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Yellow Phosphorus Tank Container 20ft 30ft<Customization>

Yellow Phosphorus Tank Container 20ft 30ft

Yellow Phosphorus tank Container <Customization>
20ft 30ft 

Yellow Phosphorus tank Container <Customization> Customization, Cost Control Built How You Want it, at a Price You Can Afford. for sale call:+86-152 -7135-7675

 Sizes range from 17,000 litres to 26,000 litres with heating and insulation built around a 316 stainless steel barrel.



  •    IMO1 ISO Tank Containers: Predominantly used for dangerous goods and chemical grade work, this is the workhorse ISO tank of the industry and sizes range from 17,000 litres to 26,000 litres with heating and insulation built around a 316 stainless steel barrel.


  •    IMO2 ISO Tank Containers: Built for less hazardous products such as food grade bulk liquids. Sizes range from 17,000 litres to 26,000 litres with heating and insulation built around a 316 stainless steel barrel.



         ISO tank containers are built with a standard 20 foot ISO frame, constructed to absorb the stress of a full ISO tank. This ensures our ISO tanks can be handled by gantry crane straddles and side loader fork lifts. The ISO tanks are also constructed with low tare weights in mind so your total load can be maximised.


         By choosing one of our tank containers you know you are in safe hands. All ISO tanks meet strict regulations (International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code) for safe transport by rail, road and sea.



 ISO tanks are the safest, most efficient, economical and environmentally friendly way for the transportation of bulk liquids both hazardous and non-hazardous products.

 The high standards of our ISO tanks come as a result of maintenance undertaken in accordance with the international standards.






         Ext. Length




         Ext. Width




         Ext. Height












         Max. Payload




         Cubic Capacity




         Tank Design Standard




         Max. Design Pressure




         Design Operating Temp.


         -20 ~ +120&deg;C


         Testing Pressure




         Material of Tank Body


         1Cr18Ni9Ti/ 316L/ 316 or carbon steel with lining


         Tank Body Dia.




         Tank Body Thickness




         Manhole Dia.










         Roof Discharging Valve


         DN80 ball valve


         Pressure Relief Valve


         2.5" relief valve, pressure /vacuum


         Charging Valve


         DN50 ball valve


         N 2 Inlet Valve


         1.5" ball valve


         N 2 Outlet Valve


         1.5" ball valve


         Charging Inlet Dia.


         250mmon top of manhole




         Thermocouple Thermograph 0~120 &deg;C


         Heating System


         Design Pressure




         Testing Pressure




         Seam Inlet/Outlet


         3/ 4" with cover


         Heating Area




         Thermal Insulation Layer


         50mmthick rock-wool covered with 0.8mm thick zinc-plated plate or stainless steel plate



























 Technical Specifications


       Type        ISO single compartment
       insulated and steam-heated tank containers

       Capacity        Tare weight        Max gross weight
       30,480kg/36,000kg 67,196lbs/79.295lbs



       Dimensions        Metric        Imperial
       Length        6,058mm        19'10"
       Width        2,438mm        8'0"
       Height        2,591mm        8'6"



       Pressures        Bar        Psi
       Working pressure        4.0        58
       Test pressure        6.0        87
       Steam working pressure        4.0        58
       Steam test pressure        6.0        87
       Relief valve        4.4        64



       Shelf material        Stainless steel,304L / 316L
       Design Code        ASME VIII, division I where applicable



       Temperatures        &deg;C        &deg;F
       Maximum cargo temperature        100 - 130        212 - 266



       Approvals        Lloyds Construction Certificate, UIC, CSC, TIR, IM101, UK (DOT), RID/ADR, AAR600, FRA, TC.
       Standard fittings
       Manlid        500mm (20") diameter
       Calibration        Volumetric calibration chart adjacent to manlid - dipstick provided
       Airline        1.5" with stainless ball valve and 1.5" BSP cap
       Relief valve        2.5" Max Highflow set at 4.4 Bar - facility to fit a second
       Bottom discharge        3" stainless steel foot-valve with butterfly valve and blank flange/3" BSP cap
       Top outlet        Provision for 3" butterfly valve and syphon tube
       Gaskets and seals        SWR (sweet white rubber) and PTFE (Teflon)
       Insulation        50mm (2") rockwool/polyurathane with G.R.R or aluminium cladding
       Steam heating        7.5m2 effective surface area external steam ducts. Inlet and oulet three quarter inch BSP



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