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DFAC 10 Wheeler Truck Mounted Smart Generator 300-800KW

DFAC 10 Wheeler Truck Mounted Smart Generator 300-800KW
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Price: $ 318000

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DFAC 10 Wheeler Truck Mounted Smart Generator 300-800KW

20KWa-1000KWa 4x2,4x4, 6x4,6x6,8x4 Mobile Generator Truck for your selection, LHD and RHD cabin are both available.


  Product Features:

  Chassis mounted type, flexible to move
  The lowest fuel consumption and the biggest power output            
  High quality diesel MTU generator set
  Best after-sales guarantee            
  10-year service life

  DFAC Truck Mounted Smart Generator (3)DFAC Truck Mounted Smart Generator (5)DFAC Truck Mounted Smart Generator (1)DFAC Truck Mounted Smart Generator (4)

Chassis Model: DFH1250D4
Approaching/Departuring Angle: 20/10(°)
Front/Rear Overhang: 1480/2850,1500/2830(mm)
Axle Load: 7000/18000(For a group of two rear axles)
Number of Axles: 3
Front Wheel Track: 2010,2040,2070(mm)
Rear Wheel Track: 1860/1860,1880/1880(mm)
Number of Leaf Spring: 3/10,3/4,9/10
Number of Tires: 10

     Customizing Electric 200KW-800KW Emergency Power Supply Vehicle 

Mobile Generators


Vehicle parameters


Power Supply Truck

Truck Mounted Generator

Overall dimension



Total mass



Rated load mass


curb weight



Chassis parameters




Chassis brand and model


Engine brand and model


Power / horsepower



Emission Standard

Euro 6

Fuel type

Diesel Oil

Tire specifications


Mobile Emergency Power Supply Truck 1000kw Power Supply Vehicle  Multi-Function Mobile Generator Truck  
Customizing Electric 200kw-800kw Emergency Power Supply Vehicle

Dongfeng 6*4 emergency power truck with 800 kilowatt generator set

DFH1250D4 chassis parameters
Front axle load (T) 7 Fuel type diesel fuel
Rear axle load (T) 10 Front track(mm) 2010, 2040, 2070
Number of tires 10 Rear Track(mm) 1860/1860,1880/1880
Tire specifications 295/80R22.5 18PR, 11.00R20 18PR Number of leaf springs 8/9,8/10,9/10
Wheelbase(mm) 4350+1350,5350+1350,5700+1350 Gearbox Description 9th gear
Axle load 7000/18000 (two-axis group) Brake System Description pneumatic
number of axes 3 The number of occupants in the cab 2, 3
Engine parameters
engine model D6.7NS6B290 Displacement (ml) 6700
Engine manufacturer Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. Power(KW) 213
Gen-set output: Prime power 625KVA/ 500KW
General Data: 400V 3P, 50Hz, 1500rpm, PF0.8; altitude <=1000M, ambient
temperature 5~40ºC, humidity 60%
Engine: CUMMINS / KTAA19-G6A
Alternator: STAMFORD / HCI 534FS, 50HZ/PMG + MX341
Control panel: Auto Start ; Control module: Deepsea / DSE8610
Circuit Breaker: ABB / Air Breaker
Fuel Tank: 6 Hours Running
Accessories: Battery, Battery charger( DC 24V/10A), Industrial muffler,
Bellows, Radiator, Steel base frame,
Attachment Documents: Operation Manual for gensets; Inspection report of
engine, alternator and genset.

Generators are a flexible power source, which makes them a valuable addition to job sites and disaster response teams. More and more commercial fleets are adding truck-mounted generators to their vehicles. This allows even more flexibility and convenience when it comes to power generation. Whether your trucks are used in construction, emergency response, disaster relief or transportation, there are many reasons to consider an integrated portable generator system.     

Truck-Mounted Generator

The ability to have clean, reliable power wherever your vehicle is allows you to power machinery, lighting and electronics at any job site. Transporting a generator already mounted to your truck gives you the ability to deliver power in emergencies, even to remote locations. Other reasons to invest in a truck generator system include operating food trucks and mobile clinics, as well as camping.

The benefits of a truck-mounted generator include the ability to move from location to location, and drive to refueling locations. When the generator is not in use, your truck is still useful. Maintenance can be easier than with a standalone generator as well, both because the generator is mobile and because it can be serviced by your truck’s mechanic in many cases.


Jmc Light Trucks Mounted Generator 30kw 50kw 80kw Electric Power Supply VehicleJmc Light Trucks Mounted Generator 30kw 50kw 80kw Electric Power Supply Vehicle

The power supply vehicle is mainly composed of a chassis vehicle, a diesel engine group, a control system, a silent car body, a hydraulic support system, a cable retractable system, air intake and exhaust, a noise reduction system, and an exhaust system.

According to the user's requirements for the capacity and performance of the diesel generator set, choose a chassis car with beautiful appearance and excellent performance, and install the diesel generator set with high reliability, stability and excellent usability in the standard compartment to transform it into a high sound absorption effect and suitable for diesel The silent compartment where the generator set is running is combined into a perfect mobile on-board power station. Its low noise, convenient movement, fast speed, and reliable performance provide users with the possibility to realize long-distance emergency power supply, and meet customer requirements to the greatest extent! 




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