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DTA crude oil bitumen tanker semitrailer 30cbm

DTA crude oil bitumen tanker semitrailer
1.Use Burner heater continuous heating at back of the tanker
2.One Italian BALTUR diesel oil burner
Capacity: 14*104Kcal/h, brand new
3.One general-purpose diesel generator.
4.According to continuos diesel burning to keep warm for the tanker
Price: $ 26000
Discount Price: $ 22000

  • DTA9403GLQ

  • Dong run ze

  • 8716319000

DTA crude oil  bitumen tanker semitrailer  30cbm    Customization, Cost  Control Built How You Want it, at a Price You

 Can Afford. for sale call:+86-152 -7135-7675

bitumen tank trailer -29000L-Liquid asphalt_1.pngbitumen tank trailer -30000L-Liquid asphalt_1.png33000 liters 3 axle bitumen tank semi-trailer_1.png bitumen tanker semitrailer  bitumen tanker semitrailer  bitumen tanker semitrailer

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          Asphalt tanker truck / trailer/ tank containers


         applied to transport liquid asphalt in a short or long distance. It's an ideal equipment to transport asphalt from asphalt storage depot to asphalt plant, and transport asphalt from oil refinery and wharf to asphalt storage depot. Besides the above functions, also suitable to transport crude oil and residual oil and viscous oil


         1. lower center of gravity, driving stably and safely.


         2. Rock wool insulation100mm, average temp. drop<1°C/h.


         3. equipped with diesel-oil Burner and a 4. Equipped 220V generator, supply continuous power for systems.


         5. Reliable monitoring system of heating.


         6. Stainless steel tank shell or cold plate


         7. Heating and control functions can be on semi-trailer, and be independently used on tractor.OEM ,OBM, ODM HEATED BITUMEN TANK ,HEATED ASPHALT TANK Trailer


         Tare Weight(kg)




         Pay Load(kg)




         Total Weight(kg)




         LxWxH (mm)














         Total Volume(m3)




         Valid Volume(m3)








         End plate


         Q235A/8mm, by punching


         Isolated steel plate


         Q235A/6mm, 20 inch manhole


         Parts for Tank


         Manhole cover


         2 sets of 500mm/Q235 manhole fixed on top of Tank,


         with breather valve


         Unloading valve


         2 sets of DN80 fixed at bottom of Tank


         Pipeline at bottom of tank


         4〃seamless steel tube/Q235


         Anti-static electricity




         pulling, wire carrier, sheet copper (6 sheet-standard layout)


         Other Parts




         2 unit at front and rear of Tank


         Guard on top of Tank


         Zinc galvanized guard- net


         Oil hose box


         single hole tube, 1 unit on each side


         Oil hose


         2 unit, 3〃x 6m size in black rubber


         Side guard


         cross bar-structure


         Rear bottom guard


         Fixed type


         Work tank deck


         Box type


         Fire extinguisher box


         2 unit at the back of each side


         Mud guard


         Steel structure in trapezoid form


         Lights and wire


         24V, 7 coils with lights for parking, reverse, instruction,head lamp and end lamp




         Main Beam


         Heavy duty and extra durability designed;Opting for high tensile steel


         Q345B,welded by automatic Submerged-Arc processes




         3 units of FUWA(band) or BPW or L1


         Axle load capacity:13 ton/axle


         Landing Gear


         JOST Brand two Speed Manual Operation


         King Pin


         JOST brand,one unit of 2〃SAE standard Jost bolt-in king pin




         FUWA(band) mechanical tandem suspension with 16mm x 90mm


          8 leafs spring


         Pneumatic Braking System


         A system with emergency brake and parking brake;


         Dual line - air brake, piggyback spring on all axles;


         One units of WABCO RE 6 relay valve; four units of T30/30 chamber;


         one units of 40L air tank,two units of standard copper airconnector.


         Wheel rim


         12 units of 8.25R22.5 rim




         12 units of 11R22.5 tubeless tyre




         Sand blasting processing on rust cleaning


         One coat of anticorrosive


         Two coats of finish urethane paint


         Colour as customer choice


         Heating and insulation system


         of tanker


         Insulating layer


         1. Tank containing keep warm by insulation layer


         2. Insulation layer composed of: 80mm rock wool and 1.2mm


         stainless cold plate covered, it can prevent the heat losing.


         Heating system


         1.Use Burner heater 24 hours continuous heating at back of the tanker


         2.One Italian BALTUR diesel oil burner


         Capacity: 14*104Kcal/h, brand-new


         3. One general-purpose diesel generator


         4.According to continuous diesel burning to keep warm


         for the crude oil (Diesel consumption:150kg/24hours)


         Note: It’s not necessary to adopt 24 hours continuous burning,


         you just only need begin to heat ahead of 2-3 hours while approach the


         destination site.It will save oil consumption and cost for you



DTA crude oil/bitumen tanker semitrailer  30cbm  

Heating system method 1

1.Use Burner heater 24 hours continuous heating at back of the tanker

2.One Italian BALTUR diesel oil burner

Capacity: 14*104Kcal/h, brand new

3.One general-purpose diesel generator.

4.According to continuos diesel burning to keep warm for the tanker

(Diesel consumption:150kg/24hours)

Heating system method 2

Water Vapour heating syetem.

Tank inner installed U type heating pipeline,according to continous water vapour injection to tank to heating.

Bitumen pump is optional by client's required

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