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4X4 All Wheel Drive Water Tank Fire Truck

4X4 All Wheel Drive Water Tank Fire Truck
  • Shanghai, China

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4X4 All Wheel Drive Water Tank Fire Truck

4x4 Water Tanker Fire Truck  Mounted with Fire Pumper LHD.RHD  
4X4 All Wheel Drive Water Tank Fire Truck
4X4 All Wheel Drive Water Tank Fire Truck
4X4 All Wheel Drive Water Tank Fire Truck
4X4 All Wheel Drive Water Tank Fire Truck

4WD Fire Fighting Truck With Water Bowser

4X4 all Wheel Drive Water Tank Fire Truck Dongfeng 4WD Off Road Water Truck  

1. Dongfeng 4WD all wheel Drive
2. YC4E140-42 140HP Engine
3. 8.25-16 Tyre
4. Double cabin
5. Water Tank Capacity: 5000Lts/5Tons
6. With Fire Pump and Water Pump
7. fire monitor range: 55m
8. carbon steel or stainless steel water tank
9. With Function of Water Truck and Fire Truck

4X4 All Wheel Drive Water Tank Fire Truck
4X4 All Wheel Drive Water Tank Fire Truck

Categories: 4x4 Special Vehicles, Water Bowser Trucks, Water Spray Trucks, Fire Fighting Truck, Fire Water Tank Truck

4X4 All Wheel Drive Water Tank Fire Truck

4X4 all Wheel Drive Water Tank Fire Truck Dongfeng 4WD Off Road Water Truck :

Cabin is white, tank is white
Emission standards
Euro  3-5-6
Dimension Mm 7000×2300×2750
Rated cubage L 5000
Exhaust quantity/power ml/kw 3856/88   120HP
Maximum speed km/h 95
The total mass kg 9400
Rated contained mass kg 4950
Curb weight Kg 4255
Wheel base mm 3800
Engine YC4E140-42  140HP
Tire 8.25-16
Shaft number 2
STEERING Power steering
Capacity of tank body 5000Litres
Material of tank body Carbon steel 4mm thickness
Material: high quality carbon steel plate, anti-rust treatment.
Structure: welding, there is clapboard inner.
Equipment: 1 manholes,
Fire fighitng pump and pipeline system:
Model of Fire fighting pump: CB10/30
Pressure: 1.0Mpa   Flux: 30L/s   Suction depth: ≥7m   Suction time: ≤35s
Installing type: central or rear
Fire fighting nozzle:
Model: PS24         Range: water≥50m     Pressure: 1.0Mpa.

The Picture of 4X4 all Wheel Drive Water Tank Fire Truck Dongfeng 4WD Off Road Water Truck :

4*4 4WD Dongfeng Water Fire Truck, Double Line Cabin.

4X4 All Wheel Drive Water Tank Fire Truck
4X4 All Wheel Drive Water Tank Fire Truck

4X4 All Wheel Drive Water Tank Fire Truck
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HOWO Foam Fire Truck 4 X 4 Off Road All Wheel Drive with 6500Liters Water Foam Tank

4X4 All Wheel Drive Water Tank Fire Truck

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Structural classification
The structure of the rescue vehicle consists of the chassis of the vehicle, the bodywork of the bodywork (built-in rescue equipment), the power take-off and transmission, the generator (shaft or independent generator), winch (hydraulic or electric) Generally arm-type, behind the body), lifting lighting systems, electrical systems. According to the different uses of emergency rescue fire trucks, the specific configuration of the car is not the same, such as truck crane, winch, generator, landing lights, not necessarily all the rescue vehicles have. Emergency rescue fire trucks are divided into ordinary rescue vehicles, chemical rescue fire engines, special rescue vehicles (such as earthquake rescue vehicles, etc.).Rescue fire truck Category:
Emergency rescue fire engines can be divided into: light and heavy vehicles two types.
Light car configuration: Qingling chassis as a carrier, special features are: traction, power generation, lighting and rescue rescue tools.
Heavy-duty vehicle configuration: with Isuzu Dongfeng Chassis as a carrier, special functions are: lifting, traction, power generation, lighting and rescue rescue tools.

Function type
Car equipped with a variety of fire-fighting equipment, firefighters special protective equipment, fire dismantling tools and fire detectors, is responsible for rescue mission special fire truck.

Chassis model: EQ1168GU5
Chassis manufacturer: dongfeng motor company
Rescue crane: XCMG 5 tons, maximum hoisting of 7.4m, prewinch calibration tension of 8000kgf(3629kg)
Generator: imported Honda generator, voltage 380V, power 10kv/A, manual start/electric start
Lighting system: main lamp stand 4+1000W automatic lifting searchlight head DC12V, lifting height 7.6m, air pump AC220V, electric control box AC380V, electric remote control
Force extractor: sandwich type full power extractor
Engine: isb190-50 (190 HP)
Tire model: 9.00-20 16PR
Overall dimensions: 7360 x 2480 x 3330mm
The wheelbase: 4700 mm

Vehicle model Chassis brand Chassis model Load Overall dimensions Wheel base Engine model hp/standard Tire FOB Price

L mm mm

DRZ5050GXFSGE DONGFENG EQ1050NJ20D3 2500 6260X1900X2750 3300 CY4102-C3F 95/Euro 3 6.15-16 135800 19980
DRZ5060GSSXFE DONGFENG EQ1060TJ20D3 5000 5980X1980X2380 3300 CY4102-C3F 95/Euro 3 7.00-16 101200 14890
DRZ5090GSSXFE DONGFENG EQ1090T9ADJ3AC 6000 6995X2285X2980 3800 CY4102-E3C 120/Euro 3 7.50R16 122300 17990
DRZ5090GXFSGE DONGFENG EQ1090T9ADJ3AC 4000 7025X2095X2840 3800 CY4102-E3C 120/Euro 3 7.50R16 170400 25060
DRZ5100GSSXFE DONGFENG EQ1100FKJ 7000 7350X2440X2990 3950 YC4E140-33 140/Euro 3 9.00-20 123300 18140
DRZ5108GSSXFE DONGFENG EQ1108KJ 9000 7450X2480X3185 3950 B170 33 170/Euro 3 9.00-20 147400 21680
DRZ5108GXFSGE DONGFENG EQ1108KJ 5000 7490X2500X2280 3950 B170 33 170/Euro 3 9.00-20 192500 28310
DRZ5126GXFSGE DONGFENG EQ1126KJ1 6000 8315X2500X3300 4700 B190 33 190/Euro 3 9.00-20 249700 36730
DRZ5141GSSXFE DONGFENG EQ1141KJ 11000 8105X2490X3250 4500 B190 33 190/Euro 3 10.00-20 159400 23450
DRZ5141GXFSGE DONGFENG EQ1141KJ 6000 8115X2500X3300 4500 B190 33 190/Euro 3 10.00-20 247700 36430
DRZ5253GSSXFE DONGFENG EQ5253GFJ2 15000 9950X2480X3750 4350+1300 B210 33 210/Euro 3 10.00-20 212600 31270
DRZ5090GXFSGPME DONGFENG EQ1090T9ADJ3AC 2400 7025X2095X2840 3800 B140 33 140/Euro 3 7.50R16 197500 29050
DRZ5070GXFSGQ ISUZU QL1070A1KWY 3000 6820X2000X2820 3815 4KH1-TCG40 120/Euro 4 7.00-16 218100 32080
DRZ5160GXFSGQ ISUZU QL1160AMFRY 6000 8360X2485X3420 4500 6HK1-TCNG40 240/Euro 4 10.00-20 457300 67250
DRZ5250GXFSGQ ISUZU QL1250DRFZY 15000 9775X2490X3560 5100+1300 6HK1-TCSG40 280/Euro 4 11.00-20 621800 91450
DRZ50703GXFSGQ ISUZU QL10703HWRY 2500 6260X1980X2780 3360 4JB1CN 98/Euro 4 7.00-15 182000 26770
DRZ51609GXFSGQ ISUZU QL11609MFRY 6000 8070X2500X3370 4500 4HK1-TCG40 190/Euro 4 10.00-20 378000 55590
DRZ5167GXFSGZ SINOTRUK ZZ1167M4617C 8000 8820X2500X3450 4600 WD615.92 266/Euro 3 11.00-20 401600 59060
DRZ5257GSSXFZ SINOTRUK ZZ1257M4641W 20000 9895X2496X2958 4325+1350 WD615.92 266/Euro 2 12.00-20 295300 43430
DRZ5257GXFSGZ SINOTRUK ZZ1257N4347C 15000 9680X2500X3650 4325+1350 WD615.69 336/Euro 3 12.00-20 476800 70120
DRZ5257GXFSGZ1 SINOTRUK ZZ1257S4647C 16000 10265X2500X3580 4600+1350 WD615.96 375/Euro 3 12.00-20 473300 69610

Special Specification:

1. Front located 4 ton wrecker shovel, equipped with highpower lifter,

can easily adjust the height of the wrecker shovel, convenient for

switching between driving and operation state of wrecker.

2. double row cab,exclude driver, also can take 2+3 person.

3. the top of the cab is equipped with professional fire warning lights.

4. available to install a full power disconnected power takeoff between

the gearbox and engine.

5. water tank volume is 4 cubic meters.

6. high-power water pumps which can spout 40-50 meters of water column.

7. available to install 2 fire fans and 2 fire fighting high-pressure water cannons.

8. can be equipped with fire extinguishers, fire hammer,

fire shovel, fire hose, fire fighting racket and other professional

fire fighting equipments



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