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Reefer dolly Trailer Customizing

Reefer dolly Trailer Customizing
Price: $ 15800
Discount Price: $ 13800

  • DRZ9290XLC

  • dong run ze

  • 8716399000

Reefer dolly Trailer Customizing 

 reefer dolly van trailer-25T_1

Reefer dolly Trailer  Customizing  

 truck cooling units for fresh food Specification:

Model Refrigerant Cooling capacity*(Road)Blowing rate Condenser Evaporator Apply for
0℃/+30℃-18/+30℃ m³/h Dimension(mm)Weight(kg)Dimension(mm)Weight(kg) (m³)
KX-550B R404a 5800 3000 2200 1456x540x505 60 1224x508x278 32 20~30
KX-760B R404a 7225 3860 2460 1456x540x505 62 1224x555x278 36 35~45
KX-860B R404a 7850 4865 2650 1456x540x505 63 1227x652x303 41 40~50
KX-960B R404a 8425 5365 2860 1456x540x505 66 1227x652x328 43 50~60

 transport refrigeration units Specification:

del Refrigerant Cooling capactity*(W)Blowing rate Condenser Evaporator Apply for
0℃/+30℃-18/+30℃ m³/h Dimension(mm)Weight(kg)Dimension(mm)Weight(kg) (m³)
KX-450 R404a 4100 2600 1800 1020x435x315 32 1105x649x230 17 18~25
KX-650 R404a 5800 3000 2400 1150x570x430 60 1530x649x230 38 25~35

  Key feature:

1. Streamlined appearance. beautiful and elegant
2. Internal ultra-thin evaporator. greatly increase the cargo capacity of the container.
3. Large refrigerating capacity of the unit to ensure the safety of the transport of goods. Even in case of high temperature and to open the doors too often. the unit still can maintain good performance.
4. Big air volume. maintain fresh quality of the goods.
5. Wide range of temperature control(-30°C to +30°C).
6. Computer control. easy operation. safety.
7. Fast installation. convenient maintenance. saving operating costs.
8. Meet the requirements of environmental safety.
9. Show the inside temperature.
10. Voltage display. high and low voltage alarm.
11. Optional data recorder. heating and power function.

  Refrigeration units standard configuration:

1. HFC R404a Environmental protection refrigerants.
2. Multi-function operating panel.
3. Ultra-thin evaporator.
4. Hot gas defrosting system.
5. 12V or 24V operating voltage.
6. There’s liquid cooling when environmental temperature is too high. to insure compressor.

  Safety guard:

1. Emergency switch protection.
2. Thermal protection guard.
3. Refrigeration system high. low voltage protection.
4. Safe installation instruction. can improve the protective of electromagnetic interference.

  Operating and control component:

1. Micro computer control system.
2. Automatic/ Manual defrost.
3. Digital display.
4. Fahrenheit or Celsius display set point temperature and return air temperature.
5. Data set parameters and alarm



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