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 IVECO Breakdown Vehicle Engineering Rescue Vehicle

 IVECO Breakdown Vehicle Engineering Rescue Vehicle
vehicle for repairing the natural gas pipeline and gas station
Price: $ 480000
Discount Price: $ 48000

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 IVECO Breakdown Vehicle Engineering Rescue Vehicle

The vehicle is supplied for repairing the natural gas pipeline and gas station, Electric station, water station


Flexible、Wild applied 、Easy operation、React quickly、Ergonomic design、High performance-price ratio

 IVECO Breakdown Vehicle Engineering Rescue Vehicle    

Electric Emergency Vehicles

Electric Vehicles 

Chassis: NJ1054CGCS Fuel type: diesel fuel
Engine: F1CE0481P; SOFIM8140.43E4 Wheelbase (mm): 3600
Displacement (cc): 2998; 2798 Dimensions (mm): 6485/6780 × 2095 × 2950
Power (kW): 107; 100 Gross weight (kg): 5200

Iveco Engineering Emergency Vehicles

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Emergency Rescue Vehicle  

In order to achieve the equipment repair and accident emergency in a timely, economical, safe and efficient. Our company has designed and invented this kind of safe, light, practical, flexible and reliable multi-functional emergency repair engineering vehicle which is integrated with loading maintenance personnel, tools and construction materials.

2.1 scope of application

Emergency and repair of various emergency accidents;

Petrochemical equipment and long-distance oil and gas pipelines with pressure stoppage and on-site repair;

Emergency repair of oil pump station and pipeline in oil field.

The emergency repair of the urban water supply network;

Emergency repair of power supply line;

Primary repair of gas pipeline;

Emergency repair of counter telegraph lines;

Emergency repair of rotary table in field signal of mobile communication;

Emergency repair of highway;

Railway emergency repair;

(ii) coordination of fire field work;

On-site emergency repair of military equipment;

Emergency in case of natural disaster.

The vehicle can also be used as a mobile maintenance workshop (workstation), fixed the necessary tools and equipment, to the emergency repair site parts processing and repair.

2.2 product features:

1) this model is our company's innovative design based on absorbing foreign advanced technologies and introducing imported German aluminum alloy profiles.

2) realized functions: warning lights, AC220V power supply, inverter power supply, lighting, hydraulic power source, self-rescue, emergency and other main functions.

3) the box design fully takes into account the needs of emergency and emergency functions, is quick and convenient to take and put the equipment, firm and reliable, and adopts the fire shutter door structure on both sides and at the back.

4) the equipment cabinet adopts aluminum alloy profile imported from Germany, which can be adjusted and installed according to the size of the equipment. The equipment on both sides is fixed according to the structure of various vehicle-mounted equipment, and all the equipment has locking fixation devices.

5) tiled skirt, plywood step and tool box

The left and right side protection of the vehicle adopts bus skirt design, and the overall vehicle is beautiful in shape. The closed part can be made into a toolbox, which can be distributed according to the size of the equipment and different USES. In order to ensure the convenience of the construction personnel to take and put the equipment, the skirt is designed to be reversible step, with strong bearing capacity (up to 300kg) and safe and reliable marking mechanism. The step is small patterned aluminum plate, which is wear-resistant, non-slip, beautiful, safe and practical.


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