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Customizing 6X6 Dongfeng Off-road Truck Vehicle-Mount Weather Stations for Weather Environment Monitoring

Customizing 6X6 Dongfeng Off-road Truck Vehicle-Mount Weather Stations for Weather Environment Monitoring
Special equipment: radar lifting system, radar antenna, which is used for weather environment monitoring
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  • CEV5150XJE/ EQ2160BX5DJ


  • 8705909990

 Customizing 6X6 Dongfeng  Off-road Truck Vehicle-Mount Weather Stations for Weather Environment Monitoring

proprietary Weather Display Console AND/OR

– Weather Master Software AND/OR

– Weather MicroServer Internet-ready network capability and automation protocols

 The vehicle is equipped with weather sensors; Continuous wave radar antenna;   fixed lifting oil engine triangular boom; Generator lifting device; Boarding ladder, overhead air conditioner, display screen, equipment cabinet, electric leg, rotating screen; Transmitter case  Different Options.

     All instruments and equipment shall be reasonably placed inside (outside) the monitoring vehicle. It is required that the layout is reasonable and shock absorption measures shall be taken to ensure that all equipment can operate normally and stably during the driving process of the vehicle without damage. To ensure that the air conditioning, ventilation and lighting systems of the vehicle can be used normally, and the data shall be integrated into the monitoring vehicle data platform.

     on board GPS system (high precision), front and rear driving recorders, reversing video monitoring, roof camera system and central control display screen shall be equipped; 5.3 the on-board main instrument (ozone radar) equipment shall be equipped with a special instrument fixed base, and vibration damping devices shall be placed at the bottom and top (proof materials approved by national institutions shall be provided for vibration damping design);

    all data of O3 analyzer, no-no2-nox-nh3 analyzer, weather meter (five parameters), online on-board VOCs, on-board visibility meter, on-board ozone radar, on-board integrated analysis and visual monitoring system, on-board DOAS, and GPS shall be collected on the industrial control computer, and the data can be transmitted by wireless or wired;

    The whole vehicle is divided into cab and cabin from front to rear, and the cab and cabin are completely separated. The color of the facilities in the carriage is coordinated and beautiful, the vehicle structure is compact, and the counterweight is reasonable

Vehicle-Mount Weather Stations provide meteorological data monitoring for mobile operations such as Incident Response, Command and Control, and Mobile Air Traffic Control.

Dongfeng offroad 6x6 Vehicle-Mount Weather Stations (13)Dongfeng offroad 6x6 Vehicle-Mount Weather Stations (11)Dongfeng offroad 6x6 Vehicle-Mount Weather Stations (12)Dongfeng offroad 6x6 Vehicle-Mount Weather Stations (6)

The entire system is operational within minutes to provide critical weather information where and when it is needed.

The bottom line is that the conditions at an incident may not be exactly as forecast or reported elsewhere. There’s no substitute for immediate, accurate, on-site weather data.

Customizing 6X6 Dongfeng Special Purpose Vehicle  Off-road Truck Chassis EQ2160BX5DJ

Type: chassis Drive type: 6x6

Wheelbase: 4100 + 1300mm

Engine: Dongfeng Cummins isd245 50

Transmission: fast 8js118

Rear axle speed ratio: 5.921

Body length: 8.43m

Body width: 2.55m

Body height: 3.05M

Front track: 2110mm

Rear track: 2084 / 2084mm

Vehicle weight: 8.45 tons

Total mass: 16 tons

Maximum speed: 85km / h

Tonnage level: heavy truck

Approach angle: 30 degrees

Departure angle: 30 degrees

Front suspension / rear suspension: 1.43/1.6m

Engine parameters

Engine model: Dongfeng Cummins isd245 50

Common name of engine: Dongkang 6.7L

Number of cylinders: 6

Fuel type: Diesel

Cylinder arrangement: in-line

Displacement: 6.7L

Emission standard: Euro5

Maximum output power: 180kW

Maximum horsepower: 245 horsepower

Maximum torque: 950N · M

Maximum torque speed: 1200-1800rpm

Rated speed: 2500rpm

Gearbox model: fastex 8js118

Oil tank capacity: 200L

Number of spring pieces: 8 / 9

Speed ratio: 5.921

Tire specification: 365 / 80r20 14PR

Dongfeng 6 wheel Drive Truck chassis 6*6 trucks   all wheel drive trucks Euro 3 or Euro 5 / 6

Brand Dongfeng Drive type 6X6
Product name Cargo truck Total mass 16000kg
Curb weight 9400kg Overall dimension 8250x2550x3130mm
Load capacity 6405kg Box
Wheel base 4100+1300mm F/R axle load 5000/11000
Quantity of leaf spring 8/9 Quantity of wheels 6
Tyre type 365/80R20 Approach/
Departure angle
F/R suspension 1430/1420mm Front track 2110mm
Rear track 2084/2084mm Max.vehicle speed 85km/h
Passengers in cab 2,3 Chassis model EQ2160BX5DJ
Engine Model B210 33
Max.power 210HP
Displacement 5900ml
Emission level Euro 2
Gearbox Description Manual,7 forward &1 reverse gears
Service brake Double circuit hydraulic brake
Parking brake Spring-power drum brake
Electric system Operating voltage 24V negative grounded
Starter 24V,5.4KW
Alternator 28V,1.5KW
Battery voltage 2X12V/165Ah
Cabin Description One and half rows,2 doors,standard configuration,radio,MP3,A/C optional

Dongfeng 6 wheel Drive Truck chassis 6x6 trucks   all wheel drive trucks Euro 5


Engine type: water cooled, electronically controlled high-pressure common rail, supercharged intercooling, SCR

Special Car Road tanker



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