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4 Axle 2 Line Low Bed Trailer Payload 80tons

4 Axle 2 Line Low Bed Trailer Payload 80tons
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4 Axle 2 Line Low Bed Trailer Payload 80Tons

4 Axle 2 Line Low Bed Trailer Payload 80tons
4 Axle 2 Line Low Bed Trailer Payload 80tons

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Ship Vessel details  : GRAND PAVO (Vehicles Carrier) Voyage V.083    Time of Loading  2019-09-25

Heavy Equipment Transport Trailer4 Axle 2 Line Low Bed Trailer Payload 80tons

4 Axle 2 Line Low Bed Trailer Payload 80tons
4 Axle 2 Line Low Bed Trailer Payload 80tons
4 Axle 2 Line Low Bed Trailer Payload 80tons
4 Axle 2 Line Low Bed Trailer Payload 80tons
4 Axle 2 Line Low Bed Trailer Payload 80tons
4 Axle 2 Line Low Bed Trailer Payload 80tons


Wind Blade Transport Extendable Trailer

Total Standard Fuel Tank Trailer

Heavy Duty Low Loader Trailer

Heavy Equipment Transport Trailer

• Heavy duty I beam

The heavy duty I beam is consist of the top flange, middle plate and bottom flange. The strength it bears is scientifically calculated by engineer.

• Well-made Superstructure

The superstructure of this low bed trailer is well designed by our experienced engineer.

• Customized Design

Since different construction equipments have different weight and size, we could make the unique low bed trailer for your equipment, especially some abnormal size one.

low bed semi trailer also named as low boy, low loader, drop deck etc, used for long distance or short distance equipment transport or long item, heavy item transport. Enhanced I beam makes this trailer very strong and durable, suitable for heavy duty transport. Low bed height is quite low which means low gravity, and makes the whole trailer quite stable.
The low bed semi trailer could be customized design, like 2 alxe, 3 alxe or 4 axle, or tarden axle, to suitable for different payload. The working platform width and height is also could be designed as what you want. We use good quality carbon steel, and famous reliable key parts, like BPW axle, Fuwa axle, JOST landing gear, to ensure this is really high quality item.

80 Ton Lowboy trailer Specification

Application of 2 line 4 axle low bed trailer
The 2 line 4 axle low bed trailer is a special type low bed trailer, used for heavy equipment, over width equipment transport. The payload is more than 60 tons, and the width is more than 3M. To complete some special equipment transport, we have different types of low bed trailers to fulfill the job, like the 2 line 4 axle trailer, 3 line 6 axle trailer, 4 line 8 axle trailer. This type of special design trailers provide transporters more solutions for heavy duty equipment transportation.

4 Axle 2 Line Low Bed Trailer Payload 80tons

Description of the 2 line 4 axle low bed trailer
The 2 line 4 axle trailer has 4 axles which are arranged in 2 lines. It provides similar payloads of a standard 4 axle trailer but more flexible and less tire wearing than a standard 4 axle trailer. This low bed trailer has 4 axles, 13Ton capacity of each axle, mechanical suspension, JOST landing gear, and JOST kingpin, 11R22.5 tyres. The deck width 3m, the deck height 1.1m.4 Axle 2 Line Low Bed Trailer Payload 80tons

4 Axle 2 Line Low Bed Trailer Payload 80tons

Selling point of the 2 line 4 axle low bed trailer
1.The 2 line 4 axle trailer has larger payload then normal 2 axle, 3 axle trailer.
2.No special device or skills to operate this kind of trailer


Overall dimension 14000x2500x1700mm
Tare weight 12500kgs
Payload 80Tons
Chassis Heavy duty and extra durability designed; Opting for high tensile steel Q345B, welded by automatic Submerged-Arc processes. 500mm Height beam, Top Flange 20mm, width 180mm; Middle Flange 10mm; Bottom Flange 20mm, width 180mm;
Axle Anqiao axle, 2 axle in line, 4 axle in total
Suspension Mechanical suspension
Floor 3mm checked plate
Ramp Mechanical ramp
Kingpin 2 inches
Landing gear JOST landing gear
Wheel rim 8.25R22.5 steel wheel rim
Tyre 11R22.5 tubeless tyre
Spare tire One spare tire
Brake system WABCO RE 6 relay valve, spring brake chamber
Painting Complete sand blasting to clean rust, one coat of prime painting, 2 coats of final paint
Accessories One standard tool box, one spare tyre carrier

Customizing Other Trailer Trucks

4 axles Heavy Duty Lowboy (Low Bed)Trailer  (Flatbed 11M -16M )100Ton

Type: Hydraulic landing gear 2 lines 4 axles low-bed semi trailer
Model: T9808DPBLS

To transport heavy vehicles and machine, road construction equipment and other heavy-duty cargo.

Tare Weight Approx. 12.8  T
Loading capacity 80 T
G.V.W.R. 92T

Outside dimension


13000*2500*3350 mm(Final dimensions depend on the final design drawings)
Frame: Design/welding technology Heavy duty and extra durability designed;
welding by automatic Submerged-Arc processes.
Main beam

Opting for high strength Q345B steel,500mm welded I-section main beams Top Flange thickness 18mm, width 140mm; Bottom Flange thickness 20mm, width 140mm. Middle Flange thickness 10mm;
Cross beam Heavy duty thickened 14# channel steel
Side beam Heavy duty 20# channel steel
Floor 4 mm thickness chequered plate
OEM parts:

Axle 2 lines 4 axles
King Pin 3.5''(90#) bolting king pin, JOST brand, German brand
Landing legs Hydraulic landing gear
Tire Double Coin brand 825R20-14
Rim Steel rim 6.5-20
Emergency valve WABCO
Electrical One unit of 24V 7-pin ISO 1185 socket; LED light
(standard rear light, turn light, rear reflector, side light, side reflector etc.)

Sand blasting before painting; one coats of primer, anti-corrosion;
two coat of finish painting; color advised by client
Marking Standard
Rear &Side Guard Strengthen type
Spare Tire Carriers Two set of heavy duty spare wheel carriers, including a riser.
Tools box One piece (1. 0*0. 5*0. 5m)


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