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Dongfeng 145 Vacuum Truck Vacuum Tanker 8.2M3 Eq1121gkj2 Euro 3-6

Dongfeng 145 Vacuum Truck Vacuum Tanker 8.2M3 Eq1121gkj2 Euro 3-6

   Dongfeng 145 Vacuum Truck Vacuum Tanker 8.2M3 Eq1121gkj2 Euro 4


   vacuum tanker truck septik tank truck


   1. All the internal structure of the parts are made of acid phosphate treatment, prior to welding spray paint, so you can extend the life of the tank. Full tank surface blasting, the elimination of internal stress generated when the cylinder coil, while enhancing the tank surface paint adhesion.


   2. The use of domestic technology leader in vacuum suction sewage truck, suction, suction away, especially suitable for pumping sewage sludge within the, shipping and disposing, especially can absorb sewage mud, silt, gravel, bricks and other large objects.


   3. to collect, clean up transit transport sludge, sewage, sanitation vehicles to avoid new secondary pollution, sewage suction truck can be self-priming from the row, work fast, large capacity, easy to transport, suitable for collecting and transporting manure, mud, oil and other liquid substances.


   4. pumping manure tank full time: ≤5min, suction: ≥8m. It has a long life, work fast, simple, easy to transport and so on.




      v acuum tanker



                 Gross weight(Kg)




                 Vacuum Tank volume(m⊃3;)








                 Overall dimension(mm)




                 Curb weight(Kg)




                 Tank dimension (mm)


                 Cab seats(person)




                 Drive type




                 Approach/departure angle(°)




                 Front/rear hang(mm)




                 Axle No.








                 Axle load (Kg)




                 Max speed (Km/h)




                 [Chassis specifications]


                 Chassis model






                 Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd


                 Brand name




                 Tires No.








                 Tire specification


                 9.00-20 14PR


                 Approach/departure angle(°)




                 Front track(mm)




                 Steel spring number




                 Rear track(mm)




                 Fuel type




                 Emission standard




                 Tank thickness




                 Tank material


                 Carbon steel


                 Standard configuration


                 Chassis, carbon steel fuel tank, sub frame,oil pump, two aluminum alloy flow valves,


                 tool box, manhole,climbing ladder, fire extinguisher, oil hose.


                 Selective configuration


                 Aluminum alloy fuel tank, flow meter, oiling machine, European standard manhole,


                 pneumatic valve, AIP valve, anti overflow sensor plug, oil and gas recovery system,divided into several bins.


                 Main Characteristic


                 A.With multiple baffle plates in the tank,so it has the advantage of high intensity,stability,transporting safety etc.


                 B.Oil pump is installed to suck or discharge oil,with high suction pressure and speed.


                 C.Accoring to users need,the tank can be designed as a single compartment or several


                 compartment to contain different materials.


                 D.According to users needs,the side or rear of the tank can be installed 1-3 self-flowing valves.


                 Engine model


                 Engine  manufacturer


                 Displacement (ml)






                 Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co.,Ltd








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vacuum tanker

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