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Dongfeng EQ Truck Mounted Sweeper

Dongfeng EQ Truck Mounted Sweeper

Dongfeng EQ Truck mounted sweeper Left hand driving 5m3 Road Sweeper 

Dongfeng EQ Truck mounted sweeper 5m3 Road Sweeper Truck 
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 Dongfeng   4*2 truck mounted sweeper


    As a new generation of road cleaning cleaning vehicles , truck mounted sweeper is on using my company original V special device, gathering street sweeper and high pressure cleaning functions into this truck. Truck mounted sweeper can wash the road alone, also can synchronization in pavement scrub working, working dust emission, after working the road will not distinct water and dust,can meet the demand of the road surface cleaning, is an upgraded version of a traditional cleaning vehicle products.




 Payment term: T/T, prepay 30% as subscription, balance will be paid after the clients inspect the trucks in our factory before delivery.

 If this is not the particular one you are looking for, don't worry, we have a variety of selections for you.

 Just contact us directallly, we will be more than happy to help and serve you.

  truck mounted sweeper parameters


       vehicle model and name         truck mounted sweeper        product brand        TEYUN
       manufacture          DTA        vehicle dimensions(mm)        
       gross vehicle weight(kg)        7300        container dimensions(mm)        -
       rated loading weight(kg)        2300,2365        approach/departure angle (°)        19/12
       top speed(km/h)        95        suspension Front/Rear(mm)        1032/1638
       chassis model        
       engine type        engine manfacture        displacement(ml)        power(kw)


       Changchai Co.,Ltd by shares        2834        70


       Jiangsu Sida Power Machinery Group Co.,Ltd        2545        75


       Kunming Cloud Power Co.,Ltd by shares        3298        75


       Dongfeng Chaoyang Diesel Engine Co.,Ltd        3856        73


       Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd by shares        2982        66
       fuel type        diesel        displacement standard        GB3847-2005,GB17691-2005 national forth standard(China)
       axle number        2        tire number        6
       wheelbase(mm)        3300        tire parameters        
          7.00-16 14PR,7.00R16 14PR
       axle load(kg)        2920/4380        front gauge(mm)        1506,1404
       spring on steel spring        
       track rear(mm)        1466,1458



         1.According to chassis,we choose cab.




         2.When the cab carry 3 persons,the corresponding quality is 2300kg.




         3.lateral protection is replaced by a dedicated device, the rear protection height from the ground (mm) : 450.



       top speed(km/h)        95        washing and sweeping width(m)        2.8~3.8
       washing and sweeping speed(km/h)        3~15        washing and sweeping water pressure(Mpa)        10~12
       largest washing volume(L/min)        134~128        water tank volume(m³)        8.8
       Wastewater recycling bin volume(m³)        4.2



 1.use chassis of dongfeng second modification, achieve Euro4 emissions standards, has excellent control performance for driving;

 2. has a "clean" left, "the right clean", "square cleaning" three kinds of operation mode, can meet the demand of the differentiation of the whole cleaning.

 3.peration device independence by vice engine drive, process won't be affected by the main truck speed, the operator can adjust pair of engine speed according to the road surface pollution situation , making the operation achieve the best effect.

 4. the high pressure pump and engine using tandem arrangement, structure is compact, clear water tank volume is big. Filling up with water can be continuous operation 110 minutes. can be filtered sewage waste emissions in the process of water contents, add water to continue operation, continuous operation time can be extended to 200 minutes. ,

 6. selects the import high pressure water pump, mute centrifugal fan with high efficiency, high pressure water auxiliary type suction nozzle and national patent - around v-shaped arrangement of nozzles, the surface water after cleaning and garbage all round up to the entrance of suction nozzle, resorption in sewage waste box, homework after the road no dust, water, good cleaning effect.

 7. job control device is composed of electric, hydraulic and pneumatic system, PLC programming technique, the operator in the driving room can be realized execution of all actions that reduce the driving operation personnel due to the tedious operation information caused by mental stress, job operation full of humanization.

 8. the optional function diversification (low pressure sprinkler, side, side wash elevated guardrail, multi-angle single point dredging, water cannons about double side blunt pressure, spray cooling, dust), and provide special design according to customer's demand.


 Competitive Advantage:
 1. Combined suction and sweeping, wet methods of dust elimination, make sure
 swept clean and also prevent dust from spread.
 2. It is convenient to perform operation in the cab, hand-operated pump installed on the outside of cab is used in case of emergency.
 3. Sub-engine drive blower and working equipment which ensure that power can meet the work demands in any case.
 4. Automatic clutch was fitted between sub-engine and blower, which ensure that sub-engine can be departed from blower automatically when no-load start and stop. In this way, the operation is sim plified , and the impact against sub-engine are reduced, so the sub-engine work reliability and operation life are raised accordingly .
 5. Sweeping tray have the functions of avoiding obstacles and reposition automatically.
 6. Rotating speed of sweeping tray can be adjusted according to working condition.
 7. Advanced & efficiency air blower have the fine capacity of shock resistance and antirust.
 8. Independent water tank can be easy to clean special  anticorrosive  mate rial  g reatly in creased antirust abIlity.
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 Fire truck; Road wrecker/recovery tow truck/ Car carrier/; Aerial work platform ; Road sweeper; Garbage truck; Watering cart ; Oil/Fuel tanker truck; Truck mounted crane; Concrete mixer truck ; Bulk powder transport truck ; Dumper ; Sewage suction truck etc.




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