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Swap Body Tank Container 26.000 – 35.000 Liter

Swap Body Tank Container 26.000 – 35.000 Liter
insulated 316L stainless steel tank containers for hazardous and non-hazardous liquids as well as foodstuffs / potable water.
Insulated, as well as, non-insulated skin tanks for hydrogen peroxide and other reactive liquids
Price: $ 30000
Discount Price: $ 28000

  • IMO 1 -4 tanks

  • DRAU

  • 8609001200

Swap Body Tank Container 

Swap Body Tank Container 26.000 – 35.000 Liter

ISO tank containers-09

Swap body tank container

The swap body tank container allows transport at larger volumes. The swap body tank container is an IMO 1 or IMO 4 container with a capacity range between 26.000 and 35.000 liters. This tank container is ideal for intermodal transport. We offer swap body tank containers for food stuff or non-food (chemical) products with additional heating elements (steam or electrical heating), with or without baffle plates to allow for partial loading and with a remote operated airline improving safe working. Other safety related fittings or connections improving the operational flexibility can also be attached.

Beside the options shown, a wide range of other modifications and fittings is available. Please share your enquiry and we will specify the most suitable tank container for your business. During this process we will take into account the product(s) to be loaded, the area of operation and any loading or discharge preferences. Our goal is to provide you with the most optimal tank taking both income and costs into consideration.


Tank Container Specifications

Several styles and sizes of UN/DOT ISOTank liquid tank containers are immediately available. They have been inspected, cleaned and are ready to be shipped anywhere in the world.

Basic UN T11 (IMO 1 / DOT 51) 17,500,20,000, 21,000,23,000, 24,000, 25,000 26,000 liter insulated 316L stainless steel tank containers for hazardous and non-hazardous liquids as well as foodstuffs / potable water.

Insulated, as well as, non-insulated skin tanks for hydrogen peroxide and other reactive liquids. These top loading / unloading vessels have a variety of other uses and lend themselves to many modifications for specialized use. Available lined and insulated for temperature sensitive and many corrosive substances.

Hydrogen Peroxide

26,000 Litre Type I

25,000 Litre Type I

24,000 Litre Type I

21,000 Litre Type I

17,500 Litre Type I

23,000 Litre Type I

20,000 Litre Type I

14,000 Litre DOT 51

29,500 Litre Swap Body Tank

24,000 Litre Skin Tank

Gas Tank [IMO 5] 

ISO Tank, ISO Tank Containers

Manufacturers & Exporters 

 ISO Containers, stainless steel ISO tank containers, IMO tank containers for All types of Water , Hydrogen Peroxide , Sulphuric Acid , Nitric Acid , Mining chemicals , Food Products ,Solvents, Oils , Resins , Alcoholic Beverages , MO 1 ,IMO 2 IMO 2 ,IMO 5 IMO 5 ,IMO 7 IMO 7,Food Tank Containers and UN portable tanks that can be used to ship a hazardous and non-hazardous liquid materials. Our ISO tanks is versatile tanks and ISO standards tanks, many different kind of can be equipped with insulation ISO tanks, steam heating ISO tank, electric heating ISO tank or refrigeration for products that require temperature control, top and/or bottom discharge valve and pipeline systems , protective linings if required and other modifications we will provide as per customer requirement. Products stored or transported by these containers vary from non-hazardous and hazardous chemicals ISO tanks. These specially ISO tanks units are specially designed for transportation of bulk liquid product to, from and between fixed and/or mobile consumption points and where house delivery.

The bulk liquids that can be transported in an ISO tank include :

Swap body tank ISO tank , ISO Tank Containers- a swap body has a bigger tank which is larger than the frame, usually 23 or 25 feet (7.01 or 7.62 meters) long

Food-grade tank - ISO tank , ISO Tank Containers- a standard tank container which can only be loaded with foodgrade products

ISO tank , ISO Tank Containers Reefer tank - a tank with the ability to cool the product to be transported

ISO tank , ISO Tank ContainersGas tank - a tank that is suitable for the transport of gases

Silo tank ISO tank , ISO Tank Containers- a tank for the transport of grains and powders

T1 ISO tank container for wine and light liquids (ISO tank , ISO Tank Containers)

T4 ISO tank container for non-hazardous edible and non-edible oils (ISO tank , ISO Tank Containers)

T11 ISO tank container for non-hazardous chemicals - ISO tank , ISO Tank Containers

T14 ISO tank container for hazardous chemicals and acids like HCl and zinc chloride - ISO tank , ISO Tank Containers

T50 ISO tank container for LPG and ammonia gas - ISO tank , ISO Tank Containers

SWAP tank container (for cargo above 26,000 to 32,000 metric tons or 25,600 to 31,500 long tons or 28,700 to 35,300 short tons ISO tank , ISO Tank Containers

Rubber-lined ISO tank container for acid-based chemicals best for ISO tank , ISO Tank Containers

Swap body tank container photos

 ISO Swap body tank-27_0001.jpgISO Swap body tank-29_0001.jpgISO Swap body tank-31_0001.jpgISO Swap body tank-33_0001.jpgISO Swap body tank-36.jpgISO Swap body tank-38.jpgISO Swap body tank-43.jpg

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 ISO Swap body tank-36.jpg

Swap body tank containerISO Swap body tank-44.jpgISO Swap body tank-60.jpgISO Swap body tank-62.jpg


  ISO Swap body tank-50.jpg

 ISO tank container


Portable iso Tank Container-23000L-.jpgPortable iso Tank Container-19000L-.jpgPortable iso Tank Container-22000L-.jpg


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