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Mobile Clinic All DR Medica Vehicles Truck Semi-trailer Customizing

Mobile Clinic All DR Medica Vehicles Customizing Truck / Semi-trailer
Health Clinics Express cabin optimization, electromechanical control, environmental control and man-machine engineering, equipped with imported energy-storage DR radiography system to meet all the requirements of X-ray inspection
Price: $ 326000
Discount Price: $ 322000

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 Mobile Clinic All DR Medica Vehicles Customizing Truck / Semi-trailer

  Health Clinics Express  cabin optimization, electromechanical control, environmental control and man-machine engineering, equipped with imported energy-storage DR radiography system to meet all the requirements of X-ray inspection .

 9 m square cabin structure, the protective wall adopts the rigid steel skeleton structure, which is made in strict accordance with the national standard for the protection of lead room.  Vehicle Mounted DRAKHX

mobile health clinics-09

   mobile health clinics-10

Lean to create a reasonable spatial layout

Chassis optional: Dongfeng, qingling ISUZU, Howo, health clinics-08

The interior decoration style and layout are customized according to customer requirements.

Expand the patented technology of the square cabin, increase the use area, process design, reasonable layout, provide customers with high-quality diagnosis and treatment environment, and improve work efficiency.

According to the needs, the equipment such as X-ray machine, color ultrasound, ecg, biochemical equipment etc. can be configured to fully meet the needs of health examination and occupational disease examination.

    mobile health clinics-16mobile health clinics-17

Physical examination vehicle technical requirements

1. Requirements of the whole vehicle: well-known brands shall be indicated by the bidder

Painted 1.1 8950 mm - 9000 mm

1.2 the total width 2500 mm or more

1.3 total height 3600mm-3700mm (including municipal air conditioning)

(the original commitment letter issued by the manufacturer and sealed with official seal)

1.5 the wheelbase is greater than or equal to 4,300 mm

3940/8050 axle weight 1.6 or greater

1.7 the contact front suspension/rear suspension (mm) is greater than or equal to 1950/2730

1.8 front/rear wheelbase = 2050mm/1860mm

1.9 rated passenger carrying capacity

1.10 the maximum total mass of the vehicle is less than or equal to 1,1990kg

1.11 400 (lead room)

Maximum speed is greater than 100km/h

Ii. Engine

2.1 the engine type of six cylinder water direct injection is pressurized and medium-cold

2.2 rated power is greater than or equal to 160kw

2.3 emission standards of the five countries

2.4 or greater displacement 6500 ml

Three, chassis

Well-known domestic brands

3.1 clutch: homemade single disc dry spring clutch of spring 395 diaphragm, oil pressure air booster control

3.2 transmission: six-speed transmission with two flexible shafts

3.3 front axle: the maximum carrying capacity is greater than or equal to 4.2t, drum brake

3.4 rear axle: the maximum carrying capacity is greater than 8.5t and the drum brake

3.5 frame: three-section structure, truss in front and back sections, truss in middle sections

3.6 suspension system: multi-spring, bi-directional cylindrical shock absorber, front suspension with transverse stabilizer

3.7 steering system: integral power steering device with adjustable steering wheel up and down

3.8 air braking system: double return air braking system, energy storage spring parking brake, air dryer, brake clearance automatic adjustment arm,wabco abs, retarder;

3.9 insulating system: brake condenser, engine inlet preheating, fuel heating system

3.10 tyre: 9 r22. 5

The main configuration parameters of the car body

4.1 body structure: semi-load-bearing steel pipe frame, prestressed tensile skin, all-metal body (the whole car refuses the fiberglass cover, the car manufacturer issues the letter of undertaking and affixes the official seal), flat floor

4.2 interior decoration of the body: luxury interior, mold opening air duct, furniture white, partition white, green decorative strips, air conditioning air duct (no luggage rack), air outlet (no reading lamp), a set of manual moving car curtains, imitation wood grain floor leather;

4.3 door and door pump: electrically operated pneumatic single door swing door, the upper door of the luggage compartment turns, the front and middle door open, and the front and middle door move forward

4.4 window: toughened insulating glass outside swinging door, dark gray insulating glass pushing and pulling driver's window, fully closed side window deep grey insulating glass (two rear upper built-in sliding Windows on both sides)

4.5 seats: with shock absorber driver seat (three-point seat belt), guide seat

4.6 air conditioning system: non-independent overhead air conditioning (cooling capacity = 24000kcal/h)

4.7 warm air system: independent and forced water heating

4.8 defrost system: water heating defrost

4.9 audio-visual system :mp3 player

4.10 rearview system: electric rabbit rearview mirror, color reversing surveillance system

4.11 luminaires: integral headlights, new integral back-up lamps, front 2 and back 2 overhead lamps

4.12 wiper: domestic wiper wiper

4.13 service facilities: front top electronic clock (with internal and external temperature display), remote door lock of passenger door

4.14 instrument platform: battery and fuel heater temperature alarm

4.15 vehicle balance support: mechanical balance support

4.16 others: homemade plain paint, 2 lantern type fire extinguisher (engine compartment), car recorder (with GPS)

Special facilities

5.1 special equipment 1:1 set of Dr Digital photography system

Working facilities

6.1 X-ray machine room physical examination facilities: 1 set of machine room, 2 sets of manual sliding door, 1 set of operation platform, 1 piece of adjustable stool;

6.2 ecg /b inspection room facilities: 1 piece of wooden manual lifting table, 2 pieces of cabinet at the bottom of long rest chair (with cushion back), enclosed curtain structure; 2. Wear seat belts;

6.3 facilities in biochemical blood sampling area: 1 wood biochemical table, 2 lifting working stools, 1 68l medical refrigerator;

6.4 b-ultrasound/ecg examination room: 1 b-ultrasound/ecg examination bed (on the rear platform of the car with mattress); 1 wooden bench; 1 adjustable working bench; Examination room 1 set;

6.5 facilities in the registration area: 1 wooden bench and 1 double seat.

Light facilities: long lights on both sides, 2 exposure indicators.

8. Service facilities: 3 coat and hat hooks and 3 trash cans

9. Municipal air conditioning facilities: 1 overhead air conditioner in the front; 1 rear embedded 2p air conditioner,

X. municipal power distribution facilities:

1 power distribution box (including switching power supply, leakage protector, ground drill), x - ray machine access safety device, 2 25m cable tray, external 220v power socket, 1 hammer. Each work place reserved network port, socket, switch

11. Structural facilities: steel tube guardrail (handrail)

Xii. Production requirements: integrated production and modification: the vehicle is integrated production and modification, that is, the chassis production and the whole vehicle are refitted to the same manufacturer (the chassis production and vehicle modification are in the same city), and the medical vehicle manufacturers issue the original letter of commitment and affix the official seal.

Iii. Bidding parameters of on-board Dr

1 equipment USES: used in hospital medical center, disease control, TB, and large-scale medical needs, especially for major epidemic prevention, emergency inspection work, mainly to do in areas such as the chest X-ray examination, digital photography for gastrointestinal perspective, gastro-intestinal tests, such as esophageal imaging angiography, gastrointestinal examination, such as perspective of examination, and can realize the digital photography, many more areas of the body postures, digital imaging, digital image storage management, etc.).

Digitized flat-panel detector of original import brand

2.1 type of detector: amorphous silicon dynamic flat panel detector (integral plate non-splicing, fixed)

2.2 imaging size greater than or equal to 17 "x 17"

2.4 spatial resolution is greater than or equal to 4.1lp/mm

2.5-pixel medium medium 150um

Obtained gray scale: more than or equal to 16bit

2.7 imaging time: less than or equal to 5s

2.8 production period of dynamic flat-plate gastrointestinal complete machine: more than 7 years, and manufacturer's certification materials shall be provided

Ring 3 original imported brand ball tube

3.1 power: the small focus is greater than or equal to 30kw and the large focus is greater than or equal to 77kw

3.2 anode thermal capacity is greater than or equal to 300khu

3.3 double focus = 0.6mm (small focus) /1.2mm (large focus)

3.4 the voltage range of the tube is greater than or equal to 40-150kv

Work 4 high frequency and high pressure generator: it is the same brand with Dr Machine, and provides complete machine inspection report and proof data

, 4.1 input voltage: single phase 220vac, energy storage type

4.2 output power: greater than or equal to 50kw

4.3 inverter frequency: greater than or equal to 50khz

Photography ma range: greater than or equal to 10ma - 640ma

4.5 output voltage: greater than or equal to 40-150kv

4.6 exposure time range: greater than or equal to 0.005s-8s

4.7 exposure current time product: greater than or equal to 0.1-640mas

4.8 the adjustment range of perspective kv is greater than or equal to 40-125kv

4.9 adjustment range of continuous perspective ma: greater than or equal to 0.5-5ma

5 fixed screen grid

5.1 grid quality: aluminum base grid

5.2 grid density: greater than or equal to 103lp/inch

5.3 grid ratio: greater than or equal to 10:1

5.4 grid focal length: 180cm

Double column support device, independent research and development, with technology patent, provide certificate

Powered elevator 6.1 plate and ball tube lifting, synchronous real-time automatic tracking, with wireless motion remote control

6.2 the vertical motion range of the double column is greater than or equal to 890mm

6.3 sid motion mode: electric regulation, the adjustment range shall be no less than 70cm

Image acquisition and processing station

Rt 7.1 acquisition workstation monitor: 1m, 19 "medical LCD monitor

7.2 acquisition workstation configuration: dual-core CPU; Memory: greater than or equal to 3g; Hard disk: 320 gb or more

7.3 professional Chinese operation interface image workstation based on Windows operating system

7.4 it has the function of perspective image playback

7.5 it has the functions of patient management, image acquisition, image processing (adjustment of image window width and window position, image correction, image turning, tissue balance, image scaling and movement), image observation (providing image observation tools and measurement tools), etc

7.6 patient images can be queried in various ways and can be customized

7.7 it has the function of window width, window position and gamma adjustment and multi-lut curve adjustment

7.8 set default image processing parameters according to different inspection locations

7.9 images can be cut according to film size and specification, and have the function of image printing and typesetting

8 other requirements

Comparable 8.1 Dr Manufacturer tablet Dr Registration certificate obtained time: shall be 10 years, and provide the original registration certificate and data query network screenshot of the state food and drug administration, etc

Party b 8.2 manufacturer has no less than 3 patent certificates related to on-board Dr Technology, and provides patent certificates affixed with the official seal of the manufacturer

8.3 the manufacturer shall have 800 or 400 free maintenance telephones in China.

Please provide the registration certificate of medical apparatus and instruments of the People's Republic of China for your product

8.5 the bid goods manufacturer is a key high-tech enterprise of the national torch program and provides certificates to prove it

9 configuration requirements:

Number of parts

1 set of high frequency and high pressure generator

1 set of 2x ray tube components

1 set of 3 flat panel detectors

4 beam limiter 1 set

1 set of double column support system

6 filter grid 1 set

1 set of digital image system and workstation

Iv. High-end portable color doppler ultrasound diagnosis system

Technical specifications and requirements

I. name of goods

Digital whole body high - end portable color doppler ultrasound diagnosis system

Description of product use

1. Abdomen, gynecology, obstetrics, heart, small organs and superficial tissues, blood vessels, brain, urinary,

Interventional ultrasound, pediatrics, emergency, anesthesia, and other general applications

2.※ is required to be the latest version of 2014 and the latest production model. It has the ability of users to upgrade on site, which can meet the needs of future clinical application expansion

Quantity of goods: one set


Iv. System technical specifications and overview:

1. Fully digitized color doppler ultrasound diagnosis system host

1.1 digital beam intensifier

1.2 color led display for medical professionals with at least 15 inches of high definition

1.3 multiple beam synthesis

1.4 two-dimensional gray scale mode

1.5 tissue harmonic imaging mode

1.6 tissue specific imaging

1.7 spatial composite imaging

1.8 speckle inhibition imaging

1.9 frequency composite imaging

Echo enhancement technique

The model of 1.11 m

1.12 color m-mode

1.13 it can support the dissection of m-type mode, which requires more than 2 m sampling lines and can rotate at any Angle of 360 degrees. Meanwhile, it is also required to support real-time scanning and reconstruction of m-type images during off-line analysis of post-processing

1.14 color doppler imaging

1.15 spectral doppler imaging (including pulse doppler, high pulse repetition frequency, continuous wave doppler)

1.16 optional tissue doppler imaging requires support for four modes of tissue doppler (provide proof images)

1.17 low mechanical index imaging mode is optional, and microangiography is supported

1.18 real-time wide-view imaging is optional, which requires support of convex array, linear array and phased array probes. Scanning speed suggests that the maximum scanning length of wide-view is more than 90cm

Independent Angle deflection (proof of picture is required)

Extended imaging requires convex array and linear array probe to be available

1.21 real-time dual-amplitude contrast imaging

1.22 one-key automatic optimization (including two-dimensional, color, spectral mode, tdi and imaging)

One key to achieve full screen magnification

1.24 local magnification (front-end and back-end magnification are supported)

1.25d and color multispectral dual display

1.26 can support automatic workflow protocol, which can customize check specifications according to doctors' habits and reduce duplication of operations

1.27 optional puncture needle enhancement technology requires dual-screen real-time contrastive display to enhance the effect before and after enhancement, and support the enhancement plane multi-angle adjustable at the same time

1.28 supports dicom 3.0

1.29 support language, English, Chinese (including keyboard input, notes, operation panel, etc.)

1.30 the bidding product manufacturer has the ability to produce original ultrasonic workstation software (provide registration certificate and software copyright certificate)

2. Measurement and analysis:

2.1 routine measurement

2.2 distance measurement, ellipse and trace measurement area circumference and volume measurement

2.3 doppler measurement (automatic or manual envelope measurement, automatic calculation of measurement parameters)

2.4 general measurement package and automatic report generation

2.5 abdomen, gynecology, obstetrics, heart, urinary, small organs, pediatrics, blood vessels, nerves, emergency department

2.6 special measurement and analysis of gynecology/obstetrics, including multiple fetal measurement, fetal physiological score and obstetric formula for Chinese population

2.7 automatic obstetric measurements can be supported (double top diameter, head circumference, occipital forehead diameter, femur length, abdominal circumference)

2.8 automatic nt measurement is supported (picture of proof is provided)

2.9 it can support the automatic measurement of the endovascular mesangium, and can simultaneously trace and generate the measurement data from a distance between the anterior and posterior inner mesangium of the blood vessels, and it has the professional evaluation report and historical review analysis function (provide the supporting picture).

3. Film playback and raw data processing

3.1 manual and automatic playback is supported in all modes; Support backward storage and forward storage, time length can be preset, backward storage is more than 5 minutes film

3.2 supporting the comparison analysis of saved images (dynamic and static)

3.3 original data processing can adjust the parameters of the playback images

Support synchronous storage (support single frame image files including: DCM, tiff, BMP, jepg single frame, movie files including: cin, avi, DCM), that is, the front desk can complete real-time scanning when image data is stored or exported in the background. Direct one key storage to hard disk, suddenly shut down or did not end to check shut down data not lost

3.5 support one-key multi-function output, requiring the same custom function button to support output of more than 4 functions.

4. Check storage and management (built-in ultrasonic workstation)

3.6 solid state hard disk with high speed and low power

3.7 built-in ultrasonic workstation

3.8 various export image formats: dynamic images and static images are directly exported in PC format, and images can be viewed on ordinary PC without special software. While exporting and backing up the image data, real-time inspection can be carried out without affecting the inspection operation

Safety and certification

Approved by ce, fda and sfda

Technical parameters and requirements

1. General system functions

1.1 monitor: color led display for medical professionals with resolution of more than 15 inches

1.2* interface standard: adopt needle-free electrosensitive probe socket, which can be extended to 3, supporting hot plug probe

1.3* notebook design, all-metal appearance, industrial cooling design, 160-degree monitor adjustable

1.4 operation panel: physical keys, trackball operation, support users to customize more than 4 keys

1.5 safety standards: meet product safety quality requirements

1.6 the weight of the whole machine is less than or equal to 6kg

2. Probe specification: support single crystal probe

2.1 frequency: broadband frequency conversion probe, two and color independent frequency conversion

2.2 the heart transesophageal probe can be supported with frequency range of 6 frequencies and scanning Angle of 90 degrees or more

2.3 puncture guidance: puncture guidance devices are optional for all probes

2.4* equipped with phased-array probe as single crystal probe (subject to inspection report and published color pages)

3. Two-dimensional gray scale mode

3.1 digital sound beam former

3.2 digital whole-process dynamic focusing, digital variable aperture and dynamic track, a/d is greater than or equal to 12 bits

3.3 scan line: the density of each frame line is greater than or equal to 512 ultrasonic lines

3.4 scanning frequency:

3.4.1 electronic convex array: the ultrasonic frequency is 1.3-6.0 MHZ

3.4.2 electronic linear array: ultrasonic frequency is 5.4-13.5 MHZ

3.4.3 single-crystal phased array probe

Maximum display depth: greater than or equal to 39cm (picture proof is provided)

LGC 3.6:4 or more

3.7 gain adjustment: b/m/d is independently adjustable and greater than 100

3.8 scan frame rate: the diagnosis depth is 18cm, and the full field field of phased array probe is greater than or equal to 61 frames/SEC

4. Color doppler imaging

4.1 includes velocity, speed variance, energy, direction energy display, etc

4.2 display mode: b/c, b/c/m, b/power, b/c/pw

4.3 sample box deflection: greater than or equal to 30 degrees (line array probe)

5. Spectrum doppler mode

5.1 includes pulse doppler, high pulse repetition rate and continuous doppler

5.2 display mode: b, pw, b/pw, b/c/pw, b/cw, b/c/cw, etc

5.3 display control: invert, zero shift, b refresh, d expansion, b/d extension, etc

5.4 sampling volume: 0.5-20mm

5.5 deflection Angle: greater or greater than or equal to 30 degrees (linear array probe)

Vii. Connectivity

1. Reference signal: ecg, respiratory wave, and support ecg trigger control

2. Input/output signals:

3. Input: VCR, external video, RGB color video

Vehicle Mounted DR

The chamber type structure that intergrated with x-ray machine and the vehicle: neat and tidy, also easy for patients going in and out; onboard Sync racks, chained-type closed-loop structure, dual system heat emission device. Self-locking protection when power-off, shock absorber; x-ray area with lead protection.

High Voltage Power


Source:AC 220V±10%

Power: 50kW;

Fluoroscopy Status:Current:0.5-5mA   Voltage:40-150kV  

      Stepping 1kV/Gear;

Film Status: time: 1ms-10ms 

Exposure time: 1ms-10s (1%+0.1 ms );

MAs range:1-500mAs


        320,500mA (±3%) 


X-ray Tube

Type:E7252X  Brand:Toshiba 

 Heat Capacity:300KHU

         Focus:small foculs:0.6×0.6 mm   big focus:1.2×1.2 mm

        Flat Panel Detector

Type:4343R   Brand:Trixell  

1. Scintillator:cesium iodide (Csl)

2. Pixel pitch:148μm;

3. Pixel:2860×2874(8.2 million pixels)

4. X-ray sensitivity range:17×17 inch

5. NED Max. Value:0.25 µGy

6. ADC:16 bit

 7. Dimension:500×490×45.5 mm




Body Structure

Semi-integral body


predigest inner decoration

flat floor, no luggage rack

Passenger Door

and Door Pump

Middle and back Pneumatic outer swinging door.


wind Shield

Peony green:totally encolsed windows, last two sides sliding sash window

Air-conditioner System

roof-mounted air-conditioner made in China, Cooling Capacity 21000 kilocalorie


MP3 player

Back-sight Visual System

Arm-type Side window


Front: holistic headlamp  Back: small round lamp


opposed wiper system


 fire extinguisher, window sunshade curtain for drivers, white paint made in China, Roof window with ventilator

Medical Vehicle

7-8 Meters Medical Vehicle

XRAY·Medical Vehicle Introduction(8m)

Medical Vehicle





Door structure

2 doors(Euro Ⅲ emission)

3 doors(Euro Ⅴ emission)




Fluoroscopic only

AKHX-50/200A(for vehicle)

Radiographic only

AKHX-50/200C(for vehicle)


AKHX-50/200B(for vehicle)

Digital DR Radiographic

AKHX-50/200B(for vehicle),detector has various choice,as Varian,Canon,XRAY

Fluoroscopic/Digital DRradiographic

AKHX-50/200B(for vehicle)

Other Equipment

Optional:B ultrasonic/electro cardio/examination bed(with working table inside),electric hearing test room,darkroom,biochemical test table,inspecting table for Lung(depending on customer request)


9 Meters Medical Vehicle

XRAY·Medical Vehicle Introduction(9m)

Medical Vehicle





Door structure

2 doors(Euro Ⅲ emission)

3 doors(Euro Ⅴ emission)




Fluoroscopic only

AKHX-50/200A(for vehicle)

Radiographic only

AKHX-50/200C(for vehicle)


AKHX-50/200B(for vehicle)

Digital DR Radiographic

AKHX-50/200B(for vehicle),detector has various choice,as Varian,Canon,XRAY

Fluoroscopic/Digital DRradiographic

AKHX-50/200B(for vehicle)

Other Equipment

Optional:B ultrasonic/electro cardio/examination bed(with working table inside),electric hearing test room,darkroom,biochemical test table,inspecting table for Lung(depending on customer request)



XRAY·Medical Vehicle Introduction(11- 12m)

Medical Vehicle

Vehicle Chassis

Door Structure

2-4 doors


X-ray Machine

Fluoroscopic only

AKHX-50/200A(for vehicle)

Radiographic only

AKHX-50/200C(for vehicle)


AKHX-50/200B(for vehicle)

Digital DR Radiographic

AKHX-50/200B(for vehicle),detector has various choice,as  Varian,Canon,XRAY

Fluoroscopic/ Digital DR radiographic

AKHX-50/200B(for vehicle)

Other Equipment

Optional:B ultrasonic/electro cardio/gynecology examination bed(with working table inside),electric hearing test room,darkroom,biochemical test table,inspecting table for Lung(depending on customer request)


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