Uplifted Spray Fire Truck

Bei Ben V3 Triphase jet flow 25m uplifted spray fire truck North Benz V3 

Bei Ben V3 Triphase jet flow 25m uplifted spray fire truck

 Bei Ben V3 Triphase jet flow 25m uplifted spray fire truck
 North Benz V3
 I. Introduction: 25 meters high injection phase jet lift truck is the latest research and development alone, with independent intellectual property generation aerial fire fighting equipment, fire extinguishing agents used with less fire speed, high efficiency, fire resistance resurgence after saving , environmental protection and other new concepts. Is currently the world's advanced level aerial fire fighting equipment. The so-called "three-phase" or "solid, liquid, gas", its working principle is solid to liquid and gas mixture as a carrier, make full use of the Coanda effect of the liquid jet and gas jet aerodynamics principle, different "solid, liquid, gas" efficient extinguishing agent in a specific ratio of organic combination and hit the burning surface, the performance reached mutually compatible, complementary advantages, which played a rapid fire, cooling and other effects. Second, the scope: Because spray extinguishing agents for the composite form, it combines the advantages of a variety of extinguishing agent is truly Halon alternative technology, with comprehensive, broad-spectrum effect fire can extinguish A, B, C, D, E , F class fires. Mainly used in high-rise buildings, oil, gas, petrochemical, coal chemical, tanks, warehouses and other tall buildings and tunnels fire fighting.  

   Third, the technical advantages: a variety of options are available to fire


   Can achieve single-phase jet, spray one kind of extinguishing agent; also bipolar jet, while spraying two kinds of extinguishing agent; but also three jets, while spraying three kinds of fire extinguishing agent. Extinguishing according to different objects, burning material, select the appropriate fire extinguishing technologies.


   Fourth, the performance parameters




           Name    Call




           25 m lift high injection phase jet fire


           Triphase jet flow 25m uplifted spray fire truck


           Chassis Model Chassis model




           Engine Engine


           Power (kW) power




           Emissions standards Emission standard


           Europe Ⅳ Europe Ⅳ


           Maximum speed (km / h) Maximum speed


           100 (electronically limited) (Electronic speed limit)


           Dimensions (mm) Dimensions (length x width x height)


           ≤ 12000 × 2500 × 4000 (L × W × H)


           The number of occupants (person) Cab seating capacity




           Loaded with total mass (kg) Gross Weight


           ≤ 33000


           Minimum turning diameter (m) Turning diameter


           ≤ 23


           Approach Approach angle (°) / departure angle (°) Departure angle


           ≥ 16 / ≥ 10


           Minimum ground clearance (mm) Minimum Ground Clearance


           ≥ 290






           The main performance main performance


           Rated working height (m) Rated operating height




           Rated working radius (m) Rated operating range




           Outrigger span (mm) Outrigger span




           Amplitude range (°)  Amplitude range


           0 to 82




           Working speed operating speed


           Boom movement speed (s) Arm movement speed


           ≤ 120


           Outrigger expand time (s) Outrigger spreading time


           ≤ 40


           Rotation speed (r / min) SLEWING SPEED


           0 to 2


           Fire pump fire pump


           Flow (L / s) rate of flow




           Pressure (MPa) Pressure








           Fire Gun Fire monitor


           Rated water flow rate (L / s) rated flow




           Water range (m) Water range


           ≥ 65      


           Powder injection rate valid (kg / s) effective discharge rate




           Three media mixed traffic flow


           Water mixture: 80 (L / s) Water, Mixture    Powder: 30 (kg / s) Dry powder


           Three media mixed range (m) Reach


           ≥ 65






           Axle load (kg) axle load


           Front axle front axle


           ≤ 7500


           After the bridge in Mid and rear axle


           ≤ 26000


           Extinguishing Rated loading capacity (kg) Fire extinguishing agent rated load


           Water water    




           New New fire extinguishing agent fire extinguishing agent




           Ultrafine powder Superfine dry power





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