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SHACMAN -Steyr SX2190 Military Truck 6x6 Rescue Vehicle with HIRB Crane

SHACMAN -Steyr SX2190 Military Truck 6x6 Rescue Vehicle with HIRB Crane


 SHACMAN Rescue vehicle -Steyr SX2190 Military truck 6x6 service truck garage truck with HIRB crane   Multi-purpose emergency rescue vehicle


         4X4 ,6X6 OFF ROAD ALL  WHEEL DIVE trucks  Multi-purpose emergency rescue vehicle  OPTIONAL Customization


 we also do Military Mobile bathroom,Container truck,Bread processing car,Military Refrigerated truck - Food storage vehicle,Food refrigerated truck,Mobile cooking truck,5ton crane truck,Mobile 75kW powerstation
 Power recovery vehicle,Battlefield ambulance,health and epidemic prevention vehicle, applies to spray liquid and powder form of health and epidemic prevention drugs by using the nozzle.   ,Medical support truck
 Mobile medical room ,Mobile operating room

 Military Catering truck, Mobile kitchen, Snack truck, Mobile catering truck, Catering vehicle, Mobile shop, mobile cooking room, Camion

  mobile catering restaurant truck fit a minimum number of people at a time, fit in an upright double clear door fridge, a stove, grill, generator, deep freezer, sink, water tank, ladder and carier on top, provision for socket for electricity, tables and chairs,

   Robust, adaptable to terrain and climatic conditions, easy to transport.
   • Equipped with ability to prepare a quick menu for 300 to 500 people in an emergency situation.
   • Divided into 4, must include 1 unit with double involucre for faster cooking raw capacity above 140 liters.
   • Should allow several options for cooking-cooking: boiling, pressure cooking, steam, frying, slow boil, sautéing / braising and roasting.
   •Orifice Height adjustable to bezel for towing at high cars.
   •Chassis Wear resistant, wheel axle with handbrake and the whole package of lights (change of direction, back, brake).
   • Electrical system of 12 volt with 7-pin connector  
   • Shall be equipped with stainless metal and high standard of corrosion on all provided surfaces in contact with food.
   • Equipped with ability to cook 3 hot meals a day and more than 500 people. 

 OBM ODM Refitting special vehicle MOUNTED ON RIGID Chassis

 CNHTC-sinotruk-ZZ Chassis, Shanxi vehicle SHACMAN -SX Chassis, FOTON -Auman -BJ Chassis,FAW -jiefang-CA Chassis, Dongfeng -EQ/DFL Chassis, North BENZ  -Beiben /TIEMA-ND/XC Chassis, ISUZU Chassis,DF NISSAN -UD  Chassis, HINO  Chassis, JMC Chassis,JAC  Chassis, Hongyan IVECO  , Hualing-CAMC Chassis Hook lift  


       Configuration       6x6
       Cab seating       1 + 1 men
       Dimensions and weight
       Weight (empty)       11.5 t
       Payload capacity       7 - 8 t
       Length       8 m
       Width       2.55 m
       Height       2.67 - 3.1 m
       Engine       Wei Chai WP10.375  diesel
       Engine power       375 hp
       Maximum road speed       86 km/h
       Gradient       67%
       Side slope       30%
       Vertical step       ~ 0.5 m
       Trench       ~ 0.5 m
       Fording       1.2 m

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