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DFL Vacuum Tanker Combined Jetting & Sewage Trucks 12m3 Euro 4/5

DFL Vacuum Tanker Combined Jetting & Sewage Trucks 12m3 Euro 4/5

Sino Vacuum tanker Combined water Jetting truck

 Combined Canal Jetting & Sewage Trucks

Tank A:Capacity: 6, 000~16000ltrs of solid/liquid human waste. Tank B: Capacity: 2000~4000litrs of clean water for drinking, cleaning and flushing.

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dt Sewage Trucks-25-T- Combined jetting

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       Type       Combined Canal Jetting & Sewage Trucks
       Tank volume       4,000lt – 20,000lt
       Tank Material       304 Cr-Ni, ST-52
       Water Pump       100 bar – 270 from
       Pump Flow       150lt/sc – 450lt/sc
       Vacuum Pump       1,500m3/hour – 8,000m3/hour
       Canal Hose and Reel       3 / 4 “- 5 / 4″ / 80 m – 120 m hose, hydraulic.
       Logar Cover Lifting Crane       200kg – 400kg capacity
       Tailgate       Full Hydrolic
       Vacuum pump drive systems       Dec. Transmission / Auxiliary Engine / PTO
       Pressure Regulator       Pneumatic – Mechanical

  Vaccum tanker vacuum sewage suction truck
 Tank A:Capacity: 6~16, 000ltrs of solid/liquid human waste. Tank B: Capacity: 2~4000litrs of clean water for drinking, cleaning and flushing.



         DTA Combination Vacuuming Flushing truck Technical Specification


         Sludge & Water Tank




         Capacity (L)






         Mild steel


         Working Pressure


         -0.9 bar (under pressure)


         Vacuum System




         Vacuum pump


         Liquid ring vacuum pump


         Max vacuum level




         Suction time (min)


         ≤ 4


         Max suction lift (M)                                                      


         ≥ 9


         Max suction distance (M)                                                                                                        


         ≥ 50


         Water Jetting system




         Pressure pump brand


         Plunger (Optional)


         Flow rate (L/min)




         Max pressure (bar)




         Working Length (M)




         Chassis Specification


         Truck Model










         dCi300-40  -50




         Six-cylinder, water-cooled, mechanical injection


         Rated power (Hp)










         FAST 9




         9 Forward & 1 Reverse Speed






         Drive Model




         Steering Wheel Position


         Left hand drive


         Max. Travelling speed








         Overall Size (mm)


         10300 x 2500 x 3930


         Tyre Size




         Wheel Base(mm)


         4200 + 1350






         Curb Weight (kg)




         This combination vacuum jetter truck, also known as combination vacuum jetting truck or sewer vacuum truck, is a kind of vehicle specially used to suck, transport, and transfer sludge and sewage in sewer lines, rainwater wells, and sedimentary wells. It can help to reduce the labor intensity of work in sewer as well as to keep poisonous gases away from workers.




         This sewer vacuum truck mainly consists of chassis, tank, vacuum system, high pressure system, driving system, water recycling system, hydraulic system, and electrical system.
         It should adopt RORO.
         We can provide triaxial and biaxial combination vacuum jetter trucks for you to choose.



 with  vacuum pump for non-potable water, sewage suction and transport

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