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JMC Pickup Fire Truck 4x4 All Wheel Drive Euro 5 With Water Mist Fire Engine

JMC Pickup Fire Truck 4x4 All Wheel Drive Euro 5
Pumper fire pump vehicle with Water mist fire engine
Price: $ 35000
Discount Price: $ 31100

  • DRZ5021TXFQC06

  • JMC

  • 8705309000

JMC Pickup Fire Truck 4x4 All Wheel Drive Euro 5  with Water mist fire engineJMC Pickup fire truck-300L-_1

JMC Pickup fire truck-215L-_1JMC Pickup fire truck-201L-JMC Pickup fire truck-214L-_1JMC Pickup fire truck-213L-_1JMC Pickup fire truck-206L-

Germany FEV and Ford jointly developed Teng Leopard 3.0 world-class commercial vehicle power,

power torque 92KW / 280Nm, 400,000 km without overhaul

Motor pump water mist system:

Type of extinguishing agent: water and anti-dissolved water film (AFFF-AR) foam extinguishing agent mixture. Water drop diameter (um) 7-100.

Extinguishing agent tank capacity: 250L water, 12L foam, 1-5% mixing concentration adjustable design; The foaming multiple was greater than or equal to 5,25 %.

Working pressure of the system: 3.5 + 0.5mpa, and the spraying distance is greater than 13m and the fine mist is greater than 8m; Dual spray gun, double pipe, hose length is greater than 50m.

Motor pump starting mode: 12V DC power/hand start, rated power (KW) 4.0, fuel tank volume (L) 3.6.

Continuous injection time (min) is greater than 8.

Lighting system:

Dimensions (mm) : 1100 x 930 * 230, power (W) 300.

Light source: metal halide lamp, light flux (lm) 20000 x 2, start-up time < 30 s power supply: 12 v.

Lifting method: pneumatic telescopic rod, maximum lifting height (mm) 4600, horizontal and vertical rotation Angle (0-340 °),

The wireless remote control is within 30 meters.

Vehicle tools:

Crowbar, multi-purpose axe, nail, fiber-handle round head hammer each.

[product advantages]

1. Low water consumption, rapid fire fighting and high efficiency. Micro droplet spray penetration is strong, foam range is far away. Wide range of application, the combustion gas can be completely controlled, for the burning liquid has a particularly good save effect.

2. The low-pressure working system is of high security and the recoil force is small, so the low working pressure will not create the air entrainment into the fire, reducing the risk of the jet impact to disperse the burning debris. The front part of the cab is a long row of warning lights: the power of the alarm is 100W, and the top and rear of the car are equipped with 24V and 60W fire lamps, and equipped with flashlights. The crew room, equipment box and pump room are equipped with floodlight.

 JX1020 /4*4

Technical specifications
#Engine modelEngine displacementEngine powerEngine manufacturer
1JX493ZLQ4C2 771 cc2.8 L169 cu in80 kW109 hpJiangling Motors Co., Ltd. (JMC)
2JX493ZLQ4F2 771 cc2.8 L169 cu in72 kW98 hpJiangling Motors Co., Ltd. (JMC)
3JX493ZLQ4G2 771 cc2.8 L169 cu in80 kW109 hpJiangling Motors Co., Ltd. (JMC)
Maximum speed120 km/h75 mph
Rated load capacity235 kg0.2 t518 lbs
Weights and Ground pressure
Curb weight1780 kg1.8 t3,924 lbs
Gross vehicle weight rating2390 kg2.4 t5,269 lbs
Axle load distribution1030 kg / 1360 kg
1 t / 1.4 t
2,271 lbs / 2,998 lbs
Overall length4990 mm16′5″
Overall width1850 mm6′1″
Overall height1755 mm5′10″
Undercarriage and Suspension
Number of axles2
Wheelbase3025 mm10′0″
Front track1445 mm4′9″
Rear track1425 mm4′9″
Front overhang795 mm2′8″
Rear overhang1170 mm3′11″
Angle of approach29°
Angle of departure17°
Leaf springs- / 6
Tyres and Wheels
Number of tyres4
Tyres dimension215/70R15C, 215/75R15



Technical specifications
#Engine modelEngine displacementEngine powerEngine manufacturer
1JX4D30A4L2892 cc2.9 L177 cu in92 kW126 hpJiangling Motors Co., Ltd. (JMC)
Fueldiesel fuel
Maximum speed150 km/h94 mph
Rated load capacity480 kg0.5 t1,058 lbs
Weights and Ground pressure
Curb weight1770 kg1.8 t3,902 lbs
Gross vehicle weight rating2575 kg2.6 t5,677 lbs
Axle load distribution1120 kg / 1455 kg
1.1 t / 1.5 t
2,469 lbs / 3,208 lbs
Overall length5140 mm16′11″
Overall width1690 mm5′7″
Overall height1700 mm5′7″
Cargo body
Cargo body length1480 mm4′11″
Cargo body width415 mm1′5″
Cargo body height1470 mm4′10″
Undercarriage and Suspension
Number of axles2
Wheelbase3025 mm10′0″
Front track1435 mm4′9″
Rear track1440 mm4′9″
Front overhang840 mm2′10″
Rear overhang1275 mm4′3″
Angle of approach30°
Angle of departure21°
Leaf springs- / 6
Tyres and Wheels
Number of tyres4
Tyres dimensionLT 215/75 R15, P235/75R15
Seating capacity2+3
Steering controlsteering wheel


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