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ISUZU GIGA Combined Sewer jetting vacuum trucks- 12000Liters Sewage+6000Liters Clean Water

ISUZU GIGA Combined Sewer jetting vacuum trucks- 12000L Vacuum suction tank+6000L water Jetting Euro 5-6
PTO, transmission shaft, vacuum pump, tanker, hydraulic system and pipe system.
Price: $ 100000
Discount Price: $ 98000

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 ISUZU GIGA  Combined Sewer  jetting vacuum trucks- 12000Liters Sewage+6000Liters Clean Water 

ISUZU Combined Sewer jetting vacuum trucks (54)ISUZU Combined Sewer jetting vacuum trucks (60)ISUZU Combined Sewer jetting vacuum trucks (29) 

16,000 -20000Litres Combined Vacuum Jetting Tank Body

used to collect, transport and discharge liquid such as dirty water, sludge, septic, crude oil, and solid stuff such as small stones, bricks as well. It is suitable for cleaning the sewer, cesspit, cesspool, gully, etc. It is widely used in environment and sanitation field.

The tank & a sewer vacuum truck could be hydraulic lifted and the rear door & tank could be hydraulic opened for completely tipping sewage and solid stuff.
---- ISUZU chassis, perfect performance.
---- ISUZU engine, super powerful; reliable performance, no overhaul within 100,000 km.
---- Nice shape, rational structure.
---- Vacuum pump super powerful, highly efficient.
---- Massive, durable, long service life.
 ISUZU Combined Sewer jetting vacuum trucks (17)ISUZU Combined Sewer jetting vacuum trucks (15)ISUZU Combined Sewer jetting vacuum trucks (19)ISUZU Combined Sewer jetting vacuum trucks (18)ISUZU Combined Sewer jetting vacuum trucks (20)ISUZU Combined Sewer jetting vacuum trucks (16)

Vacuum Sewage Truck ISUZU (18,000 Litres)
Chassis Brand ISUZU
Overall Dimension 10100x2550x3850 mm
GVW / Kerb Weight 25,000 kg / 12,800 kg
Cab Cab Capacity 3 persons allowed
Air Conditioner W/ air conditioner
Engine Fuel Type Diesel
Engine Brand ISUZU engine  6UZ1-TCG5
Power  350HP(221KW)
Displacement 7790 ml
Emission Standard Euro V,Euro5,
Chassis Drive Type 6X4, left hand drive
Transmission ISUZU gear box, no overhaul within 500,000km
Wheelbase/No. & axle 3985+1370
5820+1370 mm / 3
Tyre Specification 315/80R22.5,1200R22.5
Tyre Number 10 tyres and 1 spare tyre
Max Speed 100 km/h
Paint Metallic paint
Superstructure Tank Capacity Tank A:Capacity: 14000ltrs & solid SLUDGE /LIQUID HUMAN WASTE,
Tank B: Capacity: 4000litrs & clean water for cleaning and flushing
Tank Material Carbon steel
Suction Head 7m
Vacuum Pump Highly efficient, vacuum rate 93%,
quick suction and discharge, suction lift 6m.
Hose High quality, wire strengthened hose
Rear door can be hydraulic opened for complete discharge & solid stuff.
All standard accessories: inlet, discharge, antifill valve.....
OEM 1) Isuzu rear double axle cleaning and sewage suction truck chassis configuration: with Isuzu chassis, wheelbase: 4565 + 1370 mm, vehicle size: 9850 * 2500 * 3850 mm, clean water tank 4 square, 304 stainless steel, 3 thick, left and right cleaning and water inflow, left and right measuring pipes, pinfu 420 flow high-pressure pump, sewage tank 15 square, 6 thick, 4 partitions, diaphragm seal strengthened Jin, Haosai 204 water ring pump, in the pneumatic blowdown of the tail 220, the blowdown outlet of the tail 100, one sight pipe on the left and right of the tank, with guardrail on the top of the tank, installation of hydraulic suspender, installation of 10m sewage suction pipe, with remote control, platform under the tank, built-in top, rear cover can be opened, 4 locking, tail reel enlarged, Export Qingling Isuzu rear double axle cleaning suction truck accessories: 200m high pressure pipe, 10 combined nozzles

2)The overall dimension of the tank body is (length of straight section × diameter) (mm): 5400 × 2150,
in which the front section of the tank body is clean water tank (length of straight section is 2400mm);
the rear section is sewage tank (length of straight section is 3000mm).
The two tanks are independent and cannot be fully loaded at the same time.
Clean water tank is used for cleaning function and sewage tank is used for sewage absorption function.
The effective volume of clean water tank is 7.5 m3, medium: water, density: 1000 kg / m3;
The effective volume of sewage tank is 9.3 m3, medium: liquid sewage, density: 800 kg / m3

Sewage absorption part: the volume tank 20 cubic meters, which is made of 8mm high-quality carbon steel plate. Three channel steel stirrups are added on the outside of the tank. It is required to be divided into two warehouses (sewage tank is 15 cubic meters, water tank is 5 cubic meters, partition plate is required to use spherical head). The two warehouses are connected by 100 ball valves. The upper part of clean water tank and sewage tank is made of water diffuser, and 50 steel valves are added on the left and right sides of clean water tank (convenient for hand washing). There is a ladder on the side of the tank, which is placed on the top during the self unloading. There is a 150 ball valve on the left side of the rear head, a 600 hydraulic quick open valve in the middle, two 100 ball valves on the right side and a 100 ball valve on the right side. The 150 ball valve at the lower part of the tank body is discharged secretly. The overflow valve is increased at the upper part of the tank body. The water circulating pump water tank is as large as possible, and the drainage ball valve is installed. Both sides of the tank are paved with patterned plate platform and equipped with an 8m sewage suction hose. High pressure part: pinfu 19 / 270 high-pressure plunger pump, two-stage filtration system, high-pressure pump blowing function, automatic return reel (hydraulic control), 22 60m high-pressure pipe and 10 high-pressure nozzles (factory standard) are adopted.
Other standard configuration, vehicle color "yellow / red"

shacman 6x4 sewer jetting sewage suction truck 20m3

Vacuum Jetting Tank SKDVacuum Jet Tanker Superstructure
Suction Pipe With Rotary Jib

 Type  Combined Jetting & Sewage Trucks
       Tank volume    Sludge & Water Tank Total:18,000L
Tank A:Capacity: 14000ltrs & solid Sludge /liquid human waste.
Tank B: Capacity: 4000litrs & clean water for cleaning and flushing.
       Tank Material     Q235
       Water Pump        10MPa - 24MPa
       Jetting Pump Flow        125lt/m - 170lt/m
       Vacuum Pump        1.5m³-30m³/min
      Jetting Hose and Reel       30 m - 60 m hose, hydraulic pressure.
       Vacuum pump drive systems        Dec. Transmission / Auxiliary Engine / PTO
       Pressure Regulator        Pneumatic - Mechanical

Vacuum Jetting Tanker(16,000 litres)

 Vacuum Jetting Tank SKD, Vacuum Jet Body Superstructure, Vacuum Jetting Tank Skid
Vacuum jetting tank SKD (also called vacuum jetting tank superstructurejet vacuum cleaner bodycombined vacuum jetting tankervacuum jetting tank bodysewage suction jet tanksewage vacuum



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