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Offroad 6X6 Food Truck (All Wheel Drive Mobile Kitchen)

Offroad 6X6 Food Truck (All Wheel Drive Mobile Kitchen)
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Offroad 6X6 Food Truck (All Wheel Drive Mobile Kitchen)
Military Mobile Kitchen All Wheel Drive 6X6 For Military Troops Field Cooking Fast Food
DongRun Ze EQ5102G Dongfeng 6X6 off road kitchen movable truck 6x6 army food truck
Offroad 6X6 Food Truck (All Wheel Drive Mobile Kitchen)

Offroad 6X6 Food Truck (All Wheel Drive Mobile Kitchen)
Offroad 6X6 Food Truck (All Wheel Drive Mobile Kitchen)
Offroad 6X6 Food Truck (All Wheel Drive Mobile Kitchen)

Offroad 6X6 Food Truck (All Wheel Drive Mobile Kitchen)
Offroad 6X6 Food Truck (All Wheel Drive Mobile Kitchen)
Offroad 6X6 Food Truck (All Wheel Drive Mobile Kitchen)
Offroad 6X6 Food Truck (All Wheel Drive Mobile Kitchen)
Offroad 6X6 Food Truck (All Wheel Drive Mobile Kitchen)

food truck is also called mobile store, it is used to sell fast food, beverage, fruit,etc in leisure square, street, station, wharf, campus, celebration event, sports venues, tourist attractions, towns, thoutskirts, etc. It is very convenient and practical for self-employed businessmen.All kinds of cooking equipment can be installed inside the kitchen parts, such as fryer, steamer, BBQ grill, hot dog machine, water sink, fridge, ice cream machine etc. The side equipment can be installed according to customer requirement.

• For mini food van or other bigger size food truck you need, we can provide customized configuration as your requirements, such as air conditioner, table, washing tank, etc.
• Mobile food cart is used for vending fast food (ice cream, beverage, hot dog, pizza, donut, biscuit, etc.) in the street.
• All kinds of cooking equipments can be installed,such as griddle,steamer,fryers,stainless steel store cabinet,water sinks ,grill,hot dog machine,sugar cane juicer,fridge etc.

  • Technical parameter
    6x6  food truck mobile food cart military fast food catering truck
    Vehicle size (length * width * height)
    Box inner Dimension (length * width * height)
    Drive mode
    Back drive
    Shaft distance
    Engine model
    Displacement / power
    6-speed manual
    Emission Standards
    Euro III
    Tire specifications
    Car body material
    Outer FRP, inner stainless steel, heat insulation and fire insulation The inner is with loudspeaker , external power socket and top lamp, the stainless steel work bench, storage rack and sink. Also the refrigeration, hot dog machine and other fast food equipment can be installed.
    Steering Wheel
    Left hand or right hand drive with power-assisted
    The standard configuration
    1. electric/gas dual-purpose rice cooker (for 300 people at the same time) Specifications: single door, 10 layers; steaming plate material: stainless steel; steamed rice plate size: length 0.6* width 0.4 m; steaming cabinet size: It is 0.68 meters long, 0.54 meters wide and 1.32 meters high. The steamed rice is 300 people; the steaming time is 35 minutes.
    2. Double-eye cooktop: Specification: Double cooktop; Material: Stainless steel; Size: Length 1.8/1.5*0.8*0.82 m; Fuel: Methanol/diesel/natural gas.
    3. Refrigerator / freezer: stainless steel, 1.5 * 0.6 * 0.8 m
    4. Sales window: Specifications: up and down; up: sun visor; next exhibition: sales window, window sill height (high from the ground): 1.33 meters
    5. Operation console:
    Operation panel: Material: brushed / patterned stainless steel; size: length 4.18 * width 0.64 m
    Sink: Material: stainless steel; size: length 0.42* width 0.37 m
    Dish rack: Specification: 2 layers; Material: Stainless steel; Size: Length 4.18*Width 0.64m
    6. Wall cabinet: size: 1500*400*300mm
    7. Range hood: Material: stainless steel; device: wall fan, overhead exhaust.
    8. Clean water tank: Specifications: stainless steel, with booster pump; volume: 290L, 0.5 square; position: front section of the compartment.
    9. Sewage tank: Specifications: stainless steel, with stainless steel ball valve; volume: 0.3 square; position: car seat skirt.
    10. Fuel tank: Specification: Stainless steel; Volume: 120L; Position: Cabin skirt.
    11. Top window: Specifications: Manual; Size: 60*60CM
    12. Ladder/Guardrail: Material: Stainless steel
    13. Circuit: electric control box, main power switch; lighting circuit; 15m external power cord
    14. Ventilation window: size: 0.39*0.48 meters; quantity: 3
    Optional configuration
    1. Silent fuel generator: gasoline / Cape 3KW / light generator
    2. Air conditioning: 1P wall-mounted (Gree / beautiful) (suitable within 14m2)
    3. Soymilk: Multi-functional juice soymilk
    4. Insulation barrel: Material: stainless steel; volume: 50L; thermal insulation performance: 6-12 hours
    5. Multi-function sealing machine: manual / automatic sealing machine
    6. Insulation selling table: material: stainless steel; specification: 6 grid / 12 grid
    7. Oven: Midea 21-30L; Specification: 450*300*230mm
    8. Water heater: fast heat, hanging water heater; volume: 30L/40L/60L
    9. Accept other special customizations.

Multi-functional food trucks can be divided into: mobile ice cream trucks, mobile tea trucks, mobile cold drink carts, small snack carts, mobile food trucks, mobile food carts, etc., with a variety of varieties, exquisite products and diverse functions. Designed according to your specific requirements, the model can be widely used in daily necessities sales, vegetable and fruit sales, ice cream takeaway, aquatic fast food sales, stationery and flower sales, etc., can be called "get rich new talent, market new protagonist." Sale, sale, etc. They have the unique advantage of mobility and attractiveness. They are very flexible and can be used in a car. No risk, strong liquidity and high degree of attention

DongRun 6x6 troop military mobile food truck/Kitchen truck/military dinning truck

Vehicle Overall dimension 7825*2500*2925 MM
Curb weight 8500KG
Loading capacity 10000 KG
Max speed 95
Drive wheel 6*6
Chassis Chassis model DFS5160GLJ                                    
Wheelbase 3500+1250 mm
Tire Specification 12.5R20
Nos of tire 6+1 Pcs
Engine Engine model B190-33
Power 140
Engine Horse power 190
Displacement 5600
Emission Standard EURO III
Box Box dimension 4850*2300*2000 mm

DongRun 6x6 military mobile kitchen truck  Euro V

Items Descriptions Specifications and Types
General Truck Name Dongfeng 6x6 military mobile kitchen truck
Drive Type 6*6
Fact Loading Weight(kg) 8000
Curb Weight (kg) 8000
Overall Dimensions L*W*H(mm) 7550×2500×3650
Engine Engine Model ISB18050
Engine Brand Dongfeng Cummins
Fuel Type Diesel
Power 180HP/132KW
Emission Standard Euro V
Displacement(ml) 5900
Chassis Chassis Brand DFS5160GLJ2
Tire Specification 12.50R20,6+1(spare)
Wheelbase (mm) 3500+1250
Axle No. 3
Steering Wheel Left Hand Drive
Gear Box 6 speed forward with 1 reverse, manual
Superstructure Equipments & parameter
1.Don't open on the top, side plate can open upwards, floor plate can expand horizontally to lie flatly to enlarger the area of selling goods.
2.Cargo body is made of  wings opening type compartment,  goods shelves and other special accessories, can customize the goods shelves as the customer's request.
3.Body material: inner, outside FRP, middle. is polyurethane foam , with Antiskid  Aluminum checkered plate floor, waterproof, easily clean.
4.Standard configuration:  With two LED lights on the top of inner of the box, 220V( or as per the cutomer' request)external power supply socket and light switch,  Mp3/FM mix Amplifer,  a speaker each side of the top,  an inverter

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