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Beiben Oil Gas Field H2S Sewage Truck 6x4

Beiben Oil Gas Field H2S Sewage Truck 6x4 With Pump
Oil and Gas Field Drilling Wastewater Vac tanker truck BEIBEN (10,500 L)
PTO taking device, sewage tank, loading pump, nitrogen gas tank, pipe system, safety valve, level gauge, platform control system, etc.
  • DRZ5250GXWND
  • DRZ
  • 8705909990

  Beiben Oil Gas Field H2S Sewage Truck  6x4 

Oil and Gas Field Drilling Wastewater transport tanker 

improvement and application of high hydrogen sulfide gas fields 

Beiben Vacuum Trucks in Oilfield  H2S Operations

Gas field sewage truck -69Gas field sewage truck -70Gas field sewage truck -68

  Beiben Oil Gas Field Sewage Truck / Vac tanker truck BEIBEN (10,500 L)
General Vehicle Brand DONG RUN ZE
Chassis Brand BEIBEN
Overall Dimension 9800 * 2500 * 3050 mm
GVW / Kerb Weight 25,000kg / 10,800kg
Cab Cab Capacity 2 persons allowed
Air Conditioner Heating/cooling air conditioner
Engine Fuel Type Diesel
Engine Brand WEICHAI
Power 340 HP (250 KW)
Displacement 9726 ml
Emission Standard Euro 3 or 4 / 5
Chassis Drive Type 6X4, (left hand drive) RHD optional
Transmission FAST 9 speed levers with 1 reverse
Wheelbase/No. of axle 4350+1300 mm / 3
Tire Specification 11.00-20
Tire Number 10 tires and 1 spare tire
Max Speed 90 km/h
Paint Metallic paint
Superstructure Body capacity 10,500 Litres
Tanker Material Carbon Steel OPTINOAL LINED LLDPE
Pump  pump equipped  
Suction head 6 m

High quality, wire strengthened hose,

with cooper wire, anti-static

 Machine Equipped based on customer requirement
Control panel English  
All standard accessories: manhole, ladder, anti-static belt, anti-slip walkway, handrail, fire extinguisher, inlet, discharge, reflective stickers...

DRZ5250GXWND hydrogen sulfide sewage tank decontamination vehicle    chassis, PTO taking device,  sewage tank, loading pump, nitrogen gas tank, pipe system, safety valve, level gauge, platform control system, etc. Partial composition. 3 field application and effect of wastewater loading process: sewage wastewater tank by loading pump into the car, the tank is equipped with the acid after completion of loading, close the tank car back to gas valve, the liquid level controller, with nitrogen filling hose to monitor liquid level height, after reaching a high level of loading pump mouth filling with nitrogen transformation of joint connection is good, open the tank car nitrogen filling valve, stop by to lock. When loading, as the liquid level rises, the gas in the tank enters the nitrogen replacement for half a minute along the exhaust pipe road. Close the return gas return process of the tank car nitrogen filling valve and acid buffer tank to avoid the leakage of toxic gas. Valve, discharge port tested hydrogen sulfide content is zero. Process of sewage dump truck: after the sewage truck arrives at the designated location, the dump truck pump in the station will use the same specifications and models of self-closed quick joint, such as the sewage in one of the two tanks of the tank to the elevated tank in the station. At this point, when the nitrogen gas tank on the tank car is short of nitrogen, the nitrogen gas tank can be connected with each other by filling a hose with nitrogen gas, so as to fill the air for the on-board sewage tank, so as to maintain the internal and external pressure balance of the tank after unloading. Gas and displacement are not affected. To achieve the above loading and unloading car safety and environmental conditions, work for the modification of the device, the main before connecting the acid buffer tank back to gas valve, can use nitrogen replacement back ahead of the trachea to include: automotive sewage pipeline canned car air exchange and recycling line loading pipeline residual acid in the air, to prevent acid buffer tank into oxygen, to ensure that the acid buffer tank of liquid plant modification, back to back gas pipeline residual hydrogen sulfide gas plant modification 

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Oil Gas Field H2S Sewage Truck 6x4 With Pump 


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