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14000L Dongfeng 6x4 Vacuum Tanker

14000L Dongfeng 6x4 Vacuum Tanker
  14000L Dongfeng 6x4 vacuum tanker  LHD 

   Specification: 14000L


   Horse Power: 245HP


   Drive Type: 6x4 

     vacuum tanker  4x2,4x4,6x4,6x6 vacuum tanker with various specification to meet your needs, please contact us for more details of vacuum tanker.                                                                                          
                 Technical parameter
                 Chassis model(kg)
                 Curb weight(kg)
                 Rated loading weight
                 Overall size(L*W*H)
                 Type of fuel
                 Cummins engine/ C245  
                 Horse power
                 Left- hand drive, air-conditioner
                 Gear box
                 Brake system
                 Pneumatic brake
                 Number of tire
                 10+1 spare tire
                 Tanker body
                 Tank capacity
                 Q235-A carbon steel plate
                 Pumping system
                 Install two vacuum pumps
                 Two pipes
         vacuum tanker
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         WhatsApp: 8615271357675    

   vacuum tanker truck-16000L- Cesspool Emptying Truck EURO 4/5 App:8615271357675vacuum tanker truck-16000L- Cesspool Emptying Truck EURO 4/5 App:8615271357675vacuum tanker truck-16000L- Cesspool Emptying Truck EURO 4/5 App:8615271357675dfl-17-T- vacuum tanker truckdfl-15-T- vacuum tanker truck Sewer Truck

   Specification: 16000L
   Horse Power: 220HP
   Drive Type: 6X4
   Specification: 18000L
   Horse Power: 290HP
   Drive Type: 6X4
   Specification: 8000L
   Horse Power: 140hp
   Drive Type: 4x2
   Specification: 5000L/5m3
   Horse Power: 142HP
   Drive Type:
   Specification: 14000L
   Horse Power: 245HP
   Drive Type: 6x4 
   Specification: 10000L
   Horse Power: 240HP
   Drive Type: 4X2
   Horse Power: 90HP
   Drive Type: 4x2

   vacuum tanker truck septik tank truck


   1. All the internal structure of the parts are made of acid phosphate treatment, prior to welding spray paint, so you can extend the life of the tank. Full tank surface blasting, the elimination of internal stress generated when the cylinder coil, while enhancing the tank surface paint adhesion.


   2. The use of domestic technology leader in vacuum suction sewage truck, suction, suction away, especially suitable for pumping sewage sludge within the, shipping and disposing, especially can absorb sewage mud, silt, gravel, bricks and other large objects.


   3. to collect, clean up transit transport sludge, sewage, sanitation vehicles to avoid new secondary pollution, sewage suction truck can be self-priming from the row, work fast, large capacity, easy to transport, suitable for collecting and transporting manure, mud, oil and other liquid substances.


   4. pumping manure tank full time: ≤5min, suction: ≥8m. It has a long life, work fast, simple, easy to transport and so on.


    vacuum tanker   ,Septic Tank Truck ,Cesspit Emptier



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