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Foton 4x2 LED show mobile advertise truck LHD/RHD

Foton 4x2 LED show mobile advertise truck LHD/RHD
Price: $ 33000  -  34000
Discount Price: $ 30000  -  31000

  • DRZ5040XWT

  • Dong Runze

  • 87059099.90

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  • BJ5043XXC-B1

  • Foton 4x2 LED stage truck-16-factory-LED advertise truckFoton 4x2 LED stage truck-18-factory-LED advertise truck

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Foton 4x2 LED stage truck-19-factory-LED advertise truckFoton 4x2 LED stage truck-20-factory-LED advertise truck

  publicize truck Customization Foton  LED stage truck show mobile stage truck


 Foton 4*2  mobile stage truck for sale                                                                                                                                                              

       Classification       Item       Unit       Parameter
       Vehicle       Vehicle model              DRZ5040XWT led advertising truck
       Manufacturer              DRZ
       Overall dimensions       mm       5995×2025×2995
       Curb weight       kg       4300
       Traction system              4×2
       Max speed       km/h       90
       Chassis       Chassis model              BJ1043V9JEA-A
       Manufacturer              Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd.
       Number of axles              2
       Wheel base       mm       3360
       Tire specification              7.00-16,7.00R16
       Number of tires              6+1 spare
       F/R track base       mm       1415/1485
       Engine       Engine model              
       Manufacturer              Anhui Quanchai Engine Co.,Ltd
       Fuel type              diesel
       Power       kw       81
       Engine horse power       hp       110
       Displacement       ml       
       emission standard              Euro IV
       Driver’s cab       Brand              FOTON
       Model              Flat head,single row
       Allowable seats              3
       Steering              Left hand drive
       Transmission              5-speed with over drive
       Operation control system              Electrically hydraulic control
       Opition              Air-conditioner,air deflector
         1> One side LED full color screen, the other side advertising light box with subtitle
         2> 5cm Composite steel box body, outside cold rolled steel sheet, inside aluminum alloy plate floor,wood floor or high-grade floor leather
         3> 4 hydraulic legs,preciseness unilateral lifting-up LED screen, Electromechanical integration control
         4> Circulating ventilation cooling system
         5> Safe-intelligent inner and outer power distribution switch net system
         6> High-performance silent diesel generator unit
         7> Computer intelligent switch 2-7 pair pictures and lamp
         8> Full waterproof highlight P10 truecolor car LED screen
         9> Gigabit streaming media control system
       FOB Shanghai       



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BJ1163VKPHK-22200 one and half row5250YC6J160-33(Euro II)Click for more
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