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DFAC Emergency Accident Rescue Vehicles with Power Generator And Lighting

DFAC Emergency Accident Rescue Vehicles with Power Generator And Lighting
Price: $ 330000
Discount Price: $ 29000

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   Highway Emergency Lighting Breakdown Van  with Generator Welding And Lighting  Electric Emergency Vehicles   rescue vehicle

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ZN1034U5X5 multi-purpose truck Multi-function emergency vehicle 

Total mass (KG) 2555 rescue vehicle

Applicable range of multi-functional emergency vehicle accident rescue vehicle: 

Emergency and repair of various emergency accidents;

Petrochemical equipment and long-distance oil and gas pipelines with pressure stoppage and on-site repair;

Emergency repair of oil pump station and pipeline in oil field.

The emergency repair of the urban water supply network;

Emergency repair of power supply line;

Primary repair of gas pipeline;

Emergency repair of counter telegraph lines;

Emergency repair of rotary table in field signal of mobile communication;

Emergency repair of highway;

Railway emergency repair;

(ii) coordination of fire field work;

On-site emergency repair of military equipment;

Emergency in case of natural disaster.

Second, the characteristics of

1. This model is the innovative design of our company on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technologies, and the equipment cabinet is introduced with imported German aluminum alloy profile.

2. Main functions: emergency power generation, lighting, warning and emergency rescue.

3. Upper hatchway door design is adopted on both sides of the box body, with single door structure at the rear, and quick and convenient to take and put equipment.

4. The vehicle height is no more than 1900mm, and the community with limited height of 2000mm is unimpeded and can reach the rescue site quickly.

5. The equipment cabinet adopts aluminum profile imported from Germany, which can be adjusted and installed according to the size of the equipment. The equipment on both sides is fixed according to the structure of various vehicle-mounted equipment, and all the equipment has locking fixation devices

Three, performance,

1. Lighting performance: the lamp panel is composed of 2 400W high efficiency energy-saving philips brand lamps, and each lamp head is adjusted separately in the upper and lower left and right angles according to the on-site requirements. The rotation can realize 360-degree omnidirectional lighting; The lamp holder can also be uniformly distributed in the lamp panel for lighting in four directions; Overall lighting, high brightness, wide range, philips long life.

2. Lifting performance: 4 telescopic cylinders are selected as the lifting adjustment method. The maximum height is 4.5m.

3. Working time: when using the power supply of the generator set, it can work continuously for more than 13 hours with a single filling of fuel, and it can be illuminated for a long time with 220V power supply.

4. Convenience operation: the opening and closing of each lamp can be controlled respectively by wireless remote control within 50 meters, and the lifting of expansion rod can be controlled by air pump or manual air valve.

5. Applicable site: lamp panel, cylinder and generator set are integral structure. The generator set is equipped with universal wheels at the bottom, which can operate on the potholed road. It is made of high quality imported metal materials, with compact structure and stable performance, which can ensure the normal operation under various harsh environment and climatic conditions, and is rated as level 8 for rain, water and wind resistance.

6. Customization: in order to meet the personalized needs of customers, the standard configuration of this product cannot meet the work needs of users. We can adjust the number, power, floodlight or concentrated light, the height of telescopic air pole and the equipment of generator according to your requirements.



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