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Drought Relief Flood Control And Drainage Pump Truck 

Drought Relief Flood Control And Drainage Pump Truck 
Dongfeng King Run Truck Mounted Drainage Pump
Price: $ 98000

  • DRZ5250

  • king Run

  • 8705909990

Dongfeng Multifunctional drought relief flood control and drainage pump truck 

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1 Dongfeng chassis Dong Feng chassis , equipment , total mass of 12 tons; half tilting cabs, fairings, engine power is 132kw, emission achieved States v standard wheelbase 4200mm, with air conditioning, power steering, maximum fording depth 600mm. 1 pcs
2 Cummins generator Power: 160KW, rated frequency 50HZ, fixed 288A, voltage 230/400V, well-known brand of Dongfeng Cummins Engine, gold generator. Speed: electronic speed control. Equipped with 8-hour base fuel tank. 1 pcs
3 Grounding device There are strict measures against leakage protection in the job. Car ground wire with low voltage earthing line, equipped with a removable ground pins, diameter not less than 12mm 1 pcs
4 Generator control system Intelligent control system and centralized control, Chinese interface, with automatic barrier protection, selection of high quality electronic components, stable performance, safety and reliability. Control module uses the brand Hong Kong Kai GU640. Main specification of control system display unit, leakage protection, oil leakage alarm. Each control has a clear identification of the system. Add one set of double power switching device. 1 pcs
5 Aomin Sturt vacuum-assisted self-priming sewage pump Vacuum-assisted self-priming flood pump one, single flow 1500m3/h, head 14 meters, motor power: 90KW, suction height of 8 meters. Installed in the tail of the vehicle, easy removal pipe and out of the water. Pump starts with soft Starter start, protection of the generator. Pump is controlled by a button control, pump start soft start. 1 pcs
6 Suction pipe Self-priming pump inlet point three eight-inch configuration Korea imported brands PONA pumping tube, use fast interface, locking safety devices, wear resistance, pressure resistance, good sealing performance, size, length, meet the requirements of. Light weight, easy to take, hose 3.5 m, 6. Configuration 50mm duck-billed joint aspiration level. 1 pcs
7 Self-priming pump drain One three eight-inch pump outlet, each outlet equipped with 50 m hose, Hose size 200mm. Each length is 25 meters, quick connectors between the drain connection. Pipe materials PVC lined canvas hose, foldable roll up, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance. 1 pcs
8 Aomin sitechao light flood control in variable frequency pump Equipped with ultra-light flood control in variable frequency pump, 2 sets of single pump flow 300m3/h, head of 10 meters, motor power: 15KW. Single pump weight of 30 kilograms. Cable length 20 m. Single pump pump body material aluminum alloy, pump made of stainless steel, pump is equipped with a stainless steel filter can effectively prevent spam blockage. 2 pcs
9 Aomin Sturt flood control pumps in frequency controlled system Submersible distribution Cabinet for controlling two cabinets, each pump equipped with a separate control system, control system has a visual interface, real-time monitoring of operating parameters, with current over-load, phase failure, leakage, over voltage, under voltage, frequency, the less frequency, motor overheating protection control system using frequency converter control. 1 pcs
10 Flood control in variable frequency pump drain Each outlet of each pump with 50 m pipe, pipe internal diameter 200mm, each 20 metres in length, and quick couplings between the drain connection.Water pipe materials PVC lined canvas hose, foldable roll up, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance. 1 pcs
11 Box body Box body outer steel cold rolled steel plate, lined with high quality cold-rolled steel sheet bent frame, advanced technology, strength and firm. Box body for the entire seal structure, transport, rain-proof, corrosion-resistant, fire-resistant, rust-proof requirements. Exhaust muffler, muffler noise reduction. Cars set shutter emergency quickly and easily on both sides. 1 pcs
12 External power supply Vehicles equipped with external power supply, facilitates the construction of electricity, voltage 380V/220V. 1 pcs
13 Interior lighting Direct AC dual lighting power supply, its interior lights used to start the generator generator, generator set down a vehicle DC battery power supply, can realize easy switch. 1 pcs
14 Solar exterior lighting Vehicle top mounted telescopic light, lamp operating voltage: AC220V, lifting height of 1.8 meters, 2X500W lamp power, level of 360° rotation, vertical 330o rotation, wireless control, night time. 1 pcs
15 hydraulic support Vehicles with four hydraulic Outrigger, in car sharing vehicles static pressure, protect wheel and spring steel. Selection of high quality valves, imported hydraulic support cylinder seals, static load 8 ton single cylinder, install bidirectional hydraulic lock, manual control. 4 Set
16 Fire Equipped with two portable dry powder fire extinguishers 2, placed in a car took place. 2 Pcs
17 Reversing radar Visible reversing radar, seven-inch display, with 4 safety probe. 1




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Pump Trucks For Emergency Drainage . The Drainage Pump Truck, Equipped With Ultra-Light weight Pumps ( ), Hose, An Operation Panel, And a Generator, Is Capable Of Moving Drainage Facilities For Early Recovery Of Flood Damaged Areas And Flood Damage Prevention. A Big Feature Of This Truck Is The Possibility To Rush To The Flooded Areas And Start Draining Immediately With Only a Small Number Of People.


For The Local People On How To Use The Trucks To Their Full Potential. Pump Trucks Helped Support The Recovery Efforts During The Flooding


The Demand For Flood Control Has Increased; Early Recovery From Flood Damage Has Become a Major Issue. At This Time, Provided Drainage Pump Trucks. The Drainage Pump Truck Equipped With Vacuum-Assisted Self-Priming Sewage Pumps

DFAC Emergency Drainage Truck with Generator (5)DFAC Emergency Drainage Truck with Generator (4)DFAC Emergency Drainage Truck with Generator (3)DFAC Emergency Drainage Truck with Generator (2)



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