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Y-Ton High-Purity High Pressure Industrial Gas Cylinders 16.6MPa Filling N2, He, SF6, NF3, N2O

Y-Ton High-Purity High Pressure Gas Cylinders 16.6MPa Filling N2, He, SF6, NF3, N2O
Industrial Sf6 Gas Cylinder 470L
Price: $ 6999
Discount Price: $ 6666

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Y-Ton High-Purity High Pressure Gas Cylinders 16.6MPa Filling N2, He, SF6, NF3, N2O

Industrial Sf6 Gas Cylinder 470L

With the rapid development of microelectronics,aerospace, bioengineering, new materials,precision metallurgy, environmental science and other industries, the demand for high-purity gas is increasing and the quality requirements are getting higher and higher.

Y-Ton cylinders are used for the storage and supply of high-purity media, providing a safe and reliable guarantee for storing and transporting a large amount of high-purity gases.

Operating pressure: 16.6MPa;

Product shape: two openings on both ends;

Material: 4130X;

Filling medium: N2, He, SF6, NF3, N2O and other high-purity gases;

Inwall treatment: 3S/25S

Y-TON high purity industrial gas cylinder for storage of industrial gas with purity more than 99.9999%, such as SiH4, SF6, pH3, N2O, NF3 etc.

high purity high pressure gas cylinder (34)high purity high pressure gas cylinder (43)high purity high pressure gas cylinder (80)

High Purity Gas Cylinder Y-ton

High Purity Gas Cylinder Parameter:

High Purity Gas Cylinder



Vessel Categories


Filling Media


Per Cylinder Weight


Design Wall Thickness

15 mm

Frame Weight


Cylinder Inner Wall Roughness


Leak Rate/ Pa.m3/s


Painting Color

Silver Grey

Design Pressure/Mpa


Working Pressure/Mpa


Design Tempressure /ºc


Hydraulic Pressure/Mpa


Per Cylinder Nominal Capacity/L


Water Content/Ppm


End Plug Material

304 Stainless steel

Valve Material

316L Stainless steel

Technical specification for high purity SF6 gas y bottle

Technical specification of high purity SF6 gas y bottle:

1) Equipment name: y bottle;

2) Containing medium: 5N high purity SF6 gas;

3) Volume: 470L;

4) Working pressure: 16.6mpa (2400psi);

5) Cylinder diameter: 610mm;

6) Cylinder material: 4130X;

7) End plug and conduit material: 304;

8) Manufacturing standard: Q / LNQ / DOT;

9) The inner wall of the gas cylinder shall be polished with a finish of 3S (RA ≤ 0.6) μ m);

10) After the inside of the container is cleaned and degreased, there is no fluorescence reflection under the irradiation of ultraviolet lamp;

11) Valves at both ends, the valve outlet is upward, and siphons are installed at both ends. The direction of the siphon is vertical upward for the gas phase and vertical downward for the liquid phase;

12) SF6 is added to the steel seal of the cylinder. After the primer is sprayed on the surface of the cylinder, B04 silver gray finish paint is sprayed. The thickness of the paint film is ≥ 100 μ m;

13) The height of the center of the bottle mouth of the cylinder with underframe, cap and strap is 500 + 30mm;

14) After drying, the content of water and oxygen in the container is less than 0.5ppm, and the container is filled with 0.1MPa high-purity 6nrn nitrogen for protection;

15) The valve adopts CGA716 (rodalex) with thread of 3 / 4 "- 14NGT, which is provided by the supplier and installed by the supplier;

16) After the cylinder is assembled, the pressure test and leakage detection shall be conducted according to the working pressure of the cylinder, and the leakage rate shall be lower than 5.0 × 10-6mbar·l/s;

17) Technical data: the cylinder is provided with high purity cylinder quality certificate, which shall include cylinder product certificate, special equipment manufacturing supervision and inspection certificate, oxygen and moisture analysis report, drying report, inner wall roughness and endoscope imaging picture, paint inspection report and DOT certificate.

High Purity Gas Cylinder Y-ton

Model No Water Capacity Diameter Length Weight Gas Capacity Filling pressure Test pressure
(liter) (mm) (mm) (kg) (m3) (Mpa) (Mpa)
233 440 609.6 2,115 556 73 166 276
225B 470 609.6 2,235 630 78 166 276

high purity gas cylinder Y-ton for Nitrogen, helium...
Skid Mounted Gas Cylinders electric Gas Container Cylinder N2o NF3 Sih4 Sf6 Bf3 Water Volume: 440L, 470L Working Pressure 16.6MPaSkid Mounted Gas Cylinders electric Gas Container Cylinder N2o NF3 Sih4 Sf6 Bf3 Water Volume: 440L, 470L Working Pressure 16.6MPaY-Ton Cylinder | Gas Cylinder Skid Mounted Gas Cylinders electric Gas Container Cylinder N2o NF3 Sih4 Sf6 Bf3 Water Volume: 440L, 470L Working Pressure 16.6MPaY - Ton bottle for storage and supply of high purity medium is very safe and reliable
guarantee, it save the residence time for the user and operating costs.
Cylinder standard: GB33145
Working pressure: 16.6mpa(2400psi)
Test pressure:27.7mpa
Material is 4130X.
Working temperature:-40ºC~60ºC
Filling medium is high purity N2, HE, SF6, NF3, N2O.
Bottle internal treatment is:1S/3S/25S
Valve brand : Rotarex
Valve quantity: 1pcs
Valve inlet thread: 3/4NGT outlet thread :CGA712
Valve model :D30410036 C=3/4NGT, A=DISS712,Vespel seat for N2O,3360psi and 165F.
Y-Ton Cylinder | Gas Cylinder

Model Capacity
Cylinder Dia
Cylinder weight
Total weight
610-440-16.6I 440 610 15 2120 ~527 ~647
610-470-16.6I 470 610 15 2235 ~555 ~675

Shengrun CNG tube trailer/trailers are widely used in sectors of gas storage, NGV station, CNG tank trailer, and CNG power generating plant and etc. Meanwhile our cylinder skid/trailers are also applied for the storage and transportation of hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium, purified gas and other kinds of gases.
Features of Dong RunZe high-pressure gas cylinder:
1. Heat-spinning technology;
2. Walking beam continuous heat treatment;
3. Large-size structure and fewer valves, tubes and joints;
4. Concise design, less maintenance on site;
5. Lower weight of design;
6. Additional gas-filling devices.

CNG tube bundle container



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