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DRZ9400GYYL Aluminum Alloy Oil Tanker Semi-trailer

DRZ9400GYYL Aluminum Alloy Oil Tanker Semi-trailer
Price: $ 33000  -  43000
Discount Price: $ 29900  -  39900

  • DRZ9400GYYL

  • DRZ

  • 87163110

DRZ9400GYYL Aluminum Alloy Oil Tanker Semi-trailer 

aluminum raod tanks

oil tanker-42-OIL TANKER SEMI-TRAILER_1.jpgoil tanker-45-OIL TANKER SEMI-TRAILER_1.jpgoil tanker-39-OIL TANKER SEMI-TRAILER_1.jpgoil tanker-44-OIL TANKER SEMI-TRAILER_1.jpg

Aluminium alloy tanker body building factory video

Aluminium alloy tanker body building factory video




 Aluminium alloy tanker trailer

Trailer Chassis

Carbon Steel/Alloy 


12T BPW axles, with ABS system , or 13 T FUWA / L1 ...optional

Suspension System 

spring or Air Suspension 


90# or 50

Landing Leg 



11.00R22.5 Tubeless tyre(12pieces) 


Overall dimension (mm)


Rated Loading Mass (KG)


Rated Kerb Weight (KG)


Tank material 

Aluminum Alloy 5083 

Manhole Cover 

Aluminium alloy, 20” self-latching manhole cover, with air-van.                                

Outlet port 

Pneumatic sea valve , fix all aluminum alloy connector. 

Pump System 



Pipe box, ladder, walkway platform, toolbox, 

Fire Extinguisher, electrical system, lightening, mud guard, side fender, etc 

accordance by manufacture standard. 


The logistic vehicle series mainly included Pressured and Non-pressured Tank Transportation vehicles. Normally for transport the gasoline, light diesel oil, petroleum and other non-corresive fuel properties, rarely impact the damage for other components, widely used in various transportation units, gas stations and other logistic industries.
Material optional for Carbon-steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum alloy.


  1. Main frame is made of high strength low alloy steel, which can fully enhance its abilities of resistance to torsion, anti-seismic and anti-jolt, and meet the various loading requirements.

  2. The tanker is produced with the special equipments such as automatic welding machine(8m) and CNC plasma cutting and automatic submerged arc welding forming which can realize welding by one side in shape by two sides, having the merits of stable quality, less cost, and good-looking

  3. Sophisticated technique: Main parts of the trailer is processed with advanced equipment. The longitudinal beam is welded by a wholly automatic tracking submerged welding machine; Almost the steel spare parts are treated by shot blast before the assembling, which can greatly increase the adhesion of the paint.

  4. Frame: The frame is manufacture by a structure, which are made of high strength steel. This design reasonably to get a balanced consideration of the intensity, rigidity and toughness, advantages of low tare weight, heavy loading mass, not easy to be distorted.

  5. Axles: The axle can be selected in different famous brand of BPW and SAF, KIC, FUWA ect. domestic and overseas. Also, the ABS system can be optional with Haldex and WABCO etc., can be greatly increase the stability and safety.

  6. Suspension system: Mechanical suspension and air suspension series optional.

  • a. Mechanical suspension series: It used tandem and balance construction, have high strength and strong impacting resistance, evenly distribute the axle load into each axles. High strength material keep the service life much longer and efficient buffering, simple maintenance, easy replacement for the wearing parts.

  • b. Air suspension system: Optional BPW & SAF. More shocking proof which combinated with lifting and steering axles.

  1. Brake system: Much more safety and reliability on dual-loop air brake system.

  2. Air compressor: Displacement can be choosen upto 12cbm/min

aluminum raod tanks Coal tar naphtha

 Aluminum Fuel Tanker Semi-trailer 3 axles, 36000L to 52000L

   Material                  Aluminium
   Thickness of shell    5- 7mm
   Thickness of dish     5- 7mm
   Inside baffles            5mm
   Compartments          4 to 7 compartments
   Volume                   36000L to 42000L+ 6% expansion  
   Tank Top Accessories
 Ladders fixed on the front and rear; foldable handrail
 Walkway with anti-slip material in the front of reach the manholes
 Not covering the complete length of the tank.

 Tank Equipments (all API Standard)
 Each compartment is equipped with :
 Aluminum Manhole cover 16" or 20"      
 Aluminum Emergency Bottom valve 3" with Pneumatic switch in locker
 Aluminum Spill Valve 3” or 4",  
 Discharging Nylon hose 6m

 Discharge and loading
 Gravity discharge,
 Top loading.            Option: Bottom loading

 Running Gear
 FUWA axle 13T*3                  Option: BPW axle 13T
 Heavy duty spring suspension 18*16*9mm
 12+1 pcs tires 315/80R22.5 Tire  (9.0*R22.5 steel rims) or 6 SUPER SINGLE 385/65/22.5 TIRES
 3.5" Jost kingpin                     Option: 2"
 JOST 2-geared mechanical operated landing legs

 Braking System
 Double line air brakes Mechanical parking brake, WABCO brake valve
 The first axle and the third axle with ABS System.

 Electric Installation
 Complete 24V system in explosion proof installation
 Rear lighting with rear, stop, parking, direction, fog, reverse lights, side lights

 Exterior surface treatment by shot blasting
 Painting by high solid primer directly on the surface
 Painting inside special paint booth with the cargo cabin color or the color chosen by the customer

 Plastic Mudguards, Side protection, 2 Fire extinguisher, 1 Spare tire carrier.      
 1 Tool box with standard tools

 Contact to get the detail and price

  Aviation fuel  
   Coal tar naphtha
   Diesel oil  
   Fuel oil
  Jet fuel  
  Motor fuel anti-knock compounds
   Oils most commercial
  Paraffin wax  
   Petroleum ether  
   Petroleum naphtha  
   Transformer oil
   Transmission oil  
   White spirit


       Concentration%       GB12268        (UN)
              Gasoline/petrol       1203
       Acetone       1090
              Carbon disulfide       1131
              Petroleum crude oil (crude oil)       1267
              Naphtha(Solvent oil)       1256
              Pure benzene       1114
              Crude benzene       
              Heavy benzene       
              Toluene       1294
       Methanol       1230
              Ethanol       1170
              Isopropyl alcohol       1219
              Ethyl acetate       1173
               Butyl acetate       1123
              Dimethylamine solution       1160
              Kerosene       1223
              Paraffin wax (wax, light wax)       1223
              P-xylene       1307
              Styrene (vinyl benzene)
       Hydrogen peroxide
       Acetone cyanohydrin (acetone and hydrogen cyanide)


       30 ~ 60
       70 ~ 100
        Acetic acid (glacial acetic acid)
       Ammonia water
       Ammonium Hydroxide
       Formaldehyde solution       1198



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