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F2000 Shacman 10 wheels water Tanker Vehicle 20000L

F2000 Shacman 10 wheels water Tanker Vehicle 20000L
Overall dimensions 9935X2490X3210mm Curb weight 11880kg
Tank dimensions 6600×2490×1535mm Tank volume 20000L
Price: $ 46500
Discount Price: $ 42840

  • DRZ5255GSSFS

  • Shacman

  • 8705909990

  •  F2000 Shacman 10 wheels water Tanker Vehicle 20000L 

  • Shacman 10 wheels water Tank Vehicle 3_1Water Truck structure_1Water  truck is composed of automobile chassis, and out of the water system and tanker. According to the different use of the environment and the purpose of a variety of spraying and water transport function. Multifunctional sprinkler set a variety of functions as one, generally can be used by the user requirements of special restructuring.

    Water Truck is suitable for various pavement washing, trees, green belt, green lawn, roads, construction of factories and mines, high-altitude construction flushing. 

    Water truck can be used for spraying water, suppressing dust, high and low spraying, pesticide spraying, rail and construction 
    washing and other functions, but also has the function of water transport, milk transport, water drainage, emergency fire and so on.

    F2000 Shacman 10 wheels water Tanker Vehicle 20000L

Overall dimensions 9935X2490X3210mm Curb weight 11880kg
Tank dimensions 6600×2490×1535mm Tank volume 20000L

Chassis parameters                                                                           
Chassis model SX1255NN464 Chassis brand SHACMAN
Overall dimensions 10299X2490X3270mm Wheel base 4575+1400mm
Front/rear wheel track 2011/1800/1800mm Front/rear suspension 1525/2824mm
Approach/departure angle 18/11° Maximum speed 99km/h
Chassis Manufacturer Shanxi Automobile Group Co., Ltd. 
Cab Configuration Delong F3000 long a row and a half deluxe cab(with sleeping berth),allowable 3 passengers,electronically controlled automatic constant temperature air conditioner,electric rocking window machine,  ordinary air filter,traveling data recorder
Color White,other color is optional
Engine Model WP10.290E32
Emission Euro 3
Type 6 cylinders,in-line,4-stroke,water-cooled,turbo inter-cooling, exhaust valve brake, direct injection diesel engine
Rated power 290hp,rated power speed 2200rpm
Displacement 9726ml
Max.torque 1160N.m
Bore x stroke 126x130mm
Manufacturer Weichai Power Co., Ltd.
Tire Size 12.00R20 steel wire tire
Number 10+1 nos
Clutch φ430 diaphragm clutch
Frame 850 × 300 (8 + 7)mm
Fuel tank 400L aluminum alloy + fuel anti-theft alarm device
Front axle MAN, 7.5 tons
Rear axle MAN,13 tons casting bridge,main reduction ratio 5.262
Drive form 6X4
Suspension Multi leaf springs, four bolts
Rated voltage 24V,DC
Transmissions gearbox 9JS119, 9 speed forward 1 reverse.
Steering device Power assisted steering,steering machine (domestic ZF technology)
Steering wheel Left hand drive
Selective configuration central control door lock,600L aluminum alloy fuel tank,driving room electric flip,engine 310hp,engine 340hp
If there is a slight change in the chassis parameters above,please take the actual product as the standard

Water tank structure                                                                 
Tank dimensions 6600×2490×1535mm Tank volume 20000L
Tank material Carbon steel Tank thickness 5mm or stainess steel
Nozzle sprinkling width ≥14m Range of water cannon ≥28m
Suction height ≥7m Color and Logo Optional 
Standard configuration Chassis, sub frame, carbon steel water tank, manhole, water pump, front/side/rear spray nozzle,rear working platform,water cannon,fire valve, water valve, filter gauze,water hose, climbing ladder.
Selective configuration Stainless steel/aluminum alloy water tank,insulation layer for water tank,stainless steel water pump, fire pump, fire gun,pesticide plate, cabin gas control operated, Honda pumps, lights, crane, hanging basket, rear spraying device, barrel pesticide spraying device, gasoline pesticide machine, diesel pesticide machine, LED arrow lights
Extended model water transporting truck, thermal insulation water transporting truck, drinking water tank truck, liquid food truck, fire water tank truck, pesticide spraying truck,and etc.

Customization, Cost and Control Built How You Want it, at a Price You Can Afford. for sale call:+86-152 -7135-7675


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 And more customized products.

 All more details of fuel tank truck, please kindly contact with us.

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