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10000Liters LPG Gas Skid Filling Station with Mobile Refilling LPG Scales for LPG Bottle

10000Liters LPG Gas Skid Filling Station with Mobile Refilling LPG Scales for LPG Bottle
5ton LPG skid-mounted filling station 10cbm LPG Tank for sale
US $16,000-26,000 / Unit
20M3 LPG SKID Station $24000
10m3 LPG SKID Station $21000
5m3 LPG SKID Station $19000
Price: $ 22000  -  24000
Discount Price: $ 19000  -  21000

  • 10000L

  • DR

  • 7311009000

10000LitersLPG skid-mounted filling station/lpg cylinder filling station/mobile filling station

20M3  LPG SKID Station $24000

10m3  LPG SKID Station  $21000  

5m3  LPG SKID Station  $19000  

10000Liters LPG Gas Skid Filling Station with Mobile Refilling LPG Scales for LPG Bottle 4.jpg10000Liters LPG Gas Skid Filling Station with Mobile Refilling LPG Scales for LPG Bottle 2.jpg10000Liters LPG Gas Skid Filling Station with Mobile Refilling LPG Scales for LPG Bottle.jpg

2.5ton 5cbm LPG Tank_1   LPG-SKID-Station- -Mobile-LPG-Gas_1LPG-SKID-Station-5000L -Mobile-LPG-Gas_1

LPG bobtail Road Tanker, LPG tanker truck ,LPG filling truck, LPG refilling truck,LPG GAS dispenser truck, WITH Corken pump and LC meter , pipe and gas dispenser for car , small tank , gas cylinder Portable Design Code ASME

LPG-SKID-Station 5000Liters-Mobile-LPG-.jpgall-welding-line-are-checked-by-X-photoelectricity-and-aultransoni.jpg

LPG Tank body is made by automatic bending machine and automatic welding machine.

all welding line is all welding line are checked by 100% X photoelectricity and aultransoni.

all tanks will be hot treatment by 10hours to get rid of the tress of tank body after weld.


Different type LPG Filling Scales for you Choice for your LPG Cylinder Refilling Plant:LPG-Refilling-Scales-644x1024.jpg20130309131244685

10000Liters LPG skid-mounted filling station/lpg cylinder filling station/mobile filling station

10000Liters LPG Gas Skid Filling Station, equipment 6sets With LPG Gas Cylinder Filling Scales, LPG Motors and LPG PUMP, LPG Filling and refilling, LPG Cylinder, LPG Cooking Gas, LPG Gas Cars.

specification of 10000Liters LPG Gas Skid Filling Station with Mobile Refilling LPG Scales for LPG Bottle:



Item data
Filling medium LPG
capacity 10m3/10000Liters
Design pressure 1.71Mpa
Thickness of body 9.68mm
Thickness of head 9.66mm
Material Q345
Corrosion allowance 1mm
Hot treatment type Stress relieved hot treatment
Kerb weight 3800kgs
Loading weight 4200kgs
Outside dimension(inner


Filling ratio 0.95
Hydraulic test pressure 2.14Mpa
Service year 20
Filling ratio 420(50℃)

With Rotation LeveL Meter, Safe Valve, Pressure Meter, Temperature Meter.

With LPG Filling Scale Weight 1set to 6sets.

With Special LPG Motor with Return Valve to make sure saftly operate ,

LPG Pump and LPG Compressor Machine.

20000Liters LPG Filling Stations can filling LPG into tank body and refilling LPG to Cylinder for Cooking Gas, and other LPG Cars.

It is widely used in Nigeria and other Africa Country.

Specification of 2.5ton 5cbm LPG Tank
Volume of Tank 5CBM(5,000liters) 5ton
Filling Weight 2500 kg
Tank Weight 2030kg
Thickness of Shell (mm) 10 mm
Thickness of Endplate (mm) 10 mm
Tank Diameter (mm) 1600 mm
Tank Dimensions (mm) (length x width x height) 2960*1620*2210mm
Material of Tank and Main Pressure Parts Carbon Steel Q345R
Filling Medium Liquefied Petroleum Gas ( Propane)
Design Pressure 1.77 MPa
Corrosion Allowance 1 mm
Medium Density 500-590 kg/ cbm
Manufacturing Standard: Pressure vessels, Supervision Regulation on Safety Technology for Stationary Pressure Vessels of China.
Specification of LPG Pump and Motor

Item Specification

Specification of the Motor

Model M2JA160M88

Revolving speed 1470 r/min

Power 5.5 kw

Voltage 380 V

Protection grade Anti explosive

Specification of the hydrocarbon Pump

Model YQB15-5

Medium Liquid petroleum gas

Speed 15 m3/h

Input and Output Diameter 50 mm

Working pressure 2.0 Mpa

Working temperature -40℃- 50℃

Material carbon steel

2.5ton LPG gas station 5m3 skid-mounted station 5000L gas station tank

1.Tank material:Q345R carbon steel

2.Tank volume:5m3 5000L 5000Liters

3.Filling medium:Propane

4.Computer controlled cutting and rolling.each vertical and circular welding seam will be X-ray tested.  To Prevent Welding Defective like Bubble & Cracks

5.Heat treatment.To Release the Stress of Steel Sheet and Prepare the Tanker for High Pressure Impact

6.Water pressure test. Make the tanker meet designed pressure.

LPG GAS dispenser truck, WITH Corken pump and LC meter , pipe and gas dispenser for car , small tank , gas cylinder Portable  

   Design Code ASME LPG-SKID-Station -Mobile-LPG-Gas 5cbm.jpg

  Customization, Cost and Control Built How You Want it, at a Price You Can Afford. for sale call:+86-152 -7135-7675


  •    lpg filling skid station 





  LPG skid-mounted filling station/lpg cylinder filling station/mobile filling station




   Economy, small, simple, flexible and fast
   1. Skid-mounted LPG stations is constructed according to internation gas station standards. It's of very dependable quality and safety.
   2. Integrate single device (such as tanks, pumps, valves, piping, etc.) to the metal skid body and formed a complete small LPG stations.
   3. The volume of the tank can be customized according to customer's request: 10cbm/20cbm/30cbm/50cbm/60/cbm
   4. In one LPG station, you can place several LPG dispensers of different nozzles.




   Main Functions:


   *Feeding gas to gas vehicles: high quality dispenser is equipped and its measurement is accurate and stable.


   *Unloading: The LPG tank car can unload the medium to the storage tank on the skid-mounted plant smoothly

   *Drainage: The sundries like water-logging in the storage tank will e drained through the drain outlet.

   *Emptying:The residual pressure in storage tank can be released through the emptying port during overgauling.


   *Alternative Pumps: Under fault condition, gas filling pump and unloading pump can be mutually alternative.


   *Reverse unloading:The liquid on the storage tank can be unloaded to the gas tank car and delivered.


   *Emergency cut-off :Air-operated emergency cut-off valve is installed a the liquid outlet on the storage tank, by which the emergency cut-off under abnormal conditions can be achieved.


   *Leakage Alarm: Leakage probes are installed in the key positons of the skid-mounted gas station, so as to dect the equipment's security status.

   *Liquid Level Alarm: Upper and lower liquid level limit switch are installed. Therefore, it has liquid alarm and control function.

   Main Technical features of the LPG Storage Tank station:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

         Product Model          LPG-T5000
         Structural form          Integral type, separated type
         Install Method          Above-ground, under-ground
         System Approach          Double pump system, single pump system
         Storage Tank Volume(M⊃3;)          5, 6, 10,15,20, 30 , 40 , 50 , 60
         Design pressure of storage tank          1.77Mpa
         Design pressure of pipe          2.5Mpa
         Opening pressure of safety valve          1.75Mpa
         Ambient Temperature          -40-55°C
         Ambint Humidity          10~95%
         Dimension of skid-mounted body          Up to customer's requirement

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Mobile LPG Filling Station -06-.jpgMobile LPG Filling Station -11-.jpg


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