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BEIBEN Truck 2538 Surgical Operating Vehicles Operation Theatres

BEIBEN Truck 2538 Surgical Operating Vehicles Operation Theatres
Experience on Expansion of Field Battle X-ray Diagnosis Vehicle and Field Battle Operation Vehicle ,Ambulatory,
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  • SJH5142XSS

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BEIBEN Truck 2538 Surgical Operating Vehicles Operation Theatres 

Ambulance Medical Vehicle

The interior space of the carriage is divided into two areas: preoperative preparation area and surgical area. The preoperative preparation area is mainly used for washing and disinfecting surgical instruments and medical personnel before and after surgery. Configure equipment and facilities such as hand washing devices, rapid steam sterilizers, instrument benches, and work cabinets. The surgical area is equipped with film viewing lights, surgical lights, anesthesia machines, and operating beds, which are the places for performing surgerie

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Manufacturer information

Vehicle name:

Surgical vehicle

Vehicle type:

Special purpose vehicle

Main technical parameters

Overall dimensions:


Steering type:

Steering wheel

Total mass:


Net Weight:


Approach angle/departure angle:


Front/rear suspension:


Fuel type:

diesel oil

Emission standard:

Euro 3/5/6

Axle load:

6600/15400 (two axles  )



Number of axles:


Maximum speed:


Number of tires:


Tire specification:

11.00R20 18PR,12.00R20 16PR,315/80R22.5 18PR/

315/80R22.5 16PR,12R22.5 18PR

oil consumption:


Number of springs:


Front track width:


Rear track width:


Vin VIN:

LBZF46FA ××××××××× LBZF46FB ××××××××× LBZF46GA ××××××××× LBZF46GB ××××××××× LBZF47FA ××××××××× LBZF47FB ××××××××× LBZF47GA ××××××××× LBZF47GB ××××××××× LBZF46EA ××××××××× LBZF46EB ××××××××× LBZF47EA ××××××××× LBZF47EB ×××××××××

Engine parameters

Engine model

Engine manufacturer

Displacement (ml)

Power (kw)


Weichai power  
Weichai power  
Weichai power  



Vehicle fuel parameters

Fuel type:

diesel oil


GB17691-2005 National V, GB3847-2005


The top is closed and cannot be opened; The carriage is equipped with operating beds, surgical shadowless lamps, control cabinets, medical hand basins and other medical equipment, which are special operation vehicles for surgical treatment; Both left and right protective devices are 3mm thick and 100mm thick × 40mm rectangular steel pipe, made of Q235A, is fixed on the left and right sides of the chassis girder with 10.9 grade M10 bolts through the support, and the height from the ground is 445mm; 4mm thick 200mm rear guard × 95mm rectangular steel pipe, made of Q235A, is welded and fixed with the tail end of the girder through the support, with a height of 450mm from the ground; Maximum net power: 271kW; ABS model: 3550D - 1010, manufacturer: Dongke Knorr Bremse Commercial Vehicle Brake System (Shiyan) Co., Ltd; Speed limiting device can be optionally installed, with a speed limit of 80km/h

A subframe is installed on the chassis and connected to the carriage with bolts, ensuring reliable connection

Skirt boxes are installed on both sides of the chassis. The skirt box board is made of Q235 steel plate with a thickness of 1.5mm, and the internal frame is reinforced with angle steel and rectangular steel pipes to ensure sufficient strength and stiffness. Waterproof sealing strips are installed at the cabin door to ensure good waterproof performance of the skirt box

Install 4 mechanical support legs on the chassis beam, with a single leg support capacity of ≥ 6 tons


The carriage adopts a large board carriage, assembled with military large board square cabins

Dimensions of the closed carriage: length ≥ 6000mm, width ≥ 2438mm, height ≥ 2100mm

Dimensions of unfolded state: length ≥ 6000mm, width ≥ 5800mm, height ≥ 2100mm

Thermal insulation of large board car: total heat transfer coefficient of car ≤ 2.5 W/m2 · ℃

The wall panels of the large carriage are of sandwich structure

The inner and outer skins are made of 1.2mm aluminum plates, with a hard polyurethane foam sandwich layer and aluminum beam reinforcement in the middle

The skin, aluminum alloy framework and polyurethane foam are bonded with special large plate adhesive, and then hot pressed once by the large plate press

Wall panel

Thickness ≥ 51mm

High temperature resistance of wall panels: can withstand high temperatures of 70 ℃ without degumming,

Low temperature resistance of wall panels: can withstand low temperatures of -55 ℃ without degumming,

Sunlight resistance of wall panel: under the condition of 1120w/m2 of radiant intensity, deformation, stickiness, cracking and damage will not occur


Mold resistance of wall panels: able to withstand the harmful effects of various molds and fungi,

Humidity resistance of wall panels: able to withstand a relative humidity of no more than 95% (40 ℃)

Salt spray corrosion resistance of wall panels: able to resist the harmful effects of salt spray corrosion environment in coastal areas of China

Wall panel flame retardancy: It has flame retardancy and can self extinguish when left on fire,

Environmental friendliness of wall panels: meeting E0 level environmental requirements,

The large plate structure has good airtightness (water and air tightness), thermal insulation, sound insulation, waterproof, fireproof, heat radiation resistant, salt spray corrosion resistant, insect resistant, and other performance; By optimizing the reasonable layout of the skeleton and the design of the skeleton structure, the optimal values between the stiffness, strength, and weight of each board are achieved, which not only ensures the overall strength, stiffness, and weight requirements of the car body, but also achieves the goals of thermal insulation and sound insulation, fully reflecting the superiority of the large board car. When designing, full consideration should be given to the requirements for thermal insulation performance. Heat blocking should be installed at all skeleton positions inside the large panel to reduce heat loss in the carriage and improve the thermal insulation performance of the carriage

The carriage has sufficient strength and stiffness to withstand the vibrations and impacts of the car during operation. The structure of the large panel shelter complies with GJB6109-2007 "General Specification for Military Shelters"

The boards of the carriage are connected by riveting and high-strength bolts to form a whole, ensuring that the carriage has sufficient strength and stiffness to withstand the vibration and impact of the car during driving. The structure of the large board is shown in the following figure. All openings should be sealed; All cables and pipelines are sealed with insulation

Both the inner and outer skins are made of aluminum alloy, a thin sheet of aluminum, and anodized. The carriage wall panel has good sealing, heat insulation, and good strength and stiffness. The structural design of the carriage wall panel shall be carried out in accordance with GJB5113 "General Specification for Logistics Box Cars", to ensure that after various tests, the surface and structural components of the carriage are free from defects such as bending, warping, fracture, delamination, detachment, damage, permanent deformation, etc

Wall panel flatness: 1600mm × Within the range of 700mm, the flatness error shall not exceed 1.5mm, and proof of third-party testing report with CNAS qualification shall be provided

Wall panel strength: can withstand uniformly distributed static load: ≥ 2kN/m2; Concentrated static load: area of 300mm × 600mm, static load≥3kN。

The cabin of the surgical vehicle adopts a double expansion structure, with a single side width of ≥ 1650mm

Painting treatment of the interior surface of the surgical vehicle

The interior floor of the surgical cart is made of floor leather

The rear of the carriage is equipped with an entrance and exit, with a size of ≥ 1200mm × 1800mm, for the entry and exit of medical staff and patients

Two entrances and exits are set on the left and right sides of the carriage, with a size of ≥ 800mm × 1650mm

All doors are equipped with three pronged locks, and a door limit is set above the door panel to ensure that the opening angle of the door is ≥ 110 °

In order to meet the fresh air needs of personnel, two ventilation fans are designed in the front and rear of the expansion cabin, with the front set for air intake and the rear set for exhaust

Air conditioning (including driving and parking air conditioning)

Medical cabin air conditioning

Power supply (~V/Hz): 220/50

Customized cooling capacity (W): ≥ 4500

Rated cooling consumption power (W): ≤ 2250

Heating capacity (W): ≥ 3000

Air circulation volume (m ³/ h) : ≥700

Noise: Indoor side (dB (A)): ≤ 55; Outdoor side (dB (A)): ≤ 80

Cockpit air conditioning: Original factory cold air conditioning, heating can be provided by other means

Heating fan

Calorific value (KW): ≥ 5

Hot air displacement (m3/h): ≥ 180

Rated power consumption (W): ≤ 80

Fuel consumption (L/h): ≤ 0.6

Electrical system

The power supply method adopts mains power supply, generator car power supply, and generator power supply. When there is mains power on site, mains power supply is used, and when there is no mains power, tram power supply is used. In situations where there is neither mains power nor water supply for the tram, use the built-in generator for emergency power supply. Input cable, using aviation plug


Main power: ≥ 5.0kVA

Backup power: ≥ 5.5kVA

Rated speed: ≥ 3000 RPM

Rated frequency: 50 Hz

Rated voltage: ≥ 230 V;

Rated current: ≥ 20A;

Noise dB (A) @ 7m: ≤ 72;

Fuel consumption g/KW. h: ≤ 300;

Fuel type: diesel

The surgical cart is equipped with a distribution box, which is equipped with a main power switch, an air conditioning power switch, a ventilation fan power switch, a lighting light power switch, and a switch power input and output switch

Install LED lights on the top of the carriage

According to actual needs, add power sockets on the surgical cart to meet the electricity usage needs of onboard medical equipment

Waterway system: The surgical cart is equipped with a hand washing device that integrates water inlet, drainage, pipelines, heating, and other devices. The water in the clean water bucket is transported to the faucet through a self priming pump, and the wastewater is discharged into the sewage bucket through a sewage pipe. Equipped with a water inlet hose of 30m (equipped with a 1/2 'quick connector (sub head) at one end of the pipeline), used to connect the water supply connector of the water storage and purification vehicle to the surgical vehicle

Liquid oxygen tank:

Liquid oxygen capacity: ≥ 20 liters

Gaseous oxygen capacity: ≥ 17200 liters

Net weight of container: ≤ 16kg

Full load weight: ≤ 32kg

Surgical bed

Operating bed length ≥ 2140mm

Operating bed width ≥ 520mm

Adjustable range of bed height: ≥ 600mm-1100mm

Table tilt angle: ≥ 30 °

Table tilt angle: ≥ 25 °

Back plate turning angle: ≥+75 °/-20 °

Leg plate bending angle: ≥ -90 °

Head plate turning angle: ≥+45 °/-90 °

Provide the registration certificate or filing certificate for the operating bed medical device

Long row alarm light alarm

Main light source: LED;

Warning light power: ≥ 60W;

Color: All blue;

Alarm power: ≥ 100W

Surgical bench with four legs and pedal discs, quantity ≥ 2

The dressing cabinet and sink are made of stainless steel plates, and the faucet is equipped with a foot switch

1 folding car

Specification: ≥ 610 ×420 × 830 (mm)

Concave countertop without drawers, folded size: ≤ 615 × 125 × 910 (mm)

Humidifier: Volume of oxygen humidifier ≥ 200ml; Reusable, equipped with filter element and stainless steel inner tube; Capable of high-temperature disinfection; External safety valve; Equipped with pressure relief buzzer function; Using CGA1240 standard connection method, BSO series terminals are suitable for medical gas supply systems, with a quantity of ≥ 2

Oxygen terminal: The intake pipe can rotate 90 °, making installation and piping convenient. The outer diameter of the intake pipe is 12mm, and the number is ≥ 2

Pressure reducing valve: maximum flow rate of oxygen pressure reducing valve ≥ 15L/min, working pressure 50Psi, quantity ≥ 2

Cleaning table: Specification: ≥ 540 × 540 × 800 (mm), flat sliding cover, single barrel

Civil tools: one set of civil tools is provided with the vehicle, with six pieces as standard, including shovel, crowbar, axe, shovel and saw, which are placed in the chassis skirt box

special equipment

Anesthesia machine ventilator

Inhalation anesthesia suitable for adult and pediatric surgical patients

Host part: Mode: closed, semi closed, semi open

Flowmeter: Oxygen and laughing gas flow meters 0L~10L (thin tube, thick tube, with linkage mechanism, ensuring that the oxygen concentration is not less than 25%)

Rapid oxygen supply: ≥ 35L/min~75L/min

Low air source alarm: When the pressure of the oxygen source is too low, there is a pneumatic sound alarm that exceeds 7 seconds

Breathing mode: standby, capacity, pressure, synchronization, manual

Tidal volume: ≥ 0-1600ml

Respiratory rate: ≥ 4bpm~100bpm

Aspiration to exhalation ratio: ≥ 4:1~1:8

Breath holding time: OFF, 5%~60%

Upper pressure limit: 2kPa~8kPa, OFF

Lower pressure limit: 0kPa~2KPa, OFF

Alarm silence: ≤ 120 seconds

Built in lithium battery, with a usage time of ≥ 90 minutes

ECG monitor

Plug-in monitor that can be used to monitor adult, child, and newborn patients

≥ 12 inch color LED display, color high resolution ≥ 800 * 600, maximum 8-channel waveform display

360 degree alarm light, ensuring that alarm information can be observed in any direction

Standard configuration can monitor ECG, respiration, non-invasive blood pressure, oxygen saturation, pulse and temperature, 3/5-lead ECG measurement and power down storage function

Equipped with intelligent lead detachment monitoring function, able to maintain monitoring even in case of individual lead detachment

Equipped with hemodynamics and drug calculation functions

Equipped with data storage and review functions for ≥ 120 hour trend charts, ≥ 100 alarm events, ≥ 100 arrhythmias, ≥ 1000 sets of NIBP measurements, and 48 hour holographic waveform review.

Multiple display interfaces such as trend coexistence interface, respiratory oxygenation diagram interface, large font display interface, and standard display interface are available

Rechargeable lithium battery, supporting ≥ 4 hours

Equipped with ≥ 5 default configurations for departments, and can store ≥ 5 custom configurations, supporting USB import and export configurations

High-frequency electric knife

The main functions include single pole pure cutting, mixed cutting 1, mixed cutting 2, mixed cutting 3, single pole electrocoagulation, bipolar electrocoagulation, and other basic functions

Pure switching: power ≥ 150W

Mixed cutting 1: power ≥ 120W

Mixed cutting 2: power ≥ 80W

Mixed cutting 3: power ≥ 60W

Bipolar condensation: power ≥ 50W

Unipolar condensation: power ≥ 70W

Hydrogen peroxide sterilizer

Using a super high-speed fan combined with a specially designed atomization system, disinfectants such as hydrogen peroxide are atomized into submicron particles, which are evenly distributed throughout the entire room for thorough sterilization

Efficiently kill various microorganisms in the air and on the surface of objects, with a spore killing efficiency of 6log10 for the indicator bacteria of ATCC 9372

More than 90% of droplets have a diameter less than 1 micrometer

Using hydrogen peroxide concentration ≤ 8% and acidity ≥ pH4.0, with good material compatibility

Disinfectants that are compatible with various sterilization principles, without limiting the types and brands of disinfectants

If there are specialized disinfectants or consumables, please provide the registration certificate and long-term supply price of the medical device with the supporting specialized disinfectants. If not, please indicate

Surgical lamp

Working voltage: AC 220V, DC24V

The suspension arm rotates 360 ° around the center axis of the base

Spring arm rotates 360 ° around the central axis of the rotating arm

Lamp voltage and power: 24V/75W

Surgical field spot illumination: 80000Lx, with adjustable illumination.

The swing angle of the lamp body around the fork arm shall not be less than 110 °

Surgical field spot color temperature: 4300K ± 500K

Net weight of the entire machine: ≤ 20kg

Surgical suction device

Power supply: AC220V ± 10% 50Hz

Extraction rate: ≥ 35L/min

Ultimate negative pressure value: ≤ -0.09MPa

Negative pressure adjustment range: ≤ -0.01MPa~-0.09MPa

Storage bottle capacity: ≥ 2L × two

Noise: ≤ 55dB

Medical film viewing light box

Adopting the latest TFT night crystal display backlight technology

Boundary dimension: ≤ 540 × 500 × 30(mm)

Effective window: ≥ 420 × 360(mm)

Observation screen center brightness ≥ 3500cd/㎡

Light source color temperature: ≥ 10000K

The light is uniform, and the uniformity of the brightness of the observation screen is ≥ 95%

Input voltage: AC220V;

Ultrasonic cleaning machine

Volume (L): ≥ 15

Inner size of cleaning tank (mm): ≥ 330 × 300 × 150

Boundary dimension (mm): ≤ 360 ×330 × 310

Ultrasonic power (VA): ≥ 300

Heating power (VA): ≥ 500

Ultrasonic frequency (KHz): ≥ 40

Desktop disinfection sterilizer

Design pressure: -0.1/0.3MPa

Design temperature: ≥ 144 ℃;

Temperature selection range: 105~138 ℃;

Volume: ≥ 24L;

Adopting an efficient vacuum pumping system, the working noise is low, the maximum vacuum can reach -90KPa or above, the evacuation speed is fast, the dryness of the items is good, and sterilization is more thorough;

The strong vacuum drying system ensures that the residual humidity after instrument drying does not exceed 0.2%, and the residual humidity after dressing drying does not exceed 1%;

zero point two two μ M sterilization high-efficiency air filter ensures that the air that breaks the vacuum is sterile and avoids contamination by sterile items again.

Equipped with 1 stainless steel square plate, which is a standard stainless steel square plate

Orthopedic traction frame

Equipped with dual joint, retractable traction arm and rotatable pelvic frame assembly

The padded inner thigh support column provides excellent positioning for patients, facilitates installation, and saves space

Orthopedic traction frame traction range ≥ 1150-1650mm

Maximum bearing capacity ≥ 160kg

Maximum traction displacement ≥ 280mm, maximum traction force ≥ 400N

The traction frame can be folded outward or inward at any appropriate angle to meet surgical needs

The traction frame can be retracted and retracted with a displacement of ≥ 500mm; Traction stroke: ≥ 210mm; Outward width: ≥ 120-770mm

Self weight of traction frame: ≤ 35KG

Weight with trolley: ≤ 50KG



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