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Beiben Road Sweeper Truck

Beiben Road Sweeper Truck
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Beiben 8 CBM road sweeper truck water tank 1750 L
Beiben 8 CBM road sweeper truck water tank  2500L

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4*2 ND1160A41 4100 WP6.180
ND1163A48J 4800 WP10.270

Beiben Road Sweeper Truck
Beiben Road Sweeper Truck

1.  Consist of original beiben 1624/1627/1629 Vehicles chassis, hydraulic system, elevating system and electrical system.
2.  Sweeper Truck technology from American and made a lot of optimized design.
3.  The cleaning system is driven by imported advanced hydraulic motor to guarantee the power and reliability during work.
4.  With the structure of four mid-mounted disk brushes and one rear-mounted suction nozzle, which provide a large sweeping width, high sweeping efficiency and good traffic ability. Also convenient for adjustment and maintenance of sweeper device and nozzle.
5.  An automatic clutch is set up on the transmission between the vice-engine and the fan, wshich can ensure the automatic separation of the vice-engine from the fan when the vice-engine startup or shutdown.  
6.  The sweeping disk has the protection function and automatic reset function, which can avoid obstacles automatically and return automatically.
Beiben road sweeper truck  
maximum operation capacity: sqm/h/h-44000 square meters.Beiben Road Sweeper Truck

Steering System
Type of Steering Gear Recirculating ball and screw type with hydraulic power assistance
Adjustment Steering Wheel Tilt and Telescopic
Steering  Wheel Position Left hand drive
Brake System
Service Brake System Full Air Brake
Parking Brake Pneumatically Controlled Spring Brake
Assistant Brake Exhaust Brake
Type Forward Control Over Engine Type
Seat 3 Seats
Air Condition System Manual Control
Radio System AM-FM Radio
Dimension (mm)
Overall Length 7,2620
Overall Width 2,500
Overall Height 3,340
Wheel Base 4,100 or 4800
Weight (kg)
Curb Weight 7,050
Loading capacity 7,000
Max Gross Weight (G.V.W) 15,020
Sweeping system
Auxiliary engine Japan Isuzu493 or JMC493, or CY4100
Engine power   (kw) 85
Rolling brush One unit Standard
Side brush 4 unit standard
Dust suction collector 2 units left and right
Control box English
Hydraulic system Europe
Waste hopper capacity (m3) 7
Water capacity (m3) 1
Sweeping Speed(km/h) 3~25
Sweeping Width(mm) 3500
Maximum cleanable particle size(mm) 95

Compared with common road sweeper, this model has more functions:Road sweeping, road flushing, multi-angle slush flushing, separation zone cleaning, freeway guard rail flushing,spraying, moistening and dust containing, high pressure water gun for car cleaning/low flat flushing with strong water flow, road sprinkling and flower watering from both sides and so on.
1.The Vice-engine sweepers no. Fans and other work devices to take power through the chassis engine to drive.
2. Cleaning device with Automatic Collision Avoidance Obstacle protection and automatic reset function (by national patent)
3. "Mid four brush - rear nozzle" structure layout with sweeping wide, clean and efficient features, and facilitate the cleaning device and nozzle adjustment and maintenance.
4.Pneumatic conveying system with digestion and absorption of foreign advanced technology and efficient sweepers dedicated fans and can auto-leveling with the road the whole floating nozzle.
5.Sweeper combined with trochar disc, it can work excellently and can automotically choose work type according to waste condition on the ground and speed of the truck. ;
6.Trash and water tank large, continuous cleaning operation a long time.
7. Left, right front linkage scan can work independently or can choose to use the right front or left front sweep sweep to work independently.
8.Hydraulic system with superimposed solenoid hydraulic valve, highly integrated, reliable, easy maintenance;
9. Control switch installed in the driver focused interior, all electronic control can be found in cab ,Beautiful appearance designed via computer.
Customization, Cost and Control Built How You Want it, at a Price You Can Afford. for sale call:+86-152 -7135-7675  
 Our factory products line:
Fire truck; Road wrecker/recovery tow truck/ Car carrier/; Aerial work platform ; Road sweeper; Garbage truck; Watering cart ; Oil/Fuel tanker truck; Truck mounted crane; Concrete mixer truck ; Bulk powder transport truck ; Dumper ; Sewage suction truck etc.
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Beiben Road Sweeper Truck

Standard configuration
Chassis,sub frame,body,4 sweeping brushes, stainless steel vacuum tank, water tank,5T fan, auxiliary engine, electromagnetic control valve, suction cup, sprinkler system,
hydraulic system and electrical system.
Selective configuration
surveillance system,rolling brush.
Vehicle model Chassis brand Chassis model Load (L) Overall dimensions Wheel base Engine model hp/standard Tire EXW Price
RMB /USD=6.3

Dust Water mm mm

DRZ5160TSLD DONGFENG LHD/RHD RHD price add $2000 DFL1160BX 6000;7000 4000;
8090X2470X3050 4700 B190 33 190/Euro 3 9.00-20 309800 US$49,175
DRZ5060TSLE DONGFENG LHD/RHD RHD price add $2000 EQ1060TJ20D3 3500 800 5970X2000X2400 3300 CY4102-C3F 95/Euro 3 11.00R20 159400 US$25,302
DRZ5090TSLE DONGFENG LHD/RHD RHD price add $2000 EQ1090T9ADJ3AC 4500 1000 6700X2290X2500 3800 CY4102-E3C 120/Euro 3 7.50R16 200500 US$31,825
DRZ5108TSLE DONGFENG LHD/RHD RHD price add $2000 EQ1108KJ 5000 3000 7000X2480X3000 3950 B170 33 170/Euro 3 9.00-20 257700 US$40,905
DRZ5126TSLE DONGFENG LHD/RHD RHD price add $2000 EQ1126KJ1 6000 4000 8090X2470X3050 4700 B190 33 190/Euro 3 9.00-20 279800 US$44,413
DRZ5141TSLE DONGFENG LHD/RHD RHD price add $2000 EQ1141KJ 6000 4000 7650X2480X3000 4500 B190 33 190/Euro 3 10.00-20 272700 US$43,286
DRZ5073TSLB FOTON LHD/RHD RHD price add $2000 BJ1073VEJEA-A 3500 800 5995X1900X2680 3360 4DW91-63NG2 98/Euro 2 6.50-16 149400 US$23,714
DRZ5163TSLB FOTON LHD/RHD RHD price add $2000 BJ1163VKPGG-1 6000 4000 7810X2495X3160 5000 Phaser160Ti-33 160/Euro 3 9.00R20 299800 US$47,587
QL1070A1KAY 4500 1000 6465X1980X2435 3815 4KH1-TCG40 120/Euro 4 7.00-15 255700 US$40,587
DRZ511009TSLQ ISUZU LHD QL11009LARY 5000 3000 6910X2200X2640 4175 4HK1-TCG40 190/Euro 4 8.25-20 331400 US$52,603
DRZ51609TSLQ ISUZU LHD QL11609MFRY 6000 4000 7705X2500X3060 4500 4HK1-TCG40 190/Euro 4 10.00-20 403100 US$63,984
DRZ5161TSLH JAC LHD/RHD RHD price add $2000 HFC1161P3K2A47F 6000 4000 8155X2495X3070 4700 YC4E160-42 160/Euro 4 11.00R20 337900 US$53,635
DRZ5165TSLS SHACMAN LHD/RHD RHD price add $2000 SX1165UN461 6000 4000 8040X2490X3270 4600 WP10.270E32 270/Euro 3 12.00R20 362000 US$57,460

Beiben Road Sweeper Truck

Cell :+8615271357675


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