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Aluminum Alloy Oil Tanker Truck Fuel Tank Truck Customizing

Aluminum Alloy Oil Tanker Truck Fuel Tank Truck Customizing

    Aluminum alloy oil Tanker Truck With gear pump, and optional refueling machine.

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  The Refueling Tank Truck Series is normally transport the gasoline, diesel, kerosene etc. and some other liquid fuel materials which do not corrode the oil pump and fiscal ECR. As a transportation product, it register full of functions such as: oil transportation, fuel oil filling system, fixed-container refueling system, and also can be used as a mobile pump.

It takes more advantages from other similar special truck, and also using the advanced technology to take the production process strictly. The Refueling Tank Truck Series classified as general refueling vehicles (with fuel oil filling system) and fisal tank vehicles, widely usd in oil station and some transportation companies.
This model results the equipment with few positive points as: good performance, good structure, also operates simply.

  Small Turning Radius
 Low Center of Gravity

 With its high mobility, fuel tank truck can pass through marrow and rough streets, so it is a common type of fuel transporter for cities and mountain area.
 DTA Vehicles is provider for high-volume, safe and easy-handling fuel tank trucks. Not only with low center of gravity, but also with small turning radius, our fuel tank trucks based on various domestic and imported chassis transport up to 29500 liter fuel.


       Various Choices of ChassisAccording to various requirements of customers, DTA Vehicles provides various chassis with different driving types such as 4X2,4x4 ,6X4, 6x6 and 8X4,8x8 which cover all advanced brands of the chassis market.        


          Aluminum Alloy Technology
         Aluminum alloy reduces the weight up to 65% comparing to traditional carbon steel. The aluminum fuel tankers of  DTA Vehicles provide substantially improved performance than traditional carbon steel fuel tankers in aspects of fuel economy, safety and durability.
       Operation Monitoring System
       Operation monitoring system detects the whole process about tank loading, transportation and tank unloading. All real-time information about manholes, cut off valves, API connections, pipes and bottom valves will be detected and saved.
          Closed Loading SystemThere are many significant advantages offered by Closed Loading System, such as fire prevention, spill prevention, higher operation safety, vapor recovery, avoidance of product contamination, faster loading and less expensive loading islands. It has become a standard required by the government.



   We are MANUFACTURER more than 10years experience, Professional, well design!

   Standard Q235A high strength carbon steel ensure tanker durability and safety

   Germany Siemens AUTO welding process technology, quality guarantee

   Unique Optional Tank material: Stainless, carbon steel, Aluminum alloy, High strength plastic steel

  Capacity including: 3,000L, 5,000L, 6,000L, 8000L, 10,000L,  12,000L, 16,000L, 20,000L. 22,000L, 25,000L, 27,000L. 30,000L, 36,000L, 40,000L.




    UD tanker truck
  •    Mild/stainless steel
  •    Rollover protection, standard
  •    Full length belly plate with weep holes, standard
  •    Full length internal longitudinal baffle, standard
  •    Betts sealed manway, standard
  •    Custom storage cabinets available
  •    Multiple work lights
  •    Fire Extinguishers
  •    Emergency Shut-Offs, standard


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