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ISUZU GIGA Rescue Truck Mounted with Generator Set 100KW-500KW Drainage Pump 500M3-3000M3/h

ISUZU GIGA Rescue Truck Mounted with Generator Set Drainage Pump
Emergency Electric Supply Fire Fighting Emergency Rescue Truck with Boom Crane and Drainage Pump
Emergency Drainage Truck with Generator 100KW-500KW and Drainage Pump Set 500M3-3000M3/h
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  • QL1180JQFRY
  • 8705909990

ISUZU GIGA  Rescue Truck Mounted  with Generator Set Drainage Pump

Emergency Electric Supply Fire Fighting Emergency Rescue Truck with Boom Crane and Drainage Pump

Emergency Drainage Truck with Generator 100KW-500KW and Drainage Pump Set 500M3-3000M3/h

Price for refer only. Final Price Offer Discount. 

Customizing Emergency Drainage Rescue For Flood Protection With Flood Drainage System

 ISUZU Rescue Vehicle with Generator Drainage Pump (4)ISUZU Rescue Vehicle with Generator Drainage Pump (5)ISUZU Rescue Vehicle with Generator Drainage Pump (6)ISUZU Rescue Vehicle with Generator Drainage Pump (1)ISUZU Rescue Vehicle with Generator Drainage Pump (2)

Emergency rescue vehicle 

Large flow of drainage rescue vehicles

Jmc Engineering Rescue Vehicle with Generator 150kw and Drainage Pump Set

Large Flow Drainage Rescue Vehicle  

Jmc Engineering Rescue Vehicle with Generator 150kw and Drainage Pump Set

Images of Drainage Rescue Vehicle  

Emergency vehicles, emergency drainage and rescue, emergency power supply, emergency lighting and other vehicles can be equipped with hydraulic power stations, hydraulic appliances, dry rescue and disaster relief. They can also be installed. They have many particularity with conventional maintenance operations, such as the sudden nature of events, the urgency of rescue, the complexity of the working face, the safety of operation, the randomness of the construction environment, the environmental protection of the working site, and the arbitrariness of time, Long continuous working time... This also puts forward higher and more professional requirements for the corresponding equipment. The equipment has the technical characteristics of flexible movement, fast deployment and withdrawal, few operators, strong adaptability, low labor intensity, fast emergency response, and can effectively improve the comprehensive support performance of urban disaster relief and emergency response.

1. Equipped with portable water pump equipment (parameters: flow 150m3/h, lift 20m, driven by gasoline engine)

2. Generator (150KW, Cummins Engine)

3. Lamp (4000W), horizontal rotation 360 degrees, vertical rotation 180 degrees, lifting height more than 10m, lifting rod material is stainless steel

4. Technical performance of hydraulic power station: it can provide two 5 Hydraulic same circuit output flow of 2-20l at the same time. Output pressure: 140bar hydraulic circuit: double circuit. Open hydraulic oil capacity; 12.1l advanced configuration; With ATM hydraulic oil temperature regulation technology, the equipment can work in an upright manner in extreme environments. The scissors are equipped with automatic and. Huang Gu Quan Gu Yu handle With side lifting rod, scissors are equipped with small rubber tires. With lifting pin. With 12 large holding safety DC power plug output. The panel has a working hour meter design. Equipped with 2 sets of 15m duplex hydraulic oil pipes.

5. Technical parameters of two crushing picks flow range 26gm weight 27.6kg (shock absorption handle). The pressure is 105bar, the impact energy is 90J, and the maximum back pressure is 17bar. The circuit form is open or closed. It is equipped with auxiliary tools and tips. The one inch flat pickaxe drill and the three inch flat pickaxe drill each have a feather open / close valve, which can control the speed and facilitate the determination of the crushing point. The air bag type energy equalizer improves the impact energy. Tail whip and flat mouth quick connector.

6. Application scope of hydraulic circular saw: cutting metal or rock materials. For example, the flow range of concrete, brick, plastic steel, pipe and guardrail is: 26-34lpm (L / min) pressure: 105bar speed: 4500 RPM weight: 9.1kg length: 53.3cm width: 28cm connection: 3/8in, flat mouth quick connector cast aluminum handle, lock center safety trigger, adjustable sand wheel cover, built-in flow control valve to prevent overspeed, and equipped with brake pad tail whip and quick connector, equipped with imported 350 diamond universal aluminum sheet, And a grinding wheel

7. A plasma cutting machine with a cutting depth of 20mm.

8. A set of carbon dioxide inert gas welding machine,

9. Technical parameters of slurry pump: flow range: 26lpm weight 26.7kg length 48.3cm width 38cm capacity 3028lpm, 4in. The male cam locks the water outlet connection 3/8 inch, flat mouth quick coupling. Steel pump body, cast iron blades. Wear resistant polyethylene plate, top plate with removable handle, 4in. The male cam locks the water outlet and quick connector. Hot water can be pumped, and a larger amount of water, mud, mortar, sludge and solid with a diameter of ≥ 10cm can be pumped. Distribution pipe quick connector

10. Working capacity of hole side tamper: waist shaped tamping plate flow range: 11-34lpm weight: 18kg length: 180cm width: 10cm impact frequency 750r/min with on-off valve

11. Fire fighting pipe, 100mm in diameter and 400m in length.

Rescue car body; The external steel of the car body is high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, lined with high-quality cold-rolled steel plate bending framework, with advanced Ding art and solid strength. The car body is a fully sealed structure, which meets the requirements of transportation, rain drainage, corrosion prevention, fire prevention and rust prevention. Aluminum alloy roller shutter door is installed at the rear of the vehicle phase, the air inlet and exhaust of the generator set are silenced, the muffler is denoised, the door is opened on both sides of the compartment water pump, the generator air outlet and the rain proof shutter of the exhaust outlet are installed, and under the working door, a hidden pull ladder is set at the rear to connect with the frame of the compartment floor.

In addition, the company produces and sells: Mercedes Benz xinweiting ambulance, Mercedes Benz Lingte 315 high top ambulance, imported Toyota sea lion ambulance, Ford xinquanshun v362 ambulance, Ford new generation v348 ambulance, intensive care ambulance, transportation ambulance, Jiangling teshun ambulance, Dongfeng Yufeng ambulance, SAIC Maxus ambulance, Futian G9 ambulance, Futian G7 ambulance, Jinbei ambulance, diesel ambulance, gasoline ambulance Mine ambulances, maternal and infant ambulances, emergency rescue gas prevention vehicles, engineering rescue vehicles, all kinds of emergency power vehicles, sprinkler trucks, garbage trucks, washing and sweeping vehicles, road sweepers, high-pressure road cleaning and washing vehicles, fire trucks, aerial work vehicles, obstacle clearing vehicles, sewage and dung suction vehicles, LED advertising vehicles, mobile dining vehicles, food detection vehicles, etc

FTR model is based on Isuzu’s original world-leading quality 4HK1-TC50 with Japanese technology and has developed a Euro VI emission 4HK1-TCG60 engine. The in-line four-cylinder diesel engine has a maximum output of 205 horsepower and a maximum torque of 650 Nm. MLD-6Q six-speed manual gearbox adopts Isuzu technology, high-pressure common rail, precision electronic control, multi-stage injection, optimized combustion, exhaust gas recirculation, and two-stage fuel filtration to achieve high power, high torque, low fuel consumption, low emissions, and noise. The perfect combination Diesel Truck.

Vehicle Model


Vehicle Dimensions and Parameters

Overall Dimension




Front/ Rear Wheel Distance


Front/Rear Suspension

1335/2115 mm

Weights and Capacities

Curb Weight




Axel Loads

6500/11500 kg








Exhaust Gas Treatment Technology



Number of Seats



Drive Type



7(Including Spare Tire)

Fuel Tank




Power Steering System

Air Conditioner

Retro-reflective Marking


Free Maintenance Battery

Brand of chassis Qingling ISUZU Type of crane Telescopic boom crane
Total mass 18000kg Rated load 5705kg
Curb weight 11280kg Brand of crane China brands
Emission level Euro 6 Quantity of axles 2
Wheel base 4500mm F/R axle load 6500/11500kg
Quantity of leaf spring 7/7+7 Quantity of tires 6
Tyre type 295/80R22.5 16PR Approach/
Departure angle
F/R suspension 1335/2115mm Front track 1960mm
Rear track 1855mm Overall dimension 9000x2550x2430mm
Max.vehicle speed 89km/h Box dimension 5650x2430x600mm
Passengers in cab 3,2 Chassis model QL1180JQFRY
Engine Model 4HK1-TCG60
Max.power 151kw/205HP
Displacement 5193ml
Emission level Euro 6
Description In line,6 cylinders,4 strokes,water cooled,inter cooled,turbo charged,diesel engine
Gearbox Description Manual,10 forward &2 reverse gears
Brake system Service brake Double circuit pneumatic (air) brake
Parking brake Spring-Power drum brake
Electric system Operating voltage 24V negative grounded
Starter 24V,5.4KW
Alternator 28V,1.5KW
Battery voltage 2X12V/165Ah
Crane Model SQ10SA3
Max. lifting capacity 10000kg
Max. lifting height 15m
Max. working radius 12m
Swivel angle ±360° continuous


1   chassis ISUZU Truck  chassis   1 pcs
2 Cummins generator Power: 160KW, rated frequency 50HZ, fixed 288A, voltage 230/400V, well-known brand of Dongfeng Cummins Engine, gold generator. Speed: electronic speed control. Equipped with 8-hour base fuel tank. 1 pcs
3 Grounding device There are strict measures against leakage protection in the job. Car ground wire with low voltage earthing line, equipped with a removable ground pins, diameter not less than 12mm 1 pcs
4 Generator control system Intelligent control system and centralized control, Chinese interface, with automatic barrier protection, selection of high quality electronic components, stable performance, safety and reliability. Control module uses the brand Hong Kong Kai GU640. Main specification of control system display unit, leakage protection, oil leakage alarm. Each control has a clear identification of the system. Add one set of double power switching device. 1 pcs
5 Aomin Sturt vacuum-assisted self-priming sewage pump Vacuum-assisted self-priming flood pump one, single flow 1500m3/h, head 14 meters, motor power: 90KW, suction height of 8 meters. Installed in the tail of the vehicle, easy removal pipe and out of the water. Pump starts with soft Starter start, protection of the generator. Pump is controlled by a button control, pump start soft start. 1 pcs
6 Suction pipe Self-priming pump inlet point three eight-inch configuration Korea imported brands PONA pumping tube, use fast interface, locking safety devices, wear resistance, pressure resistance, good sealing performance, size, length, meet the requirements of. Light weight, easy to take, hose 3.5 m, 6. Configuration 50mm duck-billed joint aspiration level. 1 pcs
7 Self-priming pump drain One three eight-inch pump outlet, each outlet equipped with 50 m hose, Hose size 200mm. Each length is 25 meters, quick connectors between the drain connection. Pipe materials PVC lined canvas hose, foldable roll up, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance. 1 pcs
8 Aomin sitechao light flood control in variable frequency pump Equipped with ultra-light flood control in variable frequency pump, 2 sets of single pump flow 300m3/h, head of 10 meters, motor power: 15KW. Single pump weight of 30 kilograms. Cable length 20 m. Single pump pump body material aluminum alloy, pump made of stainless steel, pump is equipped with a stainless steel filter can effectively prevent spam blockage. 2 pcs
9 Aomin Sturt flood control pumps in frequency controlled system Submersible distribution Cabinet for controlling two cabinets, each pump equipped with a separate control system, control system has a visual interface, real-time monitoring of operating parameters, with current over-load, phase failure, leakage, over voltage, under voltage, frequency, the less frequency, motor overheating protection control system using frequency converter control. 1 pcs
10 Flood control in variable frequency pump drain Each outlet of each pump with 50 m pipe, pipe internal diameter 200mm, each 20 metres in length, and quick couplings between the drain connection.Water pipe materials PVC lined canvas hose, foldable roll up, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance. 1 pcs
11 Box body Box body outer steel cold rolled steel plate, lined with high quality cold-rolled steel sheet bent frame, advanced technology, strength and firm. Box body for the entire seal structure, transport, rain-proof, corrosion-resistant, fire-resistant, rust-proof requirements. Exhaust muffler, muffler noise reduction. Cars set shutter emergency quickly and easily on both sides. 1 pcs
12 External power supply Vehicles equipped with external power supply, facilitates the construction of electricity, voltage 380V/220V. 1 pcs
13 Interior lighting Direct AC dual lighting power supply, its interior lights used to start the generator generator, generator set down a vehicle DC battery power supply, can realize easy switch. 1 pcs
14 Solar exterior lighting Vehicle top mounted telescopic light, lamp operating voltage: AC220V, lifting height of 1.8 meters, 2X500W lamp power, level of 360° rotation, vertical 330o rotation, wireless control, night time. 1 pcs
15 hydraulic support Vehicles with four hydraulic Outrigger, in car sharing vehicles static pressure, protect wheel and spring steel. Selection of high quality valves, imported hydraulic support cylinder seals, static load 8 ton single cylinder, install bidirectional hydraulic lock, manual control. 4 Set
16 Fire Equipped with two portable dry powder fire extinguishers 2, placed in a car took place. 2 Pcs
17 Reversing radar Visible reversing radar, seven-inch display, with 4 safety probe. 1




Dongfeng,drought relief flood control , drainage pump truck ,Emergency flood control and drainage pump truck,Emergency drainage pump truck,ISUZU Truck Customizing


Pump Trucks For Emergency Drainage . The Drainage Pump Truck, Equipped With Ultra-Light weight Pumps ( ), Hose, An Operation Panel, And a Generator, Is Capable Of Moving Drainage Facilities For Early Recovery Of Flood Damaged Areas And Flood Damage Prevention. A Big Feature Of This Truck Is The Possibility To Rush To The Flooded Areas And Start Draining Immediately With Only a Small Number Of People.


For The Local People On How To Use The Trucks To Their Full Potential. Pump Trucks Helped Support The Recovery Efforts During The Flooding


The Demand For Flood Control Has Increased; Early Recovery From Flood Damage Has Become a Major Issue. At This Time, Provided Drainage Pump Trucks. The Drainage Pump Truck Equipped With Vacuum-Assisted Self-Priming Sewage Pumps


Jmc Engineering Rescue Vehicle with Generator 150kw and Drainage Pump Set

Packaging & Shipping

Jmc Engineering Rescue Vehicle with Generator 150kw and Drainage Pump Set


1.Are you trading company or manufacturer ?

We are Group Corporation manufacturer ,have Group Factories Contractor.

2 .Can I have samples of this type of product to test the quality?
Yes, you can buy any sample to test the quality,our MOQ is 1 unit.

3. What's the delivery time and can you lower the price?
It depends on your order.The delivery time is within 30 workdays after we received your prepayment. If you have placed an order of large quantities, then,of course, the price can be lowered.
4.Can you supply some quick-wear parts?
Yes, we can supply the parts as your request,such as traction,traction pin,balance beam and plate spring,hanging accessories,turntable,all kinds of brake pads,brake pan, bearings,etc.
6.Do you have any used products for sale?
We have products in stock for choices,the prices are favorable,we'll show you our stock products if you need.

7.What's the payment terms?
TT 30% as deposit, balance before shipment by TT or at sight.

8. How to guarantee customers get the goods smoothly after they payment?
Don't worry,dear.We have joined the trade assurance,you can place the order by trade assurance,if we don't delivery products, the deposit will be returned to you.

9.How can you ensure the quality of the products?

Don't worry,dear.We have joined the trade assurance,if the products have quality problems when you received them,the payments can be refund to you.



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