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Df Hook Lift Truck with 17~20t

  • 10000
  • Nil
  • T/T, Western Union
  • TIC5250D
  • Diesel
  • 4×2
  • Dongfeng
  • Medium
  • Arm Type
  • New
  • Euro 4
  • 270HP
  • 8200×2490×3110
  • 4350+1300,5350+1300
  • 8/9,8/10
  • 11.00-20
  • 25000
  • 8000
  • ≤60
  • ≤60
  • TIC
  • military standard.
  • China
  • 8705909090
  • Roll Off
  • ISO9000, CCC
  • >15000L
  • Euro 4
  • Manual
  • 20T
DF hook lift Truck with 17~20T
Hooklift Garbage Truck with Hydraulic Self Loading System

Dongfeng Roll off Garbage Truck

Dongfeng Tianlong compression garbage truck(15-20T)
Chassis type DFL1250A11, DFL1250A12,
Cubage(T) 15-20
Parameters Overall dimension length/width/height (mm) 8200×2490×3110
Total Mass(kg) 25000
Payload(kg) 13350
Kerb Mass(kg) 11650
Approach angle/ Departure angle(mm) 25/13
Front suspension/rear suspension(mm) 1420/2710
Fuel Type diesel
Fuel Consumption/100 km
Max Speed 98
Engine Type ISDE270 40
Displacement/Power(kw) 6700 / 198
Manufacturer Dongfeng Cummins disel engine company
Type 6 cylinders,turbcharge inter-cooling
Chassis Drive type 6×4
Wheelbase(mm) 4350+1300,5350+1300
Tread(front/rear) 1986/1860,1860
Front axle 7T
Rear axle 18T
Steering gear Hydraulic assistance
Transmission 8 forward gear,1 reverse gear,manual mechanical type
Clutch Single,dry type, hydraulic remote control
Braking system Double rear axle braking su
Cab Non-long headed cabin,one sleeper bed in the cab
Number of spring axle(front/rear) 8/9,8/10
Tire Type 11.00-20
Air-condition With air conditioner

Garbage Collection Truck with Hooklift Hydraulics
Hooklift Truck/hook loader/self loading unloading truck

waste compactor truck
Our hot sale hydraulic garbage truck
The Specification of Hooklift Garbage Truck:
Hook arm frame lifting capacity (kg) 17000~20000
Hook compartments work time (s) ≤60
Unloading time lifting compartments (s) ≤60
Carriage lifting time (s) ≤60
Dustbin Max lifting angle (s) 49
The height of center hook (mm) 1570

Hooklift Truck
We are specialzied in offer various kinds of garbage trucks.
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Garbage bucket can be characterized by hanging from the crane, the arm, a working cycle time: 60S. The car is characterized by separate cargo compartment with the body, to achieve a vehicle with a number of co-operation cargo compartment, recycling transportation, to fully enhance the vehicle's transport capacity, especially for short-distance transport, such as the sanitation sector to urban garbage clean-up and transportation.
Private Function Description:
Envelope materialGarbage trucks can be used: Carbon steel, stainless steel, epoxy anti-corrosion treatment taken internally
Car-typeJunk cars varies depending on the model shape
Scope of useWidely used for small-scale garbage truck waste management and city streets, all with the dump functions, hydraulic operation, dumping easy.
Seal FormsSeal in the form of garbage trucks can choose: All sealed, on the clamshell, slide-type form are sealed to prevent secondary pollution, open the roof may take the form, please choose a user according to their different types of garbage trucks


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