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FORD F150 Moving Medium Emergency Satellite Communication Vehicle

FORD F150 Moving Medium Emergency Satellite Communication Vehicle
Price: $ 678000
Discount Price: $ 674000

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 FORD F150 Moving Medium Emergency Satellite Communication Vehicle

Moving medium emergency satellite communication vehicle 8

Mobile communication emergency satellite communication vehicle design plan ( vehicle)

In order to cope with various major safety tasks such as rescue and disaster relief, handling emergencies, etc., improve the command and dispatch communication capability of the Gansu Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau, in accordance with the requirements of the emergency rapid response mechanism, build a mobile maneuverability, meet actual combat needs, and have advanced equipment technology. The special equipment vehicles that can be connected by various communication means provide various communication services such as image, voice, fax and data for various emergency scenes. Real-time two-way information transmission between on-site and emergency command vehicles and background command and decision-making is realized in the first time. To ensure that the live situation can be quickly transmitted to the base command center in an emergency, effectively guaranteeing smooth command and dispatch in all kinds of emergency work, providing powerful information and communication support for the command and decision-making level to take overall, decisive decision-making and correct command. Emergency command and dispatch capability.

(1) Construction content (see the moving communication configuration table for details)

Construct an emergency command vehicle with advanced technology, strong maneuverability, perfect function, high reliability and all-weather work. When an unexpected event occurs, it can be maneuvered to the incident location at the first time. Collecting, through satellite, microwave, 4G/5G public network, wireless and cable, and other communication methods to ensure emergency communication between the field and the rear command center, assisting the Gansu Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau and related units to comprehensively respond to emergencies Research and judgment, remote consultation, real-time and remote command and dispatch. It can perform tasks independently or in conjunction with emergency command vehicles and other vehicles. The documents, recordings and video materials of the on-site disposal process can be stored, and the communication vehicle can be used as an emergency drill and training in daily life.

(two) system function

1. Strong maneuvering function: According to the requirements of the weight, space and other aspects of the equipment of the satellite communication vehicle, the personnel accompanying, the field work, etc., choose the large off-road vehicle as the carrier of the satellite vehicle. Off-road vehicles are required to have good off-road capability to meet mission requirements in harsh environmental conditions. With large engine power and maximum speed, it can quickly accompany the emergency response team to ensure the timely execution of tasks. The overall space and carrying capacity can meet the requirements of the installation and operation of the conventional communication system and users.

2. Data communication function: (1) Satellite data communication: the vehicle-mounted satellite communication system is installed in the car, and the satellite antenna is installed in the roof. It can overcome complex terrain and extreme weather, automatically search for stars, and national emergency in the maneuvering process. The Ministry of Management Command Center, the Provincial Government Emergency Center, the Provincial Safety Production Emergency Command Center, and the stationary emergency command vehicle establish satellite data links; (2) 4G/5G data communication: the vehicle-mounted full-network 4G/5G data communication system is installed in the vehicle. A variety of satellite signal modulation equipment, 4G/5G antenna installed on the roof, can be in the 4G/5G public network coverage area, under the state of maneuver, with the National Emergency Management Department Command Center, the provincial government emergency center, the provincial safety production emergency command center, mobile Or a stationary emergency communication vehicle to establish a 4G/5G data link; (3) Wired data communication: an in-vehicle IP network system installed in the vehicle, a reserved network cable and a fiber optic interface, which can be in the range of network or fiber extension, and the vehicle is stopped. Established with the National Emergency Management Department Command Center, the Provincial Government Emergency Center, the Provincial Safety Production Emergency Command Center, and the stationary emergency command vehicle. Satellite data link. (4) Wireless data communication: Install the vehicle-mounted microwave two-way image transmission system in the vehicle, adopt the FDD modulation mode, and install the two-way microwave antenna on the roof. In the motorized or static state, within 10 km of the emergency command vehicle with the same equipment installed. Establish wireless audio and video and data transmission links.

3. Video conference function: High-definition audio and video conferences can be held through the data link with the National Emergency Management Department Command Center, the Provincial Government Emergency Center, the Provincial Safety Production Emergency Command Center, and the mobile or stationary emergency communication vehicles. For remote consultation, audio and video signals such as off-camera cameras, in-vehicle cameras, individual microwave image transmission cameras, and unmanned aerial cameras can be simultaneously transmitted to the remote site.

4, audio and video capture scheduling function: high-definition camera outside the car, can capture high-definition video images, and equipped with in-car speakers, high-definition plug-in hybrid matrix, digital mixer, display, hard disk recorder and other equipment to achieve sound Video signal acquisition, scheduling, playback, storage, playback

5, microwave map transmission function: (1) single soldier microwave map transmission system, the installation of individual soldier microwave map transmission equipment, the roof installed single soldier microwave antenna, 1 can carry a single soldier transmitter can be distance command vehicle does not exceed 1.5 km of high-definition audio and video signals are simultaneously transmitted back to the command vehicle to realize two-way voice transmission between the communication vehicle and the individual equipment, and one-way transmission of video; (2) microwave two-way image transmission system adopts FDD modulation mode, and the roof is installed with double

To the microwave antenna, the two-way audio and video transmission between the command vehicle and the communication vehicle can be realized within 10 km of the vehicle driving vehicle under the motorized or stationary state of the vehicle.

6. Voice communication system: (1) equipped with on-board digital-mode car intercom machine, with 6 sets of car-configurable or added wireless voice communication network; (2) equipped with VOIP voice gateway, through satellite, cable and other data links Road, to achieve communication functions such as command vehicles and fixed telephones, mobile phones, and faxes.

7. Power supply and distribution function: The installed power take-off generator supplies power to all equipment on the vehicle; the UPS is installed to ensure stable output of current, and can maintain the normal working time of important electronic equipment for more than 60 minutes.

8. Centralized control function: equipped with centralized control system, which can centralize the common equipment of the whole vehicle such as: hybrid matrix switching, hard disk recorder control, camera control, power supply timing control, digital mixer switching, etc. Auxiliary control, controlled from a range of 20 meters from the body.

9. Satellite phone function: equipped with a hand-held satellite phone, which can be equipped with vehicles or individual personnel as needed to ensure that the communication between the site and the rear command center is uninterrupted under any adverse conditions.

Dynamic communication configuration table

Technical Parameters

(1) Chassis

1 chassis (1 vehicle)

Engine: ≥ 3.4L V6 with turbocharger;

Non-loaded body structure

4 drive, four doors and four seats

4. Dimensions ≥ 5800 × 2000 × 1950 (mm)

5. Wheelbase ≥ 3690 (mm)

≥5 speakers, ≥8-inch touch screen and LCD instrument cluster

Cruise fixed speed, induction wiper, 10-speed manual, 6 airbags

Equipped with leather multi-function steering wheel, steering wheel heating, electric folding mirrors, electric rear window, rear window defrosting, keyless entry, tire pressure monitoring

(2) Satellite communication system

2 Vehicle-mounted satellite antenna (1 set):

★ In line with the national network access requirements for satellite communication equipment.

★ Antenna type: low profile "moving in the middle" electric adjustment flat panel speaker array antenna; 0.6M ≤ equivalent aperture ≤ 0.9 M (in the implementation by the purchaser according to performance and installation space), antenna height ≤ 50cm.

3. Operating frequency: Receive: 12.25-12.75GHz Transmission: 14.00-14.50GHz

4. Antenna gain: reception ≥35dBi (12.50GHz); emission ≥36dBi (14.25GHz)

Tracking accuracy: 0.2° RMS

Cross polarization isolation: static ≥ 30dB, dynamic ≥ 25dB

#Initial automatic capture satellite time: ≤3 minutes (dynthematically)

Lost lock recapture time: ≤ 5 seconds (occlusion ≤ 20 minutes).

Star mode: One-click star search function and power-on automatic star search function.

The platform carrier has an antenna setting error of less than 0.1° for star tracking during motion.

Stability type: two-axis stable tracking, gear rotation

Antenna system vertical and horizontal polarization isolation greater than 30dB

When the vehicle is traveling, it has a point-to-multipoint satellite communication capability, and automatically switches to another satellite within ≤5 minutes to keep the communication uninterrupted.

14. Working environment temperature: -40 ° C ~ 65 ° C

Complicated electromagnetic environment for star capability: support Beidou, GPS (built-in satellite positioning module), independent of compass positioning (electromagnetic principle orientation), can achieve accurate star in complex geomagnetic and unstable geomagnetic environment (after earthquakes and other disasters)

Automatic tracking system: It can detect and display the intensity change of the current satellite beacon signal in real time. It can maintain uninterrupted communication with the satellite at the driving speed of 20-100KM/h, and the software and hardware have independent intellectual property rights.

Tracking mode: support carrier, beacon tracking,

Antenna has self-test function

Antenna has fault alarm function

ACU has power-off memory function

# Provide a copy of the third-party performance inspection report, and the copy is stamped with the manufacturer's official seal (color screenshot, color scan, color copy is invalid).


3 satellite power amplifier (1 unit):

★ Ku band solid state 80W BUC, designed for car design

1dB compression point output power: P1dB ≥ 49.0dBm

Gain: ≥70dB

4. ★ Frequency range: input 950 ~ 1450 MHz; output 14.0 ~ 14.5 GHz

5. Output spurs: -60dBc, max

6. Phase noise @100Hz≤-63dBc, @1KHz≤ -73dBc, @10KHz≤-83dBc

7. @100KHz, -93dBc

8. Power consumption: ≤600 watts

Voltage: DC power supply 48V

Weight: ≤10Kg

It has monitoring function and supports at least one of RS485/RS422/network port communication methods.

The satellite power amplifier has a built-in isolation filter (providing detailed documentation of the original manufacturer's official seal, color screenshots, color scans, color copies are invalid).

The radio transmission equipment type approval certificate of the corresponding power level is provided with a copy of the official seal of the manufacturer (color screenshot, color scan, color copy invalid).

The amplifier operation software has a Chinese operation interface (a software CD is provided).

It has the independent intellectual property rights of the power amplifier control system (providing a copy of the national patent or related copyright certificate).

The product has passed the salt spray test, and the test report issued by the regular third-party testing agency is stamped with the official seal of the manufacturer. The color screenshot, color scan, and color copy are invalid. (Third-party agencies must assess the China National Accreditation Board (CNAS) testing qualifications).

It is the same model as the manufacturer of the command vehicle, and can be backed up in an emergency.


4 LNB (1):

Local oscillator frequency: 11.3GHz;

Frequency stability: ±5KHz;

3. Input frequency: 12.25 ~ 12.75GHz;

4. Output frequency: 950 ~ 1450MHz;

5. Input interface: WR75G;

Noise figure: 0.7dB;

Power gain: 60dB (typical);

5 RF power splitters (1):

L-band, 1 minute 4, N-type connector, 1 channel is not straight, 3 channels are straight


6 Modem 1 (1 unit):

★Used for satellite communication link with Gansu Provincial Emergency Department, compatible with existing satellite communication equipment

Networking methods: point-to-point (SCPC), point-to-multipoint (MCPC), star and mesh communication

Transmission rate: 32Kbps-80Mbps

4. Coding mode: LDPC (27 codes) 1/4, 1/3, 2/5, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 8/9

Comes with two IP interfaces

Operating frequency band: 950 to 2150MHz

Connector: N-Type

7 Modem 2 (1 unit):

1. ★ For satellite communication link with emergency management department, it needs to be compatible with existing satellite communication equipment. 2. Frequency range: 950 ~ 1950 MHz, 100 Hz resolution;

Input/output impedance and connector: Transmit: 50Ω (N-type female) Receive: 50Ω (N-type female);

Data rate range: 2.4 kbps ~ 5Mbps;

Modem: BPSK, QPSK;

Data interface: 10/100 Base-T Ethernet interface, V.35, RS-232, support VNO management;

Quality of Service Guarantee: Quality of Service (4 Level Priority);

IP module standard features: Supports Managed Switch mode and routing mode, supports unicast and multicast static IP routing, supports SNMP, Web or Telnet management, supports multicast protocols IGMP v1 and v2, supports symmetric and asymmetric transmission, and implements Maximum bandwidth efficiency;

M&C monitoring interface: EIA-232, EIA-485 (2- or 4-wire), Ethernet Ethernet 10/100 Base T;

8 VOIP voice gateway (2 units):

1. Support SIP protocol; support G.723.1 (5.3K), G.723.1 (6.3K), G.729 (A/B/AB), G.711Alaw/Ulaw voice coding; support voice, fax, Modem services; FXS port: ≥ 2 ports, FXO port: ≥ 2 ports.

Can be registered into the command center station VOIP voice gateway gatekeeper, support the various scheduling functions of the gatekeeper.

With two telephones

9 HD video conferencing terminal (1):

★Can access the video conference network of the Emergency Management Department, the Provincial Government Emergency Office, and the Gansu Provincial Emergency Department.

One host with 1080P HD video conferencing terminal

★One video conference HD camera

★ omnidirectional digital wheat, including remote control and other accessories

Input and output interfaces support HDMI/3G-SDI/VGA

10 three-layer switch (1 unit):

1. Three-layer Gigabit Ethernet switch,

2. Number of ports: ≥ 28 ports, ≥ 24 10/100/1000Base-T ports, ≥ 4 100/1000Base-X Gigabit Combo ports

Transmission mode: full-duplex / half-duplex adaptive

Backplane bandwidth: ≥250Gbps/packet forwarding rate: ≥70Mpps/support VLAN

11 Handheld spectrum analyzer (1 unit):

Hand-held portable, self-contained battery independent power supply time ≥ 3 hours

Frequency range: 9KHz-2GHz

Frequency resolution: 1Hz

Display screen: ≥6-inch high-brightness color display

12 Tiantong satellite phone (1 unit)

With Tiantong satellite voice function

With two-line telephone interface, can be connected to ordinary telephone landline

Integrated design of satellite module and antenna

Voice: 1.2kbps/2.4kbps/4kbps

Power supply: DC9-36V power supply, external 220V/110V power adapter

Protection level: IP66

7. Working temperature: -20 ° C -55 ° C

Antenna size: diameter ≤130mm × height 120mm


13 Beidou satellite navigation vehicle terminal (1 unit)

With RDSS positioning function, positioning accuracy of 20 meters (1σ, with calibration station area);

With RDSS communication function, the single communication capability is up to 40 Chinese characters (determined by the user card level);

With RNSS/GPS dual mode positioning function;

It has three kinds of message transmission modes: Chinese characters, codes and mixed transmission of Chinese characters;

map navigation

Navigation map: Baidu, Gaode map navigation.

The host has 2 RS232 data interfaces (1 channel can be expanded to WIFI);

Standby power consumption: ≤ 2W (in case of receiving satellite signals normally without inbound application);

Power interface: DC 9V ~ 32V;

10. Dimensions: ≤Ø120*60mm (tolerance ±1mm);

11. Working temperature: outside the unit: -40 ° C ~ +60 ° C; interior unit: -5 ° C ~ +40 ° C;

12. Storage temperature: outside the unit: -55 ° C ~ +70 ° C; interior unit: -5 ° C ~ +50 ° C;

RDSS parameters: receiving sensitivity ≤-127.6dBm; receiving error rate ≤1e-5@-127.6dBm; positioning accuracy less than 20m; timing accuracy ≥100ns; first capture time ≤2s; loss of lock recapture time ≤1s; two-way zero value ≤1ms±10ns; transmit power

≤10W; positioning/communication success rate ≥99%.

RNSS parameters: positioning mode BDS B1 positioning; GPS L1 positioning; B1/L1 combined positioning; positioning accuracy: level: less than 3m;

Elevation: less than 4.5m; speed: less than 0.1m/s; first positioning time: cold start: less than 28s; hot start: 1s; loss of lock recapture time: 1s; sensitivity: capture: -147dBm; tracking: -163dBm

(3) Microwave wireless image transmission system


14 Car microwave multi-channel high-definition receiver (1 unit):

★ High-speed mobile and multi-path interference can stably receive high-definition (1080P) audio and video signals transmitted by two supporting individual transmitters;

Video output: CVBS, HDMI/SDI, high standard definition can be output simultaneously; image resolution: 1080P, 1080i, 720P, 576i;

Two-way voice: support, audio output: left and right channels;

With liquid crystal display panel, it automatically detects the surrounding electromagnetic signals and supports the spectrum scanning function, which is convenient for the unit to confirm the interference source;

When the ground moving speed is >150km/h, the audio and video signals returned by the individual transmitter can be normally received.


15 Explosion-proof individual HD transmitter (1 unit):

★ Individual soldiers to communication vehicles, different frequency points with other individual transmitters, can be used at the same time, without mutual interference, two-way voice, one-way high-definition

(1080P) video;

High-speed mobile and multi-path interference can stably transmit sound and video signals with long transmission distance and strong diffraction/penetration ability;

Output power: 0.1 ~ 3W (continuously adjustable);

Code stream: 2Mbps ~ 20Mbps;

Audio and video input: HDMI/SDI/CVBS (high standard definition compatible); image resolution: 1080P, 1080i, 720P, 576i;

Transmission distance: 1 to 5 km (depending on the working environment, the urban environment transmission distance is close, and the transmission distance is far without obstruction);

Usage: piggyback; life time: maximum continuous working time of the battery > 4 hours;

Type Approval Certificate for Radio Transmitting Equipment issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Radio Administration of the People's Republic of China

16 explosion-proof cameras (1 unit):

1. Intrinsically safe battery pack: Uo: 8.4V Io: 1.4V;

Optical zoom: 12 times;

Photographic pixels: approximately 20 million pixels;

With infrared shooting function: minimum illumination 0lx;

Explosion-proof mark

With 2 spare batteries (excluding original battery), 1 tripod, 2 64G memory cards


17 Car microwave two-way image transmission equipment (1 set):

★In the static and vehicle ground moving speed>150km/h, it can be used for two-way transmission of audio, video and network signals under high-speed movement and multipath interference between communication vehicles and command vehicles. The transmission distance is long, diffraction/penetration strong ability;

Meet the requirements of ≥15KM transmission distance under non-line of sight

Support UDP/TCP protocol, with more than 4 channels of forwarding and access

Output has HDMI, AV, VGA interface

Operating frequency range: 300~900MHz OEM bandwidth range

Modulation bandwidth: 2, 4, 8MHz selectable (upstream and downstream bandwidth independent setting)

Modulation: TDD-FDD-OFDMA

Working mode: TDMA (full duplex single antenna outlet)

Transmit power: ≥43dBm (20W)

Channel transmission delay: 50~200ms 11. Operating temperature: -30 - +75°C

(4) Private network voice communication system


18 digital walkie-talkies (4 sets):

1. Digital-to-analog integration, supporting analog to digital smooth transition.

2. ★ Supported frequency bands: VHF: 136-174MHz; 350MHz: 350-400MHz; UHF: 403-520MHz

Output power: ≥4W at high power and ≥1w at low power

Channel capacity: 256

Type Approval Certificate for Radio Transmitting Equipment issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Radio Administration of the People's Republic of China


19 digital radio station (1 unit)

1. Digital-to-analog integration, supporting analog to digital smooth transition.

2. ★ Supported frequency bands: VHF: 136-174MHz; 350MHz: 350-400MHz; UHF: 403-520MHz

3. In the direct mode, two time slots are talking at the same time; prefabricated text information

4. Output power: high power: 25-45W (VHF), 25-40W (UHF); low power: 1-25w

5. Type approval certificate for radio transmission equipment issued by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Radio Administration of the People's Republic of China

20 hand-held charging (1):

Can charge ≥4 digital walkie-talkies at the same time

(5) AV system


21 HD outdoor pan/tilt camera (1 unit):

#Video output interface supports HD-SDI, resolution 1920 × 1080 pixels (provided a copy of the test report issued by a third party).

Preset position ≥ 32

≥30x optical zoom, available in H.264 encoding format or SDI HD interface output

Starlight low light, providing excellent color images in low light conditions; color minimum illumination up to 0.0002 lux support infrared night vision

Horizontal 360 degree continuous rotation, pitch angle 180 degrees, no blind spots in all directions

# Under normal working conditions, continuous running time ≥ 165h, there should be no electrical, mechanical or operating system failure (providing a copy of the test report issued by a third party)

With superimposed image identification information and time function

Anti-radio-interference camera can work normally under the interference of high-power wireless equipment. The nationally-certified IP66 grade is waterproof, effectively preventing fogging of the lens and water in the warehouse.


22 control keyboard (1 unit):

Support multiple control protocols to control multiple cameras.

Supports three-dimensional operation of the joystick to enable more functions in a smaller volume;

Zoom: Press the left and right knobs on the joystick

Rocker up and down to control the gimbal

Interface mode 4P aviation head, the connection is more reliable and more suitable for the car

23 DVR (1 unit)

Support 4 channels of SDI video/audio input, support one button to enable recording function, configure 2T hard disk

Support TV, VGA, HDMI sync output

Support remote control of central control system

24 digital mixing console (1 unit):

★≥16 In/8 Out Line Mixing Console, Microphone/Line Rack Mixing Console

Equipped with mic preamp, equalizer and multi-effect processor, advanced ultra low noise

Support phantom power, phantom power switch available

Support software to control various functions


25 HD video mixing matrix (1 unit):

★The number of matrix input and output interfaces is ≥16 channels respectively, modularized front and rear plug-in structure;

The input and output interfaces support signal formats: VGA, DVI, YPbPr, CVBS, HDMI, HD-SDI, fiber LC, and network cable.

The input and output resolutions support up to 1920*1440, and are compatible with other resolutions such as 1080P and 720P signals. The front panel buttons can adjust the resolution and can also be adjusted by software.

The input signal of any format and resolution can be unified into the signal switching output of various formats of the same resolution;

Support signal format conversion, support multi-frequency double line conversion function, support seamless switching;

Support input signal status monitoring, real-time monitoring and display whether the current input channels are valid signal access;

With power-down memory function with power-off site protection;

Dual power supply hot standby, forced air cooling to ensure stable operation of the system;

Support high-definition signal seamless switching matrix bottom layer control, support signal format conversion, support multi-frequency double line conversion function, support seamless switching;


26 HD two-unit LCD monitor (2 units):

1. Standard rack-mounting, each with 2 separate screens, each screen size ≥ 8.9 inches 2. Pixel: 1920*RGB*1200

3. Display ratio 16:9/4:3 convertible

4. Brightness: 500cd/m2

5. Viewing angle: left and right 170° / up and down 170 °

6. Support video input interface such as SDI/HDMI/BNC, support RCA audio input

27 subtitle machine (1 set):

Support Chinese, letters, numbers, characters, etc., input and output interface OEM

28 car audio (1 set):

Power requirement ≥10W*2

Frequency response: 50Hz-20Khz, monitor level full-band audio

Support volume adjustment and power switch control

29 Wireless MIC Receiver/Transmitter (1 set):

With wireless MIC two

10 groups of UHF channels can be used simultaneously, receiver LCD liquid crystal display, digital lock and squelch technology 3. Operating frequency: 656.125-678.500 MHz, frequency stability: ±0.005%,

4. PLL phase-locked loop control, working effective distance is generally 80 meters, frequency response is 100Hz-15kHz, general error is ±5kHz


30 wired microphones (2):

Moving coil type heart-shaped directional microphone, stereo;

Sensitivity: -55 dB (1.7 mV) re 1V at 1 Pa ; 3. Frequency range: 70-16000 Hz

4. Support phantom power supply

(6) Computer network system

31 Mobile processing terminal (1 unit):

Processor Inter i5, quad core, main frequency ≥2.2GHz; memory capacity: ≥8GB; hard disk capacity: ≥500GB; 2GB memory graphics; screen size: ≥14 inches, support HDMI output, support USB interface;


32 4G/5G full network segment router (1):

Adopt industrial-grade wireless module, support LAN WIFI (802.11 a/b/g/n) function and WAN 3G/4G/5G wireless network function, support mobile Unicom Telecom 3 network 4G/3/5GG signal, ≥ support 32-way WIFI Access

The system loads security functions such as WAN communication VPN tunnel and WIFI LAN transmission security authentication to realize seamless connection between wireless LAN and wireless WAN.

Supports VPN security tunneling, including PPTP, MPPE, L2TP, GRE, and IPSEC.

Intelligent anti-dropping, support online detection, online maintenance, automatic redialing of dropped calls, ensuring that the device is always online.

Reserve 5G car antenna

33 optical transceiver (1):

1. Support high-definition video, audio, network and other interfaces

(7) Power system


34 Vehicle power generator and generator control unit module (1 set):

★The generator supports low-speed power generation, continuous power ≥6KW, duration ≥8 hours

#带Offline UPS and power compensation function with offline UPS power ≥6 KW, duration ≥1 hour

#Rack design, the power module is matched with the electronic control unit of the power take-off, with light alarm function

Output voltage is AC: 225V ± 3% (adjustable)

Output frequency range: 50 +/- 3 Hz

Harmonic distortion THD< 3%

Frequency stability: ±0.2HZ

Maximum working altitude: 4800 meters or more

Mains input 195-255 V; UPS conversion time: dc ≤ 4 ms, ac ≤ 8 ms

#Generator main body is waterproof, anti-mud splash, and can be washed directly with water, generator meets IP57 protection level

35 backup battery (1 set):

Configuration 1 set of lithium iron phosphate battery, capacity ≥ 50AH

36 Generator Mounting Bracket (1 set): fitted with bidding chassis

37 charger (1 unit):

With the characteristic programming micro-control level charger installation, EMV test, 12V/24V adaptive intelligent charging, maximum charging current 30A.

38 power distribution system (1 set):

The switchboard has voltage and current display, and the switch controls air conditioner, equipment power, maintenance, lighting, etc.; the switchboard panel is processed by CNC machine tool and the surface is sprayed.

39 Power supply lightning arrester (1 set): lightning protection for mains power supply: Class C lightning protection

40 Grounding system (1 set): Uniformly designed grounding device, connected to the grounding busbar nearby, the busbar is connected to the main frame of the chassis through the copper strip, connected to the grounding pole externally, and internally connected with the signal ground, the protection ground, and the communication Connected to the ground.

41 communication power supply (1 block):

DC12V output, output current ≥ 28.8A

With overload, overvoltage, short circuit, over temperature protection

Can withstand 300VAC surge input ≥ 5 seconds

With LED power indicator

42 external interface board (1 set):

External panel door on the rear side of the car body, flexible door switch and reliable locking

There are various weak electrical signal input and output interfaces installed on the inner panel of the door, HDMI\Callon\Network\Telephone\Fiber, etc.

The power supply adopts waterproof air plug, ground stud, power output, etc.

43 power cable tray (1 set): 30 m 4 square cable with short wiring / waterproof plug, manual cable tray

(8) Centralized control system

44 centralized control system (1 set):

#Centralized control of the roof, interior camera, hybrid matrix, hard disk recorder, mixer, etc.;

It can control the power supply of all AC and DC equipment in the car, and monitor the voltage and current of the power supply.

#Include a ≥9 inch wireless touch screen

Supports distributed audio and video control, with functional modules for distributed control of audio and video equipment

#Support tablet control interface control, with mature middle control interface, easy to use, stable and reliable performance (requires copy of tablet computer control interface software copyright registration certificate)

(9) Safety warning system

45 Warning light alarm (1 set): LED long row warning light, with ≥300W alarm device, length ≥1.2m, the color of the lamp meets the requirements of the safety supervision system.

46 Strobe light (1 set): LED warning light, the color of the lamp meets the requirements of the safety supervision system.

47 driving recorder (1 set):

1. 1080P full HD, full coverage of three lanes, fatigue driving reminder 2. Screen size: ≥ 2.0 inches; shooting angle: 120°-149°

3. With 32G card, record and save >6 hours video at 1080P

48 fire extinguishers (2 pieces): 1Kg, with fire protection logo

(10) Environment and auxiliary systems

49 interior lighting (1 set):

All car lighting includes AC220V and DC12V emergency lighting

50 body lights (4 pieces):

Roof installation 4 ≥25W body lighting, lighting distance ≥10 meters

51 weak cable reel (2 discs):

Network cable 30 meters with manual cable tray

Field fiber 100 m with manual cable tray

52 combination tool (1 set): 53 pieces of telecommunications tool combination kit

(11) Vehicle modification (using B1 rubber and plastic insulation materials)

53 Roof equipment installation and fixing (1 set):

Satellite antenna, satellite power amplifier installation, satellite antenna and supporting equipment mounting bracket, and installation of each roof antenna

54 Complete vehicle roof reinforcement (1 set):

The roof is made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy, the upper surface is patterned with aluminum plate, anti-rust and anti-slip; the whole car adopts square steel pipe with different specifications to strengthen and weld the roof as needed, so that the welding frame is welded with the original car body skeleton;

55 roof stainless steel guardrail (1 set):

Made according to the appearance of the car body, beautiful and generous, no burr

56 Roof line bending and hole making and installation (1 set): OEM, waterproof treatment

57 vehicle housing (1 set):

The aluminum frame and the aluminum skin structure are used, and the outer skin and the body joint are riveted and sealed with a sealant. The surface of all the metal components of the vehicle needs to be rust-proofed, and the car body strengthens the skeleton and the embedded plate for phosphating, and the exposed paint parts are exposed. Electrophoretic primer treatment with automotive special paint on the surface

58 The inner roof of the vehicle is reinforced (1 set):

The square steel pipe with different specifications is used to strengthen the welding on both sides and the front part of the car body according to the need, so that the welding welding frame and the original car body frame are welded together.

59 standard cabinets (1 set):

Standard cabinet, sealed installation, with exhaust fan, high quality steel plate, CNC machine tool manufacturing, protective welding for interface, surface spray treatment

60 cabinet damping frame (1 set): rubber + spring damping system

61 partition and rack package (1 set):

Take the wooden border, the surface is decorated with wood grain, and the surface is painted with semi-matte wood special paint.

62 interior decoration (1 set):

The inner side of the car is made of flame-retardant and environmentally-friendly materials, all of which use fire-retardant carpet with sound-absorbing effect. The top plate is made of 2mm thick aluminum plate CNC machine tool for punching, surface spray technology, window with curtains.

63 interior partition decoration (1 set):

The interior partition is made of flame retardant and environmentally friendly materials.

64 In-camera camera installation (1 set): Firm and reliable installation, no displacement

65 swivel seat (2 sheets): 360° rotation, adjustable backrest

66 equipment rack (1 set):

The tail design of the vehicle is modular (easy to disassemble) for storing and transporting equipment.

67 rear cabin slide variable storage compartment (1 set):

Aluminum profile OEM, slide rail type, storage compartment space variable

68 Insulation treatment, vehicle glass explosion-proof membrane (1 set):

Insulation treatment, full car glass window stickers brand explosion-proof sunscreen

69 Anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment (1 set): Environmental protection anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment,

70 rear stainless steel rear ladder (1 set): stainless steel fixed installation, anti-slip treatment

71 console (1 set):

Take a wooden, surface-painted semi-matte wood special paint

72 Exterior lighting installation (1 set): Firmly installed, waterproof

73 Rear cabin aluminum floor and decoration (1 set): The rear cabin floor mat is laid flat and 2mm thick pattern aluminum plate, and the edge seam is glued and beautifully decorated.

74 Complete vehicle wiring harness and link (1 set):

The buried cable needs to be protected by a tube

Cabinet cable neatly labeled

No clear line, trace specification

75 accessories (1 set): including special glue, small hardware, standard parts, sealing strips, beading, fixing bracket, etc.

76 Body paint and beauty (1 set): use environmentally friendly paint, green logo


 Medium Emergency Satellite Communication Vehicle

Item NameBrandSpecificationModel


1ChassisFord F150 F-150 2018 3.5TFord Motor Company1


Vehicle-mounted satellite antennaSATPRO


DBS Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd.


3Jingzhongtong satellite power amplifierMorning Star CommunicationSWPA-KUB080Guangzhou Chengxing Communication Technology Co., Ltd.1
4LNBHua Rui Wei XunHRWXA-KU-LNB(N)Chengdu Huarui Weixun Technology Co., Ltd.2
5RF splitterHua Rui Wei XunHRWXA-1-4Chengdu Huarui Weixun Technology Co., Ltd.2


Modem 1Gilat


SATPRO Antenna Systens


7Modem 2COMTECHCDM-570LComtech Telecommunications Corp1
8VOIP voice gatewayCentury NetcomCNG1000Guangdong Century Network Communication Equipment Co., Ltd.2
9HD video conferencing terminalPolycomGroup 550Polycom China1
10Layer 3 switchHuaweiS5720S-28P-LI-ACHuawei Technologies Co., Ltd1
11Handheld spectrum analyzerEgretHSA820Suzhou Puyuan Jingdian Technology Co., Ltd.1


Tiantong Satellite PhoneChina Electric Power


The 54th Research Institute of China Electronics Technology Group Corporation


13Beidou satellite navigation vehicle terminalStarJZ-BDC-101Chongqing Jiuzhou Xingyi Navigation Equipment Co., Ltd.1
14Multi-channel car HD receiverKeweitaiMV2025-RJ8-A/1080i(2)Shenzhen Keweitai Industrial Development Co., Ltd.1
15Explosion-proof individual HD transmitterKeweitaiMV2025-PT/ExShenzhen Keweitai Industrial Development Co., Ltd.1


Explosion-proof cameraChongqing University of Science and Technology


China Coal Science and Technology Group Chongqing Research Institute Co., Ltd.


17Car microwave two-way image transmission equipmentKeweitaiMV2025RJ45Shenzhen Keweitai Industrial Development Co., Ltd.1


Digital walkie-talkieHainengda


Hainengda Communication Co., Ltd.



Digital radioHainengda


Hainengda Communication Co., Ltd.



Hand-held stationHainengda


Hainengda Communication Co., Ltd.



HD outdoor pan/tilt cameraBright view



Changzhou Mingjing IOT Sensor Co., Ltd.



Control KeyboardBright view


Changzhou Mingjing IOT Sensor Co., Ltd.





Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co., Ltd.


24Digital mixerVocal artUI16Soundcraft China1
25HD video mixing matrixXunweiXW- HX1616Chengdu Xunwei Information Technology Co., Ltd.1
26HD two-layer LCDBaishi YueBSY702-HDSx2Shenzhen Baishi Yue Electronics Co., Ltd.2
27Captioning machineMesidaMSD-4Shenzhen Meishida Antenna Equipment Co., Ltd.1


Car audioIron horse




29Wireless MIC Receiver/TransmitterVictoryX6Guangdong Desheng Electronics Co., Ltd.1


Wired microphoneVictory


Guangdong Desheng Electronics Co., Ltd.



Mobile processing terminalThinkPad

T470p 14

Lenovo Group



4G/5G full network segment routerHuawei


Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd


33Optical transceiverXunweiXW-GD1HD1ASFChengdu Xunwei Information Technology Co., Ltd.1


Vehicle power generatorInciting


Zhongwei Haoyu Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.


35UPS backup batteryMaleMODULE19250AHShenzhen Xiongyu Power Technology Co., Ltd.1


Generator mounting bracketAncient top


Zhongwei Haoyu Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.



ChargerIron horse


Suzhou Guding Energy Technology Co., Ltd.


38Distribution SystemPhoenixOEMDONG RUN ZE1
39Power supply lightning arresterIron horseVAL-MS 320/1+1Phoenix Electric China1


Grounding systemMing Wei





Communication powerIron horse


Shenzhen Taiwei Power Co., Ltd.


42External interface boardIron horseOEMDONG RUN ZE1
43Electric power cable trayXunweiOEMDONG RUN ZE1


Centralized control systeminterstellar

1 set XW-ZH8500

1set XW-Z8

1set AGS-L09

1 set TP-LINK WAR308

Chengdu Xunwei Information Technology Co., Ltd.


45Warning light alarminterstellarTBD155121GStar Holdings Group Co., Ltd.1
46Strobe lightPhilipsLTE595Star Holdings Group Co., Ltd.1
47Driving recorderJiang JingADR610sPhilips China1


Fire extinguisherIron horse


Jingzhou Gangling Jinan Fire Equipment Co., Ltd.


49Interior lighting systemIron horseOEMDONG RUN ZE1


Body lightIron horse





Weak cable reelInciting





Portfolio Tools



Shida Tools Shanghai Co., Ltd.


53Roof stainless steel guardrailIron horseOEMDONG RUN ZE1
54Roof line hole making and installationIron horseOEMDONG RUN ZE1
55Cabin cabinetIron horseOEMDONG RUN ZE1
56The roof of the vehicle is strengthened and embedded.Iron horseOEMDONG RUN ZE1
57Standard cabinetIron horseOEMDONG RUN ZE2
58Cabinet shock mountIron horseOEMDONG RUN ZE1
59Partition and rack packageIron horseOEMDONG RUN ZE1
60Roof decorationIron horseOEMDONG RUN ZE1
61Roof equipment installationIron horseOEMDONG RUN ZE1
62Interior partition decorationIron horseOEMDONG RUN ZE1
63Camera installation in the carIron horseOEMDONG RUN ZE1
64Rotating table and chairIron horseOEMDONG RUN ZE2
65Equipment rackIron horseOEMDONG RUN ZE1
66Rear cabin slide type variable storage boxIron horseOEMDONG RUN ZE1
67Insulation treatment of vehicle explosion-proof filmIron horseOEMDONG RUN ZE1
68Anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatmentIron horseOEMDONG RUN ZE1
69Rear stainless steel rear ladderIron horseOEMDONG RUN ZE1
70ConsoleIron horseOEMDONG RUN ZE1
71Exterior lighting installationIron horseOEMDONG RUN ZE1
72Rear cabin aluminum floor and decorationIron horseOEMDONG RUN ZE1
73Vehicle wiring harness and linkIron horseOEMDONG RUN ZE1
74ExcipientIron horseOEMDONG RUN ZE1
75Body paint and beautyIron horseOEMDONG RUN ZE1


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