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DFAC 4x4 Mobile Kitchens Truck Military Food Catering Service

DFAC 4x4 Mobile Kitchens Truck Military Food Catering Service
Catering Food Cooking Truck
Price: $ 66000
Discount Price: $ 62800

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  • 8705901000

 DFAC 4x4 Mobile Kitchens Truck  Military Food Catering Service

Dongfeng offroad truck Mobile Kitchens (19)Dongfeng offroad truck Mobile Kitchens (14)Dongfeng offroad truck Mobile Kitchens (11)Dongfeng offroad truck Mobile Kitchens (13)Dongfeng offroad truck Mobile Kitchens (12)Dongfeng offroad truck Mobile Kitchens (10)

The military food truck is mainly used in the filed, providing rice, soup, drinks, etc. for more than 200 people outdoors. The body of the box adopts the sandwich method, the outer layer is cold-rolled steel plate, the middle is the heat insulation layer, and the inner plate is stainless steel. There are 3 ventilation windows on the left side of the box, a large sales window in the middle of the right side, a stainless steel water tank on the roof, and a stainless steel guardrail. 

The equipment in the box includes: sink, steamer, stove, range hood, air conditioner, vertical cabinet, freezer, stainless steel cabinet, generator, etc. The whole vehicle can be divided into six subsystems including chassis, carriage, kitchen, electrical, water supply and oil supply. 

Product Name
Offroad Military Food Truck
Curb Weight
Chassis model
Engine brand
Engine model
B190 33
Displacement Volume(ml)
Net Power(kw)
Fuel Type
Emission Standard
Manual 6-speed
Front axle
Rear axle
6+1/275/80R22.5 18PR
Oil tanker

(1) chassis: Drive mode: 8*4
2. #Dimensions: length ≥ 11600mm, width ≥ 2490mm, height ≥ 3600mm
3. The total weight allowed for the whole vehicle: ≥32000kg;
4. # Wheelbase: ≥1950+4600+1400(mm)
5.★ rated power: ≥390KW
6. Driving style: Driving on the left side of the steering wheel 7. Front suspension / rear suspension: 1475/2245 mm 8. Approaching departure angle: 19/21°
9. Maximum speed: ≥100km/h
10. Fuel: Diesel
11.#Box damping mode: airbag damping
12. Transmission and hydraulic retarder: (using world famous brands), integrated design, full synchronizer, braking efficiency ≥ 500KW
13. Displacement: greater than or equal to 12 liters
14. Number of passengers on board: ≥2 people
15. System standard configuration: ABS, bumper, clutch, steering gear, brake system, tires, cold zone starting system, etc. are the original car configuration.
16. A shroud is installed on the top of the cab. The shroud is shaped like a roof, and a long row of warning lights is arranged above it. Two sets of warning lights are arranged on the left and right sides of the box.
17.# Provide the technical specification of the chassis with the official seal of the manufacturer (color screenshot, color scan, color copy invalid).

(2) The box body is equipped with an extension box at the rear of the cab.

2 1. Dimensions of the cabinet (length * width * height) (mm): length ≥ 9000mm, width ≤ 2550mm, height ≤ 2500mm
2. Dining car support capacity: ≥300 people / hour
3. The upper and lower wings of the car body unfolding system: hydraulic type, including oil cylinder, pipeline, control unit, electric control, emergency control can be manually controlled; wing open door support: mechanical support.
4. Four-point electric folding hydraulic support of the car body, single point support force ≥16 tons, DC12V, automatic horizontal adjustment balance;
5. Box structure: The box body is made of rectangular steel tube as the skeleton, welded, and the skeleton is treated with anti-corrosion treatment before welding. After welding, the parts of the damaged paint are repaired. The outer surface of the car body is welded with a 3mm thick aluminum plate to form a whole plate and then bonded to the car body skeleton. The interior decoration is made of heat-insulating, heat-insulating and flame-retardant materials, and the surface is decorated with 1.5mm stainless steel plates. The floor inside the car is made of waterproof PVC floor, the surface is laid with 2mm thick aluminum alloy tread plate, sealed with sealant, has reliable anti-slip function, and is equipped with floor drain; glass sliding window is designed on the left and right sides of the car for lighting in the car body. Ventilation.
6. The car body is connected to the chassis. The additional auxiliary beam is connected to the original vehicle girders by riding bolts. In order to ensure that the box does not shift in front, back, left and right, the limit beam is installed at the sub beam and the original vehicle beam. The floor beam and the auxiliary beam are welded, and the frame skeleton and the floor beam are welded together. The modified auxiliary beam, floor beam and limit block are made of high-strength steel plate. The surface treatment method is electrophoresis, and the riding bolt is customized by professional auto parts manufacturer.
7. There are 5 upper doors on the lower left side of the vehicle. The original car battery, the original car air tank, the sewage tank, the generator, the glove box, etc. are placed in the door from the front to the back. There are 2-4 extra-extrusion windows in the middle of the cabinet, which are anodized aluminum frame, double-layer insulating glass, strobe light and off-site lighting in the upper left and upper right corners of the box. (Generator pull tray: with slide rails and brackets, surface pattern aluminum plate)
8. There are 5 upper doors on the skirt on the lower right side of the vehicle. The generator, the original fuel tank, the auxiliary fuel tank, the cable tray and the cable tray are placed in order from the front to the back. 2-4 extra-extrusion windows are arranged in the middle of the right side of the cabinet, and the aluminum profile frame is anodized, double-layer insulating glass, and the left side of the cabinet
Install strobe lights and off-site lights in the upper and upper right corners. A side opening door is arranged on the right side of the box, and a hidden drawing ladder is arranged below the side opening door.
9. The rear of the vehicle looks. The rear part of the vehicle is equipped with tailgate, reversing monitoring, position light, stainless steel rear ladder, hidden drawing ladder, external mains input interface, taillights, license plate frame, etc.
10. The top of the cabinet is equipped with stainless steel guardrail, stove chimney, range hood air outlet, 2 safety exit skylights, 1 air conditioner, 4 venue lighting lights, etc.
11. Car body insulation layer: Flame retardant and heat insulation layer is adopted.
12. Pull the ladder. In order to facilitate the staff to get on the train, 2 sets of stainless steel concealed pulling mechanism are installed under the side opening door and the tailgate. When using, pull the drawing ladder out from the bottom of the box.
13. Stainless steel ladder. It is made of stainless steel Φ32. In order to ensure the anti-slip property, the step is designed to be a convex hole type. The stainless steel ladder and the box are connected by stainless steel bolts. Waterproof sealant is applied during installation to ensure that water does not penetrate into the car through the bolts. Stainless steel ladders for workers to access the roof maintenance equipment.
14. There are two sets of ventilation sunroof installed on the top of the car body. The sunroof has the functions of air intake, air pumping and opening to assist in the exchange of air in the car body. A cooker hood with two range hoods is installed above the top cooking stove in the car to discharge the soot gas during cooking. The flue extends out of the roof through the range hood and exhausts the exhaust of the burner. The cabinet is installed in the car body, and the hanging cabinet is made of SUS304 (0Cr18Ni9) stainless steel plate. The hanging cabinet can hold 400 pieces of tableware and cooking tools (pot and bowl shovel shovel, etc.).
15. Install a ≥1T stainless steel water purification tank at the appropriate position in the chassis or the car. The water tank is made of SUS304 stainless steel. Installed on the stainless steel water tank: inlet pipe, overflow pipe, outlet pipe, water level gauge, etc. A valve is installed between the water inlet pipe and the water inlet. After the water pump is energized, each water pipe that needs water can be used to open the water tap;
16. There are 2 sets of stainless steel sinks and long strips in the car. The sideboard and power centralized control system, through which the power control system can control the installation of electrical power. The cooking utensils are fixedly stored in the hanging cabinet or the storage cabinet when not in use to ensure that the vehicle does not move or sound when driving. Install two frying pans, install a stainless steel high-profile steaming box on the left side of the stove top according to the range hood and exhaust flue, and adjust the pressure to use the evaporation box on the plateau or plain. It is equipped with 2 sets of wok and 2 sets of saucepans, 2 fuel steaming cabinets, 2 cutting dishes, 2 sets of sinks, 1 set of stainless steel hanging cabinets and storage cabinets, 1 water heater and so on. 400 servings of stainless steel cutlery. 1 car refrigerator and other anecdotes must be equipped with equipment.
17. Enclosure sealing: Car skin joints are applied to the outer skin joints of the car. All the roof outlets pass through special over-wire joints. The joints are fixed firmly to the car body, and the special sealant for the car is applied. The wires and joints are sealed by rubber seals; the rest of the car body is lined with a rubber ring and applied. Automotive special sealant, which protects the wire harness while sealing. All the joint bolts with the roof are applied with a special sealant for the car. Doors and windows have matching special sealing strips, which are designed and manufactured to ensure the sealing of doors and windows. The vehicle is running outdoors and does not leak rain or leak air.
18. Install a yellow warning light around the upper part of the car.
19. Use B1 grade rubber and plastic insulation material.
18. The surface of all metal components of the vehicle should be treated with anti-rust treatment, the car body strengthens the skeleton and the embedded plate for phosphating, the exposed paint parts are treated with electrophoretic primer, the car body surface is made of automobile special paint, and the exterior pattern is customized according to requirements. Chassis rust-proof paint.

(3) Decoration (material meets fire protection and environmental protection standards)
3 1. Lighting and Ambient Lights: Install LED lights on the top of the car to meet the needs of the interior lighting during work.
2. The cabinet is equipped with a certain number of sockets for the stove to be used.
3. All the interior decoration materials are made of flame-retardant and environmentally friendly materials, no pollution, no deformation, no odor; dustproof, waterproof, anti-wear, anti-static, car interior decoration can not see the screw head and other defects, the decoration is neat and beautiful. The material meets GB8410 "Combustion Characteristics of Automotive Interior Materials" and GB16127/GB50325-2001 "Environmental Standards for Interior Decoration".
4. The lighting is installed around the roof. The roof platform and the installation part are painted with metal paint. The color is consistent with the color of the body and the overall coordination. After painting, the surface of the compartment is smooth and smooth, the coating is complete and smooth, and the color is uniform. There must be no defects such as blistering, peeling, bumping, scratching, delamination and unevenness.
5. The installation position of the external equipment of the vehicle is coordinated with the vehicle as a whole, and the appearance color and the body pattern text are sprayed strictly according to the user's requirements.

(4) Cooking equipment
4 1. 2 sets of wok: wok diameter ≥600mm, including burner and controller, stainless steel cooktop (304 stainless steel plate, 1.5mm thick stainless steel plate for countertop, 1.2mm thick stainless steel plate for cabinet door), stainless steel detachable Pot (with lid) (304 stainless steel, pot body 2.0mm
Thick stainless steel plate, 1.2mm thick stainless steel plate), custom faucet, can be fried and fried.
2. Two sets of stew pot: burner and controller, stainless steel cooktop (304 stainless steel plate, 1.5mm thick stainless steel plate for countertop, 1.2mm thick stainless steel plate for cabinet door), stainless steel detachable pot (with lid) (304 stainless steel, the pot body is 3.0mm thick stainless steel plate, the lid is 1.2mm thick stainless steel plate), to meet the needs of daily stew, custom faucet, suitable for the plateau (3500 altitude) area, the pressure is not less than 0.02MPA and not more than 0.1MPA.
3. Steamer, meets 300 staple foods each time; complete set of equipment including burner, controller, fan, stainless steel (304 stainless steel plate, 1.2mm thick), suitable for plateau (3500 altitude), steamed rice and pasta .
4. Meat grinder 1
5. Mixing machine 1 set
6. Steamed bread machine 1 set

7. Pressing machine 1 set
8. Vegetable cutting machine 1 set
9. Meat cutting machine 1
10. Electric baking pan 1 set (diameter greater than 60cm)
11. Car refrigerator: Volume: ≥ 1000L, four-door large-capacity freezer, using temperature sensor, the temperature inside the box is controlled within the set temperature range, without destroying the nutritional value of the ingredients.
12. Hot water boiler: rated power: ≥3KW; rated voltage: 220v; volume: ≥30L; continuous water supply: ≥20L; number of users: 15-30 people. A single shower room with shower system, heating and climate protection system is available, and a 6 person (single) revolving shower is available.
13. Desk: integrated with the stove platform, 304 stainless steel
14. Washing pot: ≥ 2, including stainless steel faucet.
15. Cooking utensils: 4 famous brand kitchen knives, 4 cutting boards, 6 ≥30 liters insulated soup barrels, 12 soup spoons, 4 large and medium stainless steel basins, 4 spatula, 4 sets of seasoning boxes, oil cans (≥1L) 4 other necessities; GB9684-2011 (for food contact) "Food Safety National Standard - Stainless Steel Products"
16. Tableware: fast food plate, soup bowl ≥300;
17. Range hood: 1 set, can eliminate the fumes caused by cooking, including stainless steel air duct, exhaust fan 'exhaust vent, rain cap, etc. There is a suction hood above the induction cooker placement position.
18. Incident fuel tank: ≥200L: Contains fuel sensor, oil meter, oil outlet, oil return port, exhaust port; cooking fuel tank sucks oil from the auxiliary fuel tank through oil pump to ensure the normal use of cooking utensils, sufficient oil in the auxiliary fuel tank In this case, the fuel tank can guarantee the amount of one day.
19. Appropriate space for stainless steel food storage cabinets, not less than 5 square feet.
20. Electric pressure cooker 2 sets: 6 liters of electric pressure cooker.
21. Induction Cooker 2 sets: power ≥ 3KW, matching wok, steamer.
22. One microwave oven, not less than 22L, power ≥800W.
23. Electric oven 1 set, power ≥1000W

(5) Power supply system
5 1. Equipped with imported three-phase four-wire diesel generator: power: ≥20KW; start mode: electric start (self-contained battery), with high-cold module, suitable for plateau (3500 meters above sea level)
2. Charger: with characteristic programming micro-control level charger installation, EMV test, 12V/24V adaptive intelligent charging, maximum charging current 30A
3. Service battery: lithium battery pack ≥100AH
4. Cable tray: manual cable reel, 50 m YC3*10mm2 rubber cable
5. Distribution system (1 set): The switchboard has voltage and current display with leakage protection switch, dual power supply automatic switching, external power supply waterproof plug, socket; grounding system, power supply lightning protection and other equipment. The switch controls the air conditioner, equipment power, maintenance, lighting, etc.; the panel of the switchboard is CNC machine tool processing, and the surface is sprayed. The design of the power distribution system complies with the requirements of GB 50054-95 "Design Specification for Low Voltage Distribution".

(6) Equipment

6 1. Car air conditioner: mains wall hanging 2P heating and cooling inverter air conditioner 1 set,
2. Fuel independent heating and heating equipment: Specifications: rated heat capacity (kW): ≥ 7.0, voltage (V): 24, power consumption (W): ≤ 60, fuel consumption (kg / h): ≤ 1, hot air exhaust Quantity (m3/h): ≥460, stand-alone mass (kg): ≤208,
3. Ventilation sunroof 2: ventilation system / escape sunroof with ventilation fan to meet the ventilation requirements inside the cabin
4. 1 ton of clean water tank and 0.2 tons of sewage tank (low water level, over water level alarm, with insulation measures to meet the use of cold areas)
5. Waterway system: intelligent water pump, pipeline, valve, etc. (insulation treatment, to meet the needs of high cold)
6. Oil circuit system: the oil passage from the auxiliary fuel tank to the cooker, including the oil pipe, DC self-priming oil pump, joints, etc. (insulation treatment, to meet the use of alpine regions)
7. Interior lighting system: LED lighting is integrated with the roof to meet night work;
8. Emergency lighting: It can meet the lighting use for personnel in the emergency power outage, and the lighting time is not less than 1 hour.
9. Beidou satellite navigation vehicle terminal (1 unit) has RDSS positioning function, positioning accuracy 20 meters (1σ, marked school station area); with RDSS communication function, single communication capability up to 40 Chinese characters (determined by user card level) With RNSS/GPS dual-mode positioning function; with Chinese characters, code and Chinese character code mixed transmission and other three text transmission methods; navigation map: Baidu, Gaode map navigation. Reversing the rear view image.
10. Tiantong satellite phone (1 set) has Tiantong satellite voice function; has two-line telephone interface, can be connected to ordinary telephone landline; satellite module and antenna integrated design; voice: 1.2kbps/2.4kbps/4kbps; power supply: DC9- 36V power supply, external 220V/110V power adapter; protection class: IP66; working temperature: -20°C-55°C; antenna size: diameter ≤130mm × height 120mm.
11. Driving recorder (1 set): 1080P full HD, full coverage of three lanes, fatigue driving reminder; screen size: ≥2.0 inches; shooting angle: 120°-149°; with 32G card, recordable and saved at 1080P>6 Hour video
12. Socket: Integrated socket, which can meet the charging of personnel communication equipment and lighting equipment, rated power is not less than 3KW; install electric cooker and electric pressure cooker and other electrical sockets at appropriate positions above the board.
13. Skirt cabin: reserved cabin door at the lower part of the body for installing generators and truck equipment
14. Side wall side pull bin: including side pull bin, drive machine, transmission mechanism and drag chain assembly (hydraulic extended backup manual expansion)
15. Single door after the car: single door after the car, aluminum profile
16. After the ladder: reinforced aluminum alloy material, bearing capacity ≥ 150Kg;
17. Fire Extinguisher: equipped with two 2kg portable carbon dioxide fire extinguishers

(7) Warning system

7 1. Long row of police lights: The color of the lights meets the requirements of the safety supervision system.
2, multi-function alarm and megaphone power ≥100W, handle type
3. Strobe light/four corners on both sides of the box, and one at the end of the box, the color of the lamp meets the requirements of the safety supervision system.

(8) Communication system

8 digital radio station (1 unit)
1. Digital-to-analog integration, supporting analog to digital smooth transition.
2. Supported frequency bands: VHF: 136-174MHz; 350MHz: 350-400MHz; UHF: 403-520MHz
3. In the direct mode, two time slots are talking at the same time; prefabricated text information
4. Output power: high power: 25-45W (VHF), 25-40W (UHF); low power: 1-25w
1. The radio transmission equipment type approval certificate issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Radio Administration of the People's Republic of China is equipped with a vehicle intercom machine
Digital walkie-talkie (4 sets):
1. Digital-to-analog integration, supporting analog to digital smooth transition.
2. Supported frequency bands: VHF: 136-174MHz; 350MHz: 350-400MHz; UHF: 403-520MHz
3. Output power: ≥4W at high power, ≥1w at low power
4. Channel capacity: 256
2. The number of radio transmission equipment type approval certificates issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Radio Administration of the People's Republic of China (1 set):
Can charge ≥6 digital walkie-talkies at the same time



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