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Beiben Timber Logging Semi-trailers

Beiben Timber Logging Semi-trailers

Beiben Timber semi-trailers Logging semi-trailers in confirmity with regulations, and matching specifi conditions encountered by foresters. Bogie with reinforced axles, 30 to 50 Tons loading capacity. Width capacity RANGING from 2.5 to 3.5 meters.
We can provide :
"GABON TYPE" log trailers with 2 x 3.10 or 3.5 m wide bunks, mounted on JOST turntables. 1 fixe stake and 1 hinged stake.
"CAMEROON TYPE" log trailers with 2.5 bunks with adjustable holding wedges.
"MALAYSIAN TYPE" log trailers with 2 x 3.10 bunks mounted on JOST turntables. 2 hinged stakes.
Fifth wheel coupling is also available on request



       6*4 tractor       ND42500B32J       3200+1350       WP10.340E32       90       NG80 long cab ride flat top, 12-speed Fast gearbox, rear axle 457, 315 / 80R22.5 tire       27.08       Lightweight
       ND4258B34J       3450+1450       WP10.340E32       90       NG80 long cab ride flat top, 12-speed gearbox Fast, Mercedes Benz, 12.00R20 tire wire       28.88       Heavy load
       ND4257B34J       3450+1450       WP10.380E32       90       NG80 long cab ride flat top, 12-speed gearbox Fast, Mercedes Benz rear axle, 12.00R20 tire wire       30.08
       ND4250B34J       3450+1450       WP12.400E32       90       NG80 long cab ride flat top, 12-speed gearbox Fast, Mercedes Benz alxes, 12.00R20 tire wire       31.28

6*6  all wheel drive tractor  2538 optional
We will study your requirements to provide you with the best solution.

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 beiben camions galerie grumier



         Wheel base (mm)




         Curb weight kg








         WD12.375,water-cooled,four strokes,6 cylinders straight in line,turbocharged,


         Power, max kw/rpm












         Φ430, Single dry frictional disc,Hydraulic boosting








         Brake system


         Service brake


         Brake gap can be adjusted automatically, double circulation air brake system


         Assistant brake


         Engine exhaust brake


         Park brake


         Potential springs pressing on middle and rear wheels


         Steering system




         ZF8098,whole circulation in ball type, hydraulic boosting




         Fish belly shape, variable width, variable sections


         Front axle (Mercedes BenzTechnology)


         Double-shoe pneumatic brake, non-driving steering axle


         Middle and Rear axle (Mercedes Benz Technology)


         Double-shoe pneumatic brake, ductile casting casing, with hub redactor, double reduction driving axle


         Ratio: 6.7




         Radial 12.00R24


         Electrical system
















         Short cab


         color:White color with strip


         Full steel skeleton structure, covered with double layer steel plate;Can be tipped forwardly;


         Seat: shock absorption seat for the driver


         With inner A/C




         With Tropical thermostat


         Exhaust pipe upwards


         With rear trailer brake system


         Eight U-bolt (Four U-Bolt each side)


         With differential between axle and wheel


         Oil tank: 400L+300L


         With Desert air filter




beiben camions galerie grumier


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