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HINO 700 Mixer Trucks 8~12m3 Transit Mixers Concrete Mixer Truck

HINO 700 Mixer trucks 8~12m3 Transit Mixers concrete mixer truck

 HINO 700 Mixer trucks

8~12m3 Transit Mixers concrete mixer truck
concrete mixer truck
HINO 700 Mixer trucks, HINO 700 Concrete Mixer Truck ,Cement Mixer Suppliers,  Skype \ Yahoo:tomsongking

 HINO 700 Mixer trucks 8~12m3 Transit Mixers concrete mixer truck

   concrete mixer truck
     Mixer truck  Concrete Mixer Truck Cement Mixer Suppliers 


   1. Product introduction




   Concrete mixers, used to transport building dedicated truck with concrete. Such trucks equip with cylindrical mixing tube to carry mixed concrete. During transport will keep the mixing tube rotated to ensure that the concrete does not carry solidification. After transporting concrete, usually water rinse inside the mixing tube, to prevent hardening of the concrete space, so that the volume of the mixing tube is less and less.




   2. Product Characteristic






   (1) Material of tanker: high quality 16 Mn steel plate.




   (2) Computer and numerical control welding and cutting, precision size.




   (3) Mixing blade: inner two groups Archimedean screw blade, equably mixing, durability and life cycle.




   (4) Hydraulic motor & hydraulic pump & radiator & reducer are imported with Italy and America Eton brand.




   3. Technical parameters & Product photos

HINO 700 mixer  Truck
Euro 3 standard

       Item       unit       parameter
       mixer  Truck
       Chassis model
       Overall dimensions       mm       7850×2495×3270

       Factual loading       kg       35000kg
       Mass in working order       1200  
       Body internal dimensions       mm       5200×2250×1300
       Wheel base       3300+1410
       F/R track base       1410/1730
       Approach/departure angle       1860       20/30
       Exhaust/hp       ml/hp       10520/350
       Max speed       km/h       90
       Tire specification       11.00R20       Engine type       P11C-UJ
       Traction system       6×4       transmission       11-speed with over drive
       Number of axles       3       Electric system       24v
       Operation control  system       Electrically hydraulic control       Allowable passengers in cab       3
       Equipment       Equipped with dustbin, hydraulic system and operating system
       Pressure is large, operation is convenient and security is dependable
       Engine       diesel engine
       Production cycle       15days
       Warranty       12 month, from the date of supply


       Chassis  YC1250FS2PK
       The drum can be selected from 3m3, 4m3, 5m3, 6m3, 7m3, 8m3, 9m3, 10m3, 11m3, 12m3.

       Material And Technology
       Italy ARK motor
       Excellent National standard 16 M steel  5mm boom 6mm.
       Italy hydraulic pressure oil pump
       Automatic submerged arc welding.
       TOP68 Reducer
       Cold Forming Technology.
       German AKG radiator
       Hyperboloid stirring blades.
       Drum Technicle data
       Drum Transmission Capacity       3000 L       4000 L       5000 L       6000 L       7000 L       8000 L       9000 L
       Drum Capacity       4700 L       6000 L       8000 L       9770 L       10447 L       13400 L       14900 L
       Charge Ratio       0.67       0.67       0.64       0.63       0.67       0.615       0.6
       Charging Speed       ≥3M3/ min       ≥3M3/ min       ≥3M3/ min       ≥3M3/ min       ≥3M3/ min       ≥3M3/ min       ≥3M3/ min
       Discharge Speed       ≥2M3/ min       ≥2M3/ min       ≥2M3/ min       ≥2M3/ min       ≥2M3/ min       ≥2M3/ min       ≥2M3/ min
       Discharge Residual Rate       ≤0.8 %       ≤0.8 %       ≤0.8 %       ≤0.8 %       ≤0.8 %       ≤0.8 %       ≤0.8 %
       Drum Rotation Speed       0~16 r/min       0~16 r/min       0~16 r/min       0~16 r/min       0~16 r/min       0~16 r/min       0~16 r/min
       Filling Height       1.92 M       2.2 M       2.3 M       2.4 M       2.5 M       2.55 M       2.6 M
       Discharging Minimum Height       0.87 M       1.13 M       1.1 M       1.13 M       1.15 M       1.2 M       1.2 M
       Axes Angel       14±0.5       14±0.5       14±0.5       14±0.5       14±0.5       14±0.5       12±0.5
       Overall Dimension       3.9*1.8*2       4*1.95*2.2       4.8*2.3*2.15       5.2*2.1*2.4       4.4*2.1*2.47       5.2*2.2*2.6       5.4*2.3*2.65
       Oil Tank Capacity       180 L       180 L       220 L       260 L       280 L       280 L       300 L
       Normal Working Temperature       50°C~70°C       50°C~70°C       50°C~70°C       50°C~70°C       50°C~70°C       50°C~70°C       50°C~70°C




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