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King Run Dust Suppression Truck Cummins Engine Euro 3-6

King Run Dust Suppression Truck Cummins Engine Euro 3-6

Dongfeng  king run  4*2 dust suppression truck
Dust control truck water tanker with Fan pump sprinkler pump Range up to ≥ 48 M   mobile dust control solution.
Truck mounted power sprayers for Pest, Weed, Termite Control, Landscape & fertilizer spray rigs 

Dust control truck water tanker with Fan pump 


             Technical Parameters


             Total Mass(kg)




             Curb Weight(Kg)




             Rated Quality(kg)




             Chassis Model




             Approach/ Departure Angle




             Front /Rear Overhang(mm)








             Compartment Dimension(mm)




             Number of axes




             Maximum speed(km/h)




             Tire Specifications




             Number of Tires




             Front track(mm)




             Rear track(mm)








             Number of spring




             Emission standards


              Euro 4


             Type of fuel




             Engine Parameters


             Engine Model


             ISDe180 40


             Engine Manufacturer


             Dongfeng cummins engine co., LTD


             Engine displacement




             Engine Power




             Brief  Description


             1. Container:water tanker and garbage box,volume:10-15CBM,material: stainless steel.


             2. Equipped with vice engine.


             3. Equipped with two-way operation button and rinse function.


Spray water tank truck with Fan pump



       1. Tank effective volume:4000 liters, made by 4-6mm carbon steel plate or corrosion resistant plate;
       2.  Equipped with front (rear,side)sprinkler, with rear working platform,Greening water cannon, 360°rotatable, adjust water to high or low(spray like columnar,vaporific,drizzle;
       3.  Equipped with high power water pump, Japan technology: 
       Sprinkler width≥15m                               Water cannon gunshot≥30m
       Vertical suction≤6.5m                             Flush pressure:250-450KPa 
       Time of drawing water :≥5minutes             Pump capacity:1000 L/minute
       4.  Equipped with self-flow valve,fire hydrant interface,self-priming and self-draining pump,inhale to tanker directly and inject by fire hydrant.
       Component       Basic composition:chassis,tanker,PTO,transmission shaft,special self-priming pump,pipeline,jet,rear work platform.Optional equipment:GPS, gimbaled nozzle,VVB,pneumatic valve,visual operating system,external power,medicament tray.
       Application       Our company develop all kinds of watering trucks, mainly used in city roads,big factory,troops,parks,cleaning,proventing dust,watering,crop-dusting and so on.We can produce different all kinds of watering trucks according to customer's requirements.
       Product advantage       reasonable price,multiple functions,easy operation

Tanker  mobile dust control solution.

   Material                    Steel
   Thickness of shell      4 ,5,6mm
   Thickness of dish       5,6mm
   Inside baffles            3mm
   Compartments          1 compartments  
   Volume                    5000L to 12000L+ 5% expansion  
   Option:                   Water Pump, Sprinkler
   Tank Top Accessories
 Ladders fixed on the front and rear; foldable handrail
 Walkway with anti-slip material in the front of reach the manholes
 Not covering the complete length of the tank.

 Exterior surface treatment by shot blasting
 Painting by high solid primer directly on the surface
 Painting inside special paint booth with the cargo cabin color or the color chosen by the customer

 Side protection, 2 Fire extinguisher, 1 Spare tire carrier.        
 1 Tool box with standard tools, Heavy duty tail bumper




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