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Military Mobile Showers Trailer Customizing Tow Draw Bar Dolly

Military Mobile Showers Trailer Customizing Tow Draw Bar Dolly
Tow Draw Bar Dolly Food Trailer
Price: $ 68000
Discount Price: $ 65000

  • DRZ903


  • 8716400000

Military Mobile Showers Trailer  Customizing Tow Draw Bar Dolly 

Draw Bar Trailer ,Dolly Trailer

mobile shower trailer-57

Fully Trailer 

Net weight 5000 (kg)

Overall dimensions 7600X2500X2200 (mm)

The camping shower car is a kind of camping equipment which can guarantee the soldiers to wash in the field conditions. The whole vehicle can use its own generator or external power supply  clean water to complete the guarantee work. Can take out the water in the river,  reservoir, purification by  shower purification plant, oil burning boiler boiler heating (start after 10 minutes) and mixed them into the appropriate (40 ℃ or so) warm water for bath. Also can use municipal pipe network or other water supply equipment to supply water directly, produce the water that suits bath. The vehicle can be powered by the municipal power supply, when the municipal power supply is not available, use the 3kw diesel generator equipped .


Technical Parameters Shower Car

Maximum Bathing Capacity (Person-Time /h) : 60(Continuous External Water Supply)

Maximum Number Of Simultaneous Showers: 10 person

Body Size Of Water Tank (L) : 1200 (Shower For Up To 35 People)

Environmental Adaptation Temperature (℃) : 25 ~ 40

Altitude (m) : 3000 (Up To 5000)

Minimum Ground Clearance (㎜) : 420

Compartments  Dimension (㎜) : 6800 x2300x2200 

 DRZ Shower Trailer

DRZ Shower Trailer

Functional  Equipment  /ModelQuatityDescription
1Adopt All - Mounted Chassis Structure, Transportation Is Flexible And Convenient

Body Part


Body Frame Modification/Aluminum Skin Modification/Skirt Assembly1 SetRoof Reinforcement Beam, Roof Stanchion, Bearing Bracket, Embedded Reinforcement, Reinforcement, Hole Opening And Sealing, Material: Use Special Steel Plate, Thick Seamless Square Pipe, Gb Angle Steel, Channel Steel, i-Steel
Polyurethane Insulation, Flame Retardant Insulation Layer/Area Partition1 SetPolyurethane Foaming On Site
Generator Cabin And Door, Car Hinge1 SetGenerator Set Heat Dissipation, Noise Reduction, Exhaust Modification, Drag Structure, Sound Insulation Materials
Working Doors1 SetDesign The Work Door According To The Situation After The Box System Reform
Push And Pull The Ladder From Behind1 SetThe Rear Part Of The Car Body Is Designed To Push And Pull And Fold The Ladder


Fuel Boiler1Combustion Engine 10w Card: 170L Boiler Content, Korean Technology, Imported Accessories Assembly
Power Control Box1Customize Power Control Equipment Assembly
Water Filter1Stainless Steel, Customization
Shower Pipe1 SetCustom Piping, Stainless Steel + Hose Design
Shower1 SetStainless Steel, Customized
Shower Switch1 SetStainless Steel Shower Switch
Warm Air Blower1Diesel Air Heater
Clothing Shoe Ark1 SetClothes And Shoes Cabinet, Customized Size
Other Miscellaneous1 SetNon-Slip Mat, Coat And Hat Hook, Waterproof Curtain, Etc
Power Generation Equipment1Ito Generator, 4Kw
The Power Cord Set1 Set30M, Steel Fixed Bracket Installation, High Temperature Resistant Plastic Shell, Steel Bearing; Input 220V, Including Storage Tray
Leakage Protection System1 SetInstall Leakage Protector To Ensure The Safety Of Electricity In The Car
Mains1 Set220v Municipal Ac Power Supply; The Power Interface Adopts Limit Plug-Ins For Safety Protection (Single-Phase Three-Level, Water-Proof And Dustproof, Wrong Insertion And Leakage Proof)
Boiler Power System1 SetAccording To The Boiler Equipment Electricity Uses The Special Line Design, Guarantees This Set Of Equipment Electricity Safety


Oil Supply System

Fuel Tanks And Modifications1160L For Driving And Boiler
Fuel Supply Line1 SetAccording To The Oil Tank System To Reform The Oil Road System
8Water Supply SystemWater Supply Line1 SetPrivate Water Supply Line
Water Tank1Special Water Tank With Capacity Of 1800L
Proportioning Mixing Valve
1: 1 Adjustable Temperature-Controlled Proportional Water Mixing Valve
Water Pump (Self-Priming)12.5 m3 / h,
Water Hose1 The RootShower Hose
Waste Water Hose1Special Hose
Quick Joint Pipe1 SetSpecial Hose
Strongpoint8Star Octagon Flash Strobe, Red And Blue Four
Box Lamp1 SetLed Body Lamp
10Accessory SystemFire Extinguishers And Supports1 SetCustom-Made Stainless Steel Fire Extinguisher Rack In The Car, With a 4Kg Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher
Ventilation System1 SetThe Box Is Designed With An Exhaust Ventilation System



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