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NORTH BENZ 2527 Beiben Aircaft Fueler Jet Refuelling Vechicle

NORTH BENZ 2527 Beiben Aircaft Fueler Jet Refuelling Vechicle

Beiben jet refuelling vechicle  Aviation Refuellers

 Model Number 2527 /2529/2530/2534/2538
 Drive Wheel 6x4/6x6
 Volume 10/14/15 /16/18/20CBM
 Storage Water /fuel,oil,jet oil
 Color White
 Wheel base (mm) 5050+1450

Tank Equipments (all API Standard)

 ---- North Benz chassis, perfect performance.
 ---- Weichai engine(Chinese top brand), super powerful; reliable performance, no overhaul within 100,000 km.
 ---- Nice shape, rational structure.
 ---- Fuel pump super powerful, highly efficient, with pump in pump out function.
 ---- Massive, durable, long service life.
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       Clutch        Model        GFX420, Single dry frictional disc,Hydraulic boosting
       Gearbox        Model         mechanism, 9 forward gears, 1 reverse gear, manual, made in China, produed by Bei Ben Transmission)
       Transfer-case        VG1400(Benz technical,made by BEIBEN AXLE)
       Brake system        Service brake        Brake gap can be adjusted automatically, double circulation air brake system
       Assistant brake        Engine exhaust brake
       Park brake        Potential springs pressing on middle and rear wheels
       Steering system        Model        ZF8098
       Frame of vehicle        Fish belly shape, variable width, variable section side beam structure
       Front axle (Mercedes Benz Technology)        Double-shoe pneumatic brake, non-driving steering axle
       Middle and Rear axle (Mercedes Benz Technology)        Double-shoe pneumatic brake, ductile casting casing, with hub redactor, double reduction driving axle
       Tyre        12.00R20
       Electrical system        Battery        2X12V/135Ah
       Generator        28V -35A
       Starter        5.4Kw/24V
       Cab        Short cab, made by full steel material, anticrash performance can be ensured by double hollow chamber structure. Inner A/C





             1. Working environmental


           Smooth road in the airport


             2. Temperature




             3. Relative humidity




             4. Altitude


           <4000 m


           5. Speed in the airport




           6. Speed on the road




             7. Main assembly


             Truck chassis, Oil tank, Operation cabin, Pipe system, Pneumatic control system,


             Hydraulic system, Electrical system


           8. Noise


           Meeting with the requirement of GJB4433, operation noise≤90dB(A)


             9. Reliability


             Meeting with the requirement of GJB4433, MTBF≥80h


             10. Maintaining


           Meeting with the requirement of GJB368B, MTTB≤30min


             11. Oil tank capacity




             12. Oil tank material


             Stainless steel 0Cr19Ni9


           13. DN63 single pipe pressure refuel




           14. DN38 single pipe gravity refuel




           15. DN38 double pipes gravity refuel




           16. Suck the oil from the pipe of oil tank


           ≥300L/min(Single pipe)with measurement


           17. Self refuel ability




           18. Connector closed pressure




           19. Refuel accuracy


           0.2, instant, one time and total measurement


           20. Refuel from 0 to max flow rate time




           21. Filter performance


             stainless steel horizontal filter, filtering capacity ≥2000L/min,


             filtering accuracy 1 micro meter,


             filtering quality ≤0.26mg/L, non dissolved water ≤15ppm,


             the oil quality after filter meeting with the requirement o f GJB610


           22. The oil exhausting capacity




           23. Braking length under 30km/h




           24. Speed limited in the air port




           25. Noise while acceleration




           26. Noise while operation


           ≤90 dB(A)


           27. Min turning radius



          Off-raod Fuel Tank Truck North Benz (6X6 drive / 18,000 Litres)
         General          Vehicle Brand          TIC
         Chassis Brand          North Benz
         Overall Dimension          9580 * 2500 * 3400 mm
         GVW / Kerb Weight          25,000 kg / 12,400 kg
         Cab          Cab Capacity          2 persons allowed
         Air Conditioner          Air conditioner is equipped
         Engine          Fuel Type          Diesel
         Engine Brand          Weichai engine(Chinese top brand)
         Power          336 Ps (247 KW)
         Displacement          9726 ml
         Emission Standard          Euro III
         Chassis          Drive Type          6X6, left hand drive
         Transmission          9-speed front, 1 reverse
         Wheelbase/No. of axle          4450+1450 mm / 3
         Tyre Specification          12.00-20
         Tyre Number          10 tyres and 1 spare tyre
         Max Speed          85 km/h
         Paint          Metallic paint
         Superstructure          Tank Capacity          18,000 Litres ( About 4,700 gallons )
         Tank Material          Carbon steel
         Pump          Equipped for overhead delivery, 1000 litres / min
         Suction Head          6 m
         Hose          High quality, wire strengthened hose, with cooper wire, anti-static
         All standard accessories: manhole, ladder, anti-static belt, anti-slip walkway, handrail, fire extinguisher, inlet, discharge, reflective stickers……..
         Optional          ** Tank material could be carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum (aluminum tanker)……
         ** It can be divided into many compartments.
         ** Devices can be equipped: fuel counter (flow gauge), fuel dispenser, hose reel, level gauge……
         ** Heat preservation & heating system could be added.
         ** Bottom loading system can be equipped.
 Off-road fuel bowser(also called fuel tanker truck, mobile fuel tank truck, crude oil tanker, diesel tank truck, petroleum tanker, fuel refueler truck, truck aircraft refueling, mobile tank lorry) is used to transport oil, diesel, gasoline, kerosene, etc.
  beiben aircaft fueler2016-06-08-215746- beiben aircaft fueler Tanker_0001
 It can be divided into many compartments to transport different types of fuels, lubricant, crude oil, alcohol……
 Oil pump equipped, with pump in pump out function.
 As it is off-road trucks, so it is very good for tough road situation. It is more powerful then normal ones.



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