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ISUZU GIGA Water Purification Vehicle 1000L/H

ISUZU GIGA Water Purification Vehicle 1000L/H
Water Purification Vehicle Truck Mounted Purification System Equipment Vehicle
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ISUZU GIGA  Water Purification Vehicle

Army Portable Water Treatment Units
ISUZU GIGA Water purification vehicles Water Purification Vehicle Truck mounted Purification System Equipment Vehicle

ISUZU GIGA Chassis 6x4 QL1251FTFZY 

Special Vehicle Overall Size 9480,11585,10165 x 2540 x 3800 (mm) 


Chassis Model



4650+1350 mm


Gross Weight


Curb Weight



Engine Model

6HK1-TCG60  ,221 KW/301HP


Multi cylinder, 4stroke, 6-cylinder water cooled, direct fuel injection, turbo-diesel engine.

Displacement Volume(ml)


Net Power(KW)

Min 300 HP at rated RPM

Fuel Type


Emission Standard

Eour 6

Clutch System


Single Plate, dry friction

Steering System

Power Steering

Left hand driving,

Transmission System

Manually Operated


Brake System

Service Brake

Hydraulic disk brakes

Park Brake

Air Brake & Hand Brake

Suspension System(Front & Rear)

Semi-elliptical leaf spring with telessopic shock absorber (both front & rear)


Type Quantity

10 pcs

Type Specification

295/80R22.5 18PR


The cabine of 3 person (including driver), cruise control, ABS, air conditgioning, electric glass, adjustable headlights, USB, etc.

unpurified water tank

Tank Capacity

3  m³

Tank Material

SS304 Stainless steel

Purified Water tank

Tank Capacity

1.5  m³

Tank Material

SS304 Stainless steel


PTO power take-off  take  


Tank color is according to client’s requirements.

Thermal insulation of large board car: the total heat transfer coefficient of the car is less than 2.5 W/m2 · ℃

The wall panels of the large carriage are of sandwich structure

The inner and outer skins are 1.2mm aluminum plates, and the middle is rigid polyurethane foam sandwich layer and aluminum profile reinforced beam skin, aluminum alloy skeleton and polyurethane foam, which are bonded with special large plate adhesive, and then hot pressed once by the large plate press

Wall panel thickness 51.4mm

High temperature resistance of wall panels: can withstand high temperatures of 70 ℃ without degumming;

Low temperature resistance of wall panels: can withstand -55 ℃ low temperature without degumming;

Sunlight resistance of wall panel: under the condition of 1120w/m2 of radiant intensity, deformation, stickiness, cracking, damage, etc. will not occur;

Mold resistance of wall panels: able to withstand the harmful effects of various molds and fungi;

Humidity resistance of wall panels: able to withstand a relative humidity of no more than 95% (40 ℃);

Salt spray corrosion resistance of wall panels: able to resist the harmful effects of salt spray corrosion environment in coastal areas of China;

Wall panel flame retardancy: It has flame retardancy and can self extinguish when left on fire;

Environmental friendliness of wall panels: meeting E0 level environmental protection requirements


The large plate structure has good airtightness (water and air tightness), thermal insulation, sound insulation, waterproof, fireproof, heat radiation resistant, salt spray corrosion resistant, insect resistant, and other performance; By optimizing the reasonable layout of the skeleton and the design of the skeleton structure, the optimal values between the stiffness, strength, and weight of each board are achieved, which not only ensures the overall strength, stiffness, and weight requirements of the car body, but also achieves the goals of thermal insulation and sound insulation, fully reflecting the superiority of the large board car. When designing, full consideration should be given to the requirements for thermal insulation performance. Heat blocking should be installed at all skeleton positions inside the large panel to reduce heat loss in the carriage and improve the thermal insulation performance of the carriage

The carriage has sufficient strength and stiffness to withstand the vibrations and impacts of the car during operation. The structure of the large panel shelter complies with GJB6109-2007 "General Specification for Military Shelters"

The boards of the carriage are connected by riveting and high-strength bolts to form a whole, ensuring that the carriage has sufficient strength and stiffness to withstand the vibration and impact of the car during driving. The structure of the large board is shown in the following figure. All openings should be sealed; All cables and pipelines are sealed with insulation

Both the inner and outer skins are made of aluminum alloy, a thin sheet of aluminum, and anodized. The carriage wall panel has good sealing, heat insulation, and good strength and stiffness. The pressing of the carriage wall panel is controlled using our factory's typical process, and the structural design is carried out in accordance with GJB5113 "General Specification for Logistics Box Cars" to ensure that after various tests, the surface and structural components of the carriage are free from defects such as bending, warping, fracture, delamination, detachment, damage, damage, and permanent deformation.

Wall panel flatness: 1600mm × Within the range of 700mm, the flatness error shall not exceed 1.5mm,

Wall panel strength: can withstand uniformly distributed static load: ≥ 2kN/m2; Concentrated static load: area of 300mm × 600mm, static

Load ≥ 3kN.

Painting treatment of the interior surface of the car

The interior floor of the carriage is made of patterned aluminum plates


Rated pressure: ≥ 0.7 MPa;

Wire section requirements: 6 square millimetre

Overall dimensions (length × wide × Height: ≤ 410x260x70 mm;

Net weight: ≤ 3.3 kilograms

Rated power: ≤ 8500W;

Rated voltage: 220V;

Operation mode: touch control;

Applicable number of people: ≥ 4 or more

Small generator

Rated power: ≥ 3KW

Backup power: ≥ 3 2KW

Rated frequency: 50HZ

Rated voltage: 380V

Structure type: open frame/hand push type

Power factor: 1.0

Number of phases: single-phase/three-phase

DC output: ≥ 12-8.3 (V-A)

Working time: ≥ 8H

Machine weight: ≤ 77kg

External dimensions: ≤ 660 * 550 * 600mm

Water purifier

Net water flow rate: ≥ 1000L/h (25 ℃);

Suitable water quality: surface water of three types;

Effluent quality: drinking water standard;

Overall dimensions (length × wide × Height: ≤ 1750mm × 800mm × 1700mm;

Weight: ≤ 750kg.

The system adopts a "pre-treatment+single stage reverse osmosis" water treatment process, with a reasonable design, stable operation, and water production quality that meets the requirements.

The equipment is easy to install, use, operate, and maintain; The characteristics of stable operation, energy conservation, environmental protection, and high degree of automation

Outlet: NPT3/4 ″

water tank

The water tank is divided into a clean water tank and a raw water tank, both of which are made of 304 stainless steel. The total effective volume of the water tank is ≥ 4.5m ³

Number of configured clean water tanks: 1, with a capacity of ≥ 1.5m ³ , Internally, it is treated with drinking water through water purification equipment;

Number of configured raw water tanks: 1 unit, with a capacity of ≥ 3m ³ , Internally, there are three types of surface water;

The boxes are all welded from 304 stainless steel plates. The top of the box is equipped with an opening that can serve as a water filling hole for injecting water into the box. The hole cover and opening are sealed with rubber rings and connected with bolts;

There are 3-4 folding wave guards inside the box. The box is equipped with inlet filtration, outlet filtration, overflow, and sewage discharge devices;

A drainage outlet is set at the lowest point of the water tank to ensure that the water in the tank can be discharged completely during storage;



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