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KAMA Fire Truck 4x4 All Wheel Drive with 3500Liters Water Tank

KAMA Fire Truck 4x4 All Wheel Drive with 3500Liters Water Tank
chassis KMC2100A32P5
Tank volume :3.5 m3; Tank size (length x width x height):2220 x 1330 x 1100(mm)
Price: $ 50000
Discount Price: $ 48571

  • DRZ5101GXFSG30

  • KAMA

  • 8705309000

KAMA  Fire Truck 4x4 All Wheel Drive  with 3500Liters Water Tank

KAMA 4x4 fire truck-3600L-

Tank volume :3.5 m3; Tank size (length x width x height):2220 x 1330 x 1100(mm)

chassis KMC2100A32P5

KAMA 140 hp water tank forest fire truck

1. The car is converted into a quad chassis, with a wide view, and the largest features of the car are flexible, easy to operate and easy to maintain. This car is suitable for forest fire and fire brigade, factory and mining enterprise and community, wharf and other places, save the general material fire.
2. The cab is equipped with luxury and comfortable driving. The vehicle is designed with delicate design, beautiful appearance, smooth lines and compact overall structure. The special part consists of liquid tank, pump room, equipment box, power output and transmission system, piping system, electrical system, etc.
3, the vehicle body is compact, small turning radius, can be used in a narrow environment, the maneuverability is strong, good environmental performance, humanized design, equipment layout is reasonable, easy to access, improve the efficiency of fire fighting and rescue work of relevant department.
4. The body layout adopts integral frame structure, which is strong and durable, and can be welded with aluminum alloy square pipe. The equipment box is equipped with aluminum alloy rolling door, which has good sealing performance.
5, equipped with CB10/20 fire pump, PS20W monitor, USES the domestic famous manufacturer production, stable performance and excellent quality, sandwich take power to fire in March, guarantee the critical moment to pull up, use and strong combat effectiveness.

 Optional fire pump: CB10.30 atmospheric pressure pump.

Low pressure: 30L/s@1.0MPa maximum absorption depth: 7m.

Maximum depth time: no less than 35s pump drive: sandwich type extractor.

Model: SP30 (fire water cannon)

Flow: 30L/s effective range: greater than 55m/ 1.0mpa.

6. Fire pump, flow: 20L/S, pressure: 1.0mpa, the drainage time is no more than 35s, and the maximum suction depth is 7m. Fire gun flow: 20L/S, range: greater than or equal to 38m, pressure: no more than 1.0Mpa.
7. Optional sprinkling function (front flush, back sprinkling and spray test) can also be used to consume fire fighting and greening spraying.

Technical specifications chassis KMC2100A32P5
# Engine model Engine displacement Engine power Engine manufacturer
1 4DX23-140E5 3857 cc 3.9 L 236 cu in 105 kW 143 hp FAW Jiefang Automobile Co., Ltd. Wuxi Diesel Engine Factory (Branch)
Fuel diesel fuel
Maximum speed 90 km/h 56 mph
ABS have
Weights and Ground pressure
Curb weight 3980 kg 4 t 8,774 lbs
Gross vehicle weight rating 10495 kg 10.5 t 23,137 lbs
Axle load distribution 3460 kg / 7035 kg
3.5 t / 7 t
7,628 lbs / 15,510 lbs
Overall length 5970 mm 19′8″
Overall width 2160 mm 7′2″
Overall height 2590 mm 8′6″
Undercarriage and Suspension
Number of axles 2
Wheelbase 3200 mm 10′6″
Front track 1790 mm 5′11″
Rear track 1655 mm 5′6″
Front overhang 1300 mm 4′4″
Rear overhang 1470 mm 4′10″
Angle of approach 18°
Angle of departure 21°
Leaf springs 7 / 9+5
Tyres and Wheels
Number of tyres 6
Tyres dimension 8.25-20 14PR, 8.25R20 14PR
Seating capacity 3
Steering control steering wheel


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