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Heavy Duty Truck Leaf Spring 2912020-K2000

spring steel plate rear assembly brand: dongfeng.
Loading part no. : 2913010-k2000 single weight: 222.85Kg.
Product part no. : 2913010-k2000 material: 52CrMnBA.
Applicable models: DFL3251A3-TY2A-001-002J.
Price: $ 1200
Discount Price: $ 825

  • 2912020-K2000

  • Dongfeng

  • 8708809000


Product name:  spring steel plate rear assembly brand: dongfeng.

Loading part no. : 2913010-k2000 single weight: 222.85Kg.

Product part no. : 2913010-k2000 material: 52CrMnBA.

Applicable models: DFL3251A3-TY2A-001-002J.

Product name Front suspension spring steel plate
Parts No 2912020-K2000 
Specification make:Kinland truck
3.Materail:forged steel
4.Size:Standred size are available for world markets
Delivery Sea,Air or Express
payment  TT/Westunion 
Place of origin Shiyan city, Hubei province,China
Our main markets Europe,Russia,Australia,Middle Asia,Asia,Africa,North America Etc.

spring steel plate-07- 2912020-K2000spring steel plate-06- 2912020-K2000spring steel plate-05- 2912020-K2000

 Right washer 1001023-kj1e0 - pre-engine mount 2912 zb3-104 inclined pad.

10N-01039 gasket - pre-engine suspension soft pad 2913104-t1100 cover plate.

Front suspension right support plate 2913104-t2500 cover plate.

10v60-01011 gasket - engine front suspension (right) 2913104-t3800 pads.

10z36-01031 washboard I 2913104-t4000.

10z36-01034 gasket II 2913105-t0800 cover plate.

10z66h-01031 pad 2913zb7-104 cover plate.

11023-e1300 oil pump gasket - connect the fuel injection pump and the timing gear room 2913 zb8a-104 cover plate.

The support plate assembly of 11n-09055 is 2914NT-105.

Washboard 29b-02109 washboard - auxiliary plate spring assembly.

11z57a-09019 washboard 29b-02110 gasket positioning pin assembly - main spring.

11z60-04101 pad 29b36-02109.

Gasket of 1301056-k5500 gasket - radiator panel - 29c-01264-b side gasket - front suspension.

Plate - expansion box 29c-04101 balance bearing hub plate.

Rubber mat 29c-04208 limit block pad on 13zd2a-02047.

150-1003055 pad 29c-04209 limit block gasket.

150-1009012 oil sump plate 29d-02110 gasket locating pin sleeve assembly.

The 1700kf-519 flat mat 29d-02264 side washers - rear suspension.

1700KW-523 flat plate 29d5-02109.

1700ND-166 flat mat 29d5-02110 slant pad assembly.

Switch bracket plate 29db-02209 limit block pad.

1703307-kd400 pad 29DK2-01110 pad assembly.

29ds5b-01110 washboard assembly - front suspension.

Positioning pin set - front suspension gasket of 29ds5b-01113.

Balance bearing hub plate 29E-04101.

27zb7e-04112 workbench plate 29f34-02109 pad - auxiliary steel spring assembly.

2801171-k2200 washplate 29f39-02110 diagonal pad assembly - rear suspension.

2806061-kc100 pads - rear towing hook 29F55-02110-B gasket assembly - rear suspension.

28b40-01154 pad - beam assembly 29f82-01110 pad assembly.

28b67a-01154 pad 29N-02109 pad - auxiliary steel spring assembly.

28c-06027 pad - front towing hook 29n48m-02109.

28d-01051 front plate - payment spring bracket 29n74-02109 pad - auxiliary steel spring.

28d-01052 rear pad - payment spring bracket 29nt-01112 positioning pin - gasket.

Gasket - front hook 29nt-02109 gasket - auxiliary plate spring assembly.

28n03-01154 pad 29q01-01110-b inclined pad assembly (left)- front suspension.

28N-05062 on pad 29q01-02109 -B.

28N-05080 front plate - buffer block 29q04-01110-b inclined pad assembly (left)- front suspension.

28n-05082 front plate - buffer block 29q04-01120-b right inclined pad assembly.

28n-05083 post-pad - buffer block 29v56-02109 pad - auxiliary steel spring.

28n1-01154 pad - beam assembly 29z24-01110 pad assembly.

Gasket - the middle drive shaft 29z27-04062 balance shaft bracket pad.

Balance shaft beam plate 29z33-04208 limit block pad.

Limit block gasket - rear axle of 29z33-04209 limit block.

2901110-b50b0 pad assembly - front suspension 29zb1-01110 pad assembly.

2901110-k1000 pad assembly 29zb1-01110-a gasket assembly.

2901110-k4300 pad assembly 29zb1-02109 gasket - auxiliary steel spring.

2901110-k6200 pad - assembly left 29zb3-01107 limit block gasket.

2901110-k6201 pad - assembly 29ZB3C-04062 balance shaft bracket pad.

2901110-k62c0 pad assembly 29zb6-01110 pad assembly.

2901110-k62c1 pad assembly (left) - front suspension 29zb7-04062 balance shaft support plate.

Slant gasket assembly - front suspension (left) 29zb8a-01107 limit block gasket.

Slant pad assembly - front suspension (right) 29zb8a-04062 balance shaft bracket pad.

Slant gasket assembly - front suspension 29zd10-01110 pad assembly.

2901110-ke300 pad assembly 3105037-km600 pads - spare tire.

2901110-ke3y0 gasket assembly - front suspension 31a07b-05048 gasket.

2901110-kj100 slant gasket assembly - front suspension 31c-05068 sliding pad - spare tire.

2901110-kj200 slant gasket assembly - front suspension 331-1307026 pump gasket.

2901110-kq601 gasket assembly - front suspension 3501c-133 pads.

2901110-n49h0 gasket assembly - front suspension 3501d-023 gasket.

2901110-t0801 pad assembly 3502d-023 gasket.

2901110-t40h0 washboard assembly 357-1307026 pump washer.

2901111-kj200 bevel plate - front suspension 35ca1-06455 gasket.

2901111-N9H00 mat 37zb1-03139 battery plate.

2901111-nd300 mat 3919a-022 gasket.

2901120-k6200 pad - assembly right 497-1003065 spacer.

2901120-k62c1 gasket assembly (right) - front suspension 50a-01006 pad.

2902109-f55d0 gasket - auxiliary steel spring assembly 50b-01006 pad.

2902109-ga100 pad - auxiliary steel spring 50b-01006-a gasket.

2902109-k4400 pads - auxiliary steel spring 50n-01006 pads.

2902109-km900 gasket - auxiliary steel spring assembly 50n-01006-a gasket.

2902110-GB100 diagonal pad assembly - rear suspension 50q75-01006 pad.

2902110-KE200 pad assembly 50z07-01006 pad.

2902110-KG500 gasket assembly - rear suspension 50zb1-01006 pad (S1)

2902110-T4000 ramp plate assembly - rear suspension 54zb1-01043 gasket.

2902208-km800 limit block washboard - rear suspension 649-1307026b water pump gasket.

2902209-km800 limit pad - rear suspension 6qa1-1307026b water pump gasket HT20.

2904062-k0800 balance shaft bracket cushion plate 70q02-02045 lingmei sleeper plate.

Balance shaft bracket 8500z68-116 left front rubber gasket.

2904062-t0400 balance suspension plate 8500z68-117 right front rubber gasket.

2904062-t0800 balance shaft washer 8500z68-118 left middle rubber gasket.

Balance shaft bracket 8500z68-119 right middle rubber gasket.

2904062-t1400 pad - balance shaft bracket 8500z68-121 left rear rubber gasket.

Balance shaft bracket 8500z68-122 right back rubber gasket.

2904062-z16b0 gasket - balance shaft bracket 8.50E-23 U type bolt gasket.

2904062-z2401z pad - balance shaft bracket 85z15-00024 U type bolt gasket.

The balance shaft bracket of 2904062-z53m0 is supported by 85zb7-11023 front plate - rear wheel fender.

2904062-z63c0 gasket - balance shaft bracket 85zb7-11024 after washboard - rear wheel fender.

2904062-zb7h0 pad - balance shaft support a3100-1111122 injection pump gear pad.

2904208-k1400 limit block board C3975117 air compressor support plate.

Floor mat d0800-1111012 accelerator support plate.

Water pump gasket gasket of the limit block of 2904208-k4300.

Block pad d30-1307026a water pump gasket gasket.

2904209-k080002 block pad - balance suspension e0100-1009031 oil bottom shell plate I.

Limit block e0100-1009032 oil sump plate II.

The support plate e0100-1009033 oil subshell plate III on the bridge pusher of 2904244-k0300.

Lower thrust rod gasket - balance shaft bracket e0100-1009034 oil bottom shell gasket IV.

2912105-k6200 pad - front plate spring (shock absorber lower bracket) e0200-1111013.

2912105-k62c0 gasket - mounting bracket e0300-1111113.

2912d-105 slant gasket L542 air conditioning compressor support plate.

2912nt-105 gasket M3000-1307008 water pump gasket.

2912q07-105-b oblique plate - front plate spring m3201-1001006 shim.

2912Z24-105 pad 2913010-T38H0 steel plate.




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