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Stainless Steel Tanker Semi Trailer for Ammonium Nitrate, Hot Liquid Sulfur Transport Solution

Tri axles Stainless Steel tanker semi trailer for Ammonium Nitrate,Liquid Molten Sulfur Transport Solution
Ammonium Nitrate Emulsion Tankers Trailer ,
hot liquid Sulfur Tankers Trailer ,
Liquid Molten Sulfur Tanker Trailer,
Price: $ 34800

  • DRZ9400GXSA

  • DRZ

  • 8716319000

Stainless Steel tanker semi trailer for  Ammonium Nitrate, hot liquid Sulfur Tankers Trailer Transport Solution 

Stainless Steel tank trailer-001-Ammonium Nitrate_1.jpgStainless Steel tank trailer-005-Ammonium Nitrate_1.jpgStainless Steel tank trailer-002-Ammonium Nitrate_1Stainless Steel tank trailer-003-Ammonium Nitrate_1.jpgStainless Steel tank trailer-004-Ammonium Nitrate_1.jpg

key words:Ammonium Nitrate Transport tanker trailer,Ammonium Nitrate Emulsion Tankers Trailer,hot liquid Sulfur Tankers Trailer ,Liquid Molten Sulfur Tanker Trailer,

Liquid ammonium nitrate transport trailer,

Available in tri-axle as a single trailer or Road Train combination, 

Liquid ammonium nitrate transport trailer 3 axle 24-25M3

Tanker heating system and insulation layer

Tanker trailer chassis description

Safety accessory

Anti-static system

Overall dimensions(mm)

24,000 liters tanker description


Manhole cover

Discharge valve

Tanker heating system and insulation layer

Insulating layer

1. Tank containing keep warm by insulation layer

2. Insulation layer composed of:80mm thickness Rock wool and 1mm stainless steel plate covered, it can prevent the heat losing.

Heating system

Honda Generators drive Combustion machine connect heating pipe.

6 inch steel heating pipe line fixed at the bottom of tanker, so the heating will come through the heating pipe to make the tanker heating

More many different kinds of Chemical liquid tank trailer such as , Bitumen tanker trailer, 

sulfur tanker trailers, Yellow phosphorus tank trailers plz contact with me.

Sulfur Tankers Trailer, Liquid Molten Sulfur Tanker Trailer

  3 axle 19-24 CBM Liquid Molten sulfur tanker trailer

   Main technical performance parameter

All technical specification of sulfur tanker semi-trailer

The brief introduction of sulfur tanker trailer

 1.      Tanker semi trailer composed of sealed tanker, climbing ladder, running gear

   (including axles, tires, landing gear, valve,pipeline system, heating system,etc.)

 2.      This Tanker is applied to transport liquid sulfur in a short or long distance. It’s an ideal equipment to transport sulfur from storage field or plant to construction site and operation road,etc.

The main character of this tank trailer

 3.      The trailer are made by advanced techniques from both Europe and China

 4.      The key parts equipped with high quality fittings both domestic and oversea

 5.      Skeleton fasten by strength welding process

 6.      Safe and reliable driving for any bad road conditions

 7.      The tank equipped with heating system and insulation layer that can keep continuous heating for sulfur and keep warm loss by insulation layer.

 8.      Easy maintained and durable

Tanker semi-trailer chassis(Frame)description

Tanker material

10mm stainless steel (316L) for tanker,

Total 3 Wave resistance plates weld in the tanker

Tanker capacity

19,000-24000 liters

Curb weight(kg)


Rated loading weight(kg)


Overall dimensions(mm)


Axle description

3 axle with HJ brand,each axle 13Ton load capacity

Tire specification

12.00R22.5,total 12 tires

Suspension type

Leaf Spring suspension,10/10 leaf spring

Landing gear

JOST double action landing gear(made in Germany)

Break system

A system with emergency brake and parking brake;

Dual line-air brake, piggyback spring on all axles;

One units of WABCO RE 6 relay valve; four units of T30/30 chamber; one units of 40L air tank ; two units of standard copper air-connector

Kingpin specification

JOST, 2 inch(50mm)

Electric circuit

Chinese standard 24V or 12v

Main frame description

Heavy duty and extra durability designed; high tensile steel 16Mn,coupled by automatic welding process

19,000 liters brim stone  tank description

Manhole cover

2 sets of Standard DN500mm(20 inches) China made quick opening manhole with 2 vent valves ,the end manhole is 24 inches.(DN600mm)

Discharge valve

1 units of DN80mm China made ball valve for each discharge outlet,also with quick coupling by gravitational flowmeter

Anti-static system

Manufacturer’s standard



High tensive steel made ladder located at the right

Walkway platform

Barrel top with anti-skid surface treatment

Fire extinguisher cage

2 pcs x 6Kg’s fire extinguisher, installed at sides of vehicle

Spare tire carrier

1 unit

Tools box

1 unit tool box fixed

Sign plate

Steel plate for warning and information



24 Volt electrical system in accordance to Chinese standard, complete with Chinese’s made LED light for brake, signal, reverse and fog light at rear, and marker light at both side of trailer, complete with ‘’3M’’ reflective tape at sides and rear

Side Fender

Installed at both sides of trailer made of steel, according to Manufacture Standard

Rear Bumper

Made of Steel according to manufacture Standard design

Mud guard / Mud Flap

Rubber mud guard and rubber mud flap to manufacturer’s standard

Chassis Finishes

Sand blasted, 1 coat anti-rust,base coat and 1 finishing coats in dark grey color, color and materials in accordance to manufacturer’s standard and availability


The painting/color is based on customer’s requirement

Tanker heating system and insulation layer

Insulating layer

1. Tank containing keep warm by insulation layer

2. Insulation layer composed of:120mm rock-wool and 1.2mm stainless steel mirror plate covered,it can prevent the heat losing.

Heating system

2 inch stainless steel heating pipe line fixed at the bottom of tanker,so the heating will come through the heating pipe to make the tanker heating (8 Nos)




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