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Royal Tiger Vacuum Truck 8900L- Euro 5 Tanker Truck

Royal Tiger Vacuum Truck 8900L- Euro 5 Tanker Truck
  vacuum sewerage jetting tanker 2000Gln  

           The waste water truck is also called sewer truck, sewage suction truck, vacuum suction truck, vacuum sewage suction truck, sewage suction tanker truck, sewage tanker truck, sewage drainage truck, sewage sucking truck, sewage pump truck,etc.
           It mainly used for sucking septic material and sludge from drains,transportation and discharge of sewage from septic tank and sludge from drains.And the sewage truck is also used for clean the drainage on the city underground sewers,the industrial pipes, walls and furthermore acts as a sprinkling.Moreover, it can be used to transport water, flush the equipment.

                   Vehicle Main Dimensions
                   Cab type
                 Single or double
                   Overall dimension(L×W×H)(mm)
                   Wheelbase (mm)
                   Axle number
                   Drive type
                   Steering type
                 Left Hand Drive with hydraulic power steering
                   Max. Drive Speed (km/h)
                   Curb weight (kg)
                 Approx 7200kg
                   Chassis parameter
                   Chassis Model
                   Chassis manufacturer:
                 Manual , 5 shift (5 forward and 1 reverse)
                 air brake
                   Engine parameter
                   Engine Brand
                   Fuel type
                   Horse Power(kw)/(hp)
                   Emission Standard
                 Euro 4 / 5
                   Superstructure Parameter and main performance
                   Cleaning Tank volume(m3)
                   Cleaning Tank material

                   Sewage tank volume(m3)
                   Sewage tank material
                 5 mm good quality carbon steel , round shape
                 Imported ITALY high pressure pump and high quality vacuum pump
                   Standard configuration
                 60m long high pressure pipe, 10 high pressure sprayers, inspect window, one gravity mouth, cleaning apparatus,5m long suction pipe, etc
                   Main performance
                 16Mpa, 125L/MIN, vertical suction lift: 7-10m.
                   Main function
                 Cleaning city sewer, pipeline dredge, suction sewage,etc


vacuum tanker

           Product name            Dongfeng shenyu Royal Tiger cleaning vacuum truck            Product model            5160GQWEQ5
           Total mass (Kg)            16000            Tank volume (m3)            8.9
           Rated load (Kg)            6865 6800 7365 7300            Overall dimension (mm)            7820x2500x3470
           Kerb mass (Kg)            9005 8505            Cab number (person)            2,3
           Approach/departure angle (°)            22/14            Front/rear suspension (mm)            1250/2070,1450/1870
           Number of axes            2            Wheelbase (mm)            3800, 4200, 4500 4700 5100
           Axle load (Kg)            6000/10000            Maximum speed (km/h)            90
           Other            Notes: 1. the chassis options luminaire with bumpers and other new styles. Tank side of the optional kit, tanks optional tube on both sides. 2. medium: liquid suspended dirt, density of 800 kilograms per cubic meter. Effective volume of the tank when 8.9 cubic meters, drivers mm/mm/wheelbase tank dimensions (length x diameter) mm/rated load kg total mass kg/kerb mass kg/correspondence: 7270/3950/3800x1700/16000/9005/6865 (number 2), 6800 (3 persons). When the tank volume 9.5 cubic metres, Commander mm/mm/wheelbase tank overall dimensions (length x diameter) mm/rated load kg total mass kg/kerb mass kg/correspondence: 7820/4500/4330x1700/16000/8505/7365 (number 2), 7300 (number 3). Side guard material material: Q235, lateral protection of welded and bolted connections, protection after welded and bolted connections, rear protective devices section size (width x height) 50x100 (mm) and rear protective height above ground: 490mm. ABS model 3631010-C2000  
    Combined High pressure Water cleaning and Jetting Sewage suction Truck 4x2 Euro 4 ,5                                 
         Cell: 0086 152 7 135 7635   ; 0086 152 7 135 7675 
         WhatsApp: 8615271357675    
       Chassis model        EQ1168GLJ4        Chassis name        Truck chassis
       Trademark name        Dong Feng brand        Production enterprises        The Dongfeng Automobile Company
       Overall dimension (mm)        8950x2480x3050        Number of tires        6
       Approach/departure angle (°)        24/12,26/14        Tire specification        10.00-20,10.00R20,9.00R20,9.00-20
       Number of leaf springs        9/11+8,8/10+8,8/11+8,9/10+8        Front track (mm)        1910 1760 1940 1960
       Fuel type        Diesel        Rear track (mm)        1860 1690 1750 1800
       Emissions standards        GB17691-2005 v, GB3847-2005
       Engine model        Engine manufacturers        Displacement (ML)        Power (Kw)
       YC6J180-50        Guangxi Yuchai machinery company limited        6500        132
       YC4EG160-50        Guangxi Yuchai machinery company limited        4730        118
       ISD185 50        Dongfeng Cummins Engine co        4500        136
       ISD210 50        Dongfeng Cummins Engine co        6700        155
       CA4DLD-15E5        Faw Jiefang automotive company Wuxi diesel engine works        4400        112
       ISB170 50        Dongfeng Cummins Engine co        5900        125
       ISB190 50        Dongfeng Cummins Engine co        5900        140
       YC4E160-56        Guangxi Yuchai machinery company limited        4260        118
       YC6JA180-50        Guangxi Yuchai machinery company limited        6870        132
       CY4SK151        Dongfeng Chaoyang diesel power Co Ltd        3856        125



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