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Sinotruck Howo 6*4 Bitumen Synchronous Chip sealer truck

Sinotruck Howo 6*4 Bitumen Synchronous Chip sealer truck
Price: $ 124000  -  127000
Discount Price: $ 120000  -  124000

  • DRZ5250TFCZ

  • DRZ

  • 870590999

 Sinotruck Howo 6*4 Bitumen Synchronous Chip sealer truck                                                                                                                                      

           Main Technical Parameter


           Product Name


           Asphalt sealer


           Gross Vehicle Weight (kg)




           Curb Weight (kg)




           Rated Payload(kg)




           Overall Dimension(mm)




           Cab Allowed Persons




           Axle No.




           Wheelbase (mm)




           F/R Suspension(mm)




           Axle Load(kg)




           App/Dep Angle(º)




           Max Speed(km/h)




           Chassis Technical Parameter


           Chassis Model




           Chassis Brand




           Overall Dimension (mm)




           Tyre No.


           10 with 1 spare




           App./ Dep. Angle(º)




           Tyre Spec.




           Leaf Spring No.




           Front Track (mm)




           Fuel Type




           Rear Track (mm)




           Drive Type




           Brake System


           Air brake


           F/R Suspension(mm)




           Axle Load(kg)




           Engine Technical Parameter


           Engine Model




           Emission Standard


           Euro III










           Superstructure Technical Parameters


           Asphalt Tank Volume(m³)




           Gravel Tank Volume(m³)




           Asphalt Pump






           Made in Tai Wan


           Asphalt Nozzle Q’TY






           Italy Brand


           Spaying Width(m)




           Asphalt Distribution






   Above parameters of our asphat and chip sealer truck is just for your reference, we can customize the truck according to your requirement. Therefore, if you are interested in any of our trucks and want the latest price, please feel free to contact me.


   Euro III/Euro IV chassis Description


             Technical parameters


             Total Mass(kg)




             Curb Weight(kg)




             Rated quality(kg)




             Chassis Model




             Approach/Departure angle(°)




             Front/rear overhang








             Compartment Dimension(mm)




             Number of axes




             Maximum speed(km/h)




             Tire Specifications


             11.00-20,11.00R20 16PR


             Number of tires




             Front track




             Rear track








             Axle load(kg)




             Emission Standards


             Euro III/Euro IV


             Type of fuel




             Engine parameters


             Engine Model




             Engine Manufacturer


             China National Heavy Duty Truck Group


             Engine Displacement(ml)




             Engine power(kw)




 Brief Instruction


 The asphalt macadam synchronous chip sealer is also called  Asphalt and gravel distributor truck ,Asphalt synchronous surface dressing machine and Asphalt synchronous chip sealer, mainly used for road paving.


 Our asphalt and gravel distributor truck is consists of asphalt tank, gravel tank, hydraulic system, heating system, cleaning system, control system and lifting machanism,etc. The chip sealer is a kind of hi-tech road construction equipment at the international level.Compare with its counterparts, our chip sealers are of high automation, even spray, easy operation, large loading capacity and great efficiency.


 Main  Features

 1. Synchronous chip sealer adopts famous brand chassis with reliable quality.

 2. Asphalt tank adopts the heat preservation material of silicon acid aluminum and with good performance of heat preservation.

 3. Asphalt tank can spray with certain quantity by fixed spray pipe or spray by hand spray gun. Asphalt pump is installed outside for convenience or for operations.

 4. Pipeline cleaning adopts heat conducting oil and can be cleaned with high pressure air. The nozzles are not easily jammed.

 5. The structure of chipping spread part is compact. It is comfortable for driving and convenient for use.
 Synchronous Chip Sealer,Bitumen Synchronous Chip Sealer,Howo,Sinotruck Synchronous Chip sealer truck,Asphalt sealer

   Sino Howo 16m3 Rubber Asphalt Synchronous Chip Sealer

     As a professional synchronous asphalt rubber chip sealer manufacturer, using our vast experience and state-of- the art technologies, our asphalt rubber chip sealer achieves an advanced level in terms of quality and performance, and is widely


      used for chip sealing of road surface, bridge waterproof and lower seal features cost-saving ,surface wear-resistant,anti-skidding and waterproof .The normal traffic could be resumed soon after the construction .it applies to the construction of


     the highways at different levels .


     Main advantage of Asphalt Synchronous Chip Sealer


     1.compact structure, short turning radius, applicable to road construction in mountainous and rural areas, widely applicability


     2.Materials fall independently due to gravity, how height to be easily operated in height-limited


     areas including tunnels and culverts


     3.Diesel oil burner heats up asphalt via heat-conducting oil, temperature controlled automatically


     4.Automatic control, excellent human-machine interface


     5.Recycling and spraying of asphalt are automatically controlled by the cab, easy to operate


     6.Built-in stirring device, not only spray the emulsified asphalt, cutback asphalt,base asphalt and modified


     asphalt, but also rubber (power) asphalt


     7.Independent external power driving force system to ensure scratch spray


     8.efficient oil heating system, improve the heating efficiency, reduce construction auxiliary time.


     9.All nozzles and pipes are used oil heating, insulation, ensure asphalt cycle smoothly


     10.The computer can automatically control the spray amount of work based on the input parameters and


     radar data,Spray gun can also be used manually.


     11.The manual / automatic are both implemented independently controlled each nozzle, with the easy to


     adjust spraying width.


     12.Good thermal insulation ensure static performance index ≤12 ℃ / 8 hours.


     13.After sprayed,high-pressure air can be used to empty the pipeline pitch; and the machine equip with a diesel fuel filler neck,Can be


     added to an appropriate amount of diesel fuel, combined with high-pressure air more thoroughly emptied of residual bitumen.


     14.Stainless steel plate packaging, corrosion and durable.


 Parameters Of Synchronous Chip Sealer:










         Chassis model






         Asphalt spraying width






         Spraying quantity






         Stone spraying width






         Asphalt tank capacity






         Stone storage capacity






         Spray medium


         Base Asphalt,Modified asphalt,Diluted asphalt,


         Emulsified asphalt,Rubber asphalt


         Asphalt heating way


         Automatic diesel oil burner








 Brand of the main parts of Asphalt Synchronous Chip Sealer:
















         Asphalt pump






         Heat-transfer oil pump






         Oil burner






         Asphalt pump drive motor






         Heat-transfer oil drive motor






         constant pressure variable pump






         Drum drive motor






         cartridge valve






         control system






         Auxiliary engine






         low-voltage electrical components




         France, Germany




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