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HOWO 6x4 Bitumen Road Tankers 20000Liters

HOWO 6x4 Bitumen Road Tankers 20000Liters
Asphalt Bitumen Road tankers distributing Bituminous products
Bitumen Transportation
Price: $ 58000

  • DRZ5250

  • Dong Run ze

  • 8705909990

Asphalt distributor

HOWO 6x4 Bitumen Road Tankers 20000Liters 

Asphalt  Bitumen Road tankers distributing Bituminous products 

Bitumen Transportation 


20000Liters Hot Liquid Bitumen Road Tankers HOWO Mounted with Burner


 Sino truck Asphalt Tanker Trailer Bitumen Tank Bulk Transport of Bitumen Products
Curb Weight kg 10370
Wheel Base mm 4600+1350
F/R track base mm 2020/1830
F/R Axle-load Kg 7000/16000/16000
Suspension Spring Steel plate type
Tire Model 12.00-20 / 10 Unit +1 Spare Unit
Approach/Departure angle . 16/10
Traction system Type 6*4
Max speed Km/H 85
Engine model Model WD615.95E
Emission 9726 cc / 221 Kw, 2500 RPM
Horse Power 340
Power 1500 N.m-2100r/min
Type Diesel, 6 cylinder, Turbocharge , water cooling.
manufactuere WeiChai Power Engine Brand
Gear box Type 10F&2R, Manual , HW19710
Electric system V 24
Cab Person 3
Type Reversable, Manual
Steering Type Powering
Installing LHD or RHD
Air condition Option CD, Radio
Spraying Specification
Type Standard Design Intelligent Design Intelligent Design
China component European Component
distributing Bituminous products
Bitumen Transportation The Parker Bitumen Transporter range of heated road tankers provides theideal solution forthe transportation of bulk bitumen over long distancesFully compliant with ADRregulations concerning the transportationof hot bitumen products the transporters are of ruggedconstruction for both on and off highway use. bitumen tankers-03.jpg bitumen tankers-04.jpg bitumen tankers-05.jpg bitumen tankers-06.jpg bitumen tankers-07.jpg bitumen tankers-08.jpg bitumen tankers-09.jpg bitumen tankers-10.jpg bitumen tankers-11.jpg bitumen tankers-12.jpg bitumen tankers-13.jpg bitumen tankers-14.jpg bitumen tankers-15.jpg bitumen tankers-16.jpg bitumen tankers-17.jpg

Insulating layer

1. Tank containing keep warm by insulation layer

2. Insulation layer composed of:80mm-100mm rock-wool(inner insulation layer) and 1.2mm cold plate covered(outside layer),it can prevent the heat losing.

Heating system method 1

1.Use Burner heater 24 hours continuous heating at back of the tanker


Mainly used to transport liquid bitumen. The tanker with insulation layer,
external insulation is 8cm rock wool.or 50mm rock wool plus 50mm PUF PUF INSULATION WATER PROOF
Heating Burner: Made from Italy BALTU

asphalt tanker trailers for sale Vehicle

 Bitumen Road Tankers Our tankers are designed to transport bitumen and bitumen emulsion up to 250°C.  To conceive a dedicated insulation able to keep theproduct in temperature.

Bulk Transport of Bitumen Products

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