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HOWO AWD Off Road 6X6 Anti-riot Police Water Cannon Truck Customizing

HOWO AWD Off Road 6X6 Anti-riot Police Water Cannon Truck Customizing
6800L Anti Riot Water Cannon Vehicle
Two electric straight stream anti-riot water cannons
Anti-riot police water cannon truck
Price: $ 240000
Discount Price: $ 233000

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 Anti Riot Water Cannon Vehicle Customizing  Optional Pressure Pulse

police water cannon-77police water cannon-78police water cannon-79

4x4 Ant-Riot Control Water Canon truckAnt-Riot Control Water Canon truck offorad

 Ant-Riot Control ( Water Canon   )  water cannon vehicle factory

(1) Basic and functional functions of the vehicle

1. Water cannon: The roof is equipped with 2 DC electric control anti-riot main water cannons, which can be used for long-distance flooding. An auxiliary water cannon is mounted in front of the vehicle to strike against the riot target in front of the vehicle.

2. Sprinkler system: There are nozzles on the six sides of the vehicle. The system can spray clean water, dyeing solution and tear gas solution.

3, its own fire extinguishing system: the six-sided nozzle of the whole vehicle, can spray foam solution to achieve its own fire protection.

4. Antifreeze and water discharge system: It is used to drain the residual water in the pipeline to effectively protect the safety of the water system under severe cold weather conditions.

5, electronically controlled gas protection system: equipped with 4 electronically controlled combustion gas tear gas.

6, gas mask: 2 sets of military gas masks.

7. Centralized control system: PLC programmable control, control panel and handle operation to achieve centralized control and status display.

8. Warning safety system: The system consists of a cylindrical red-blue warning light, a square warning light, an alarm, and a police horn.

9. Roadblock clearing device: V-shaped obstacle shovel for removing obstacles on the ground.

10. Camera monitoring system: It consists of a water cannon camera, a car DVR (500G hard disk), a 9-inch LCD monitor, and integrated display of gun position display.

11. Reversing monitoring system: consisting of a rear view camera and a display screen.

12, broadcast publicity system: the use of the alarm amplifier and speakers can achieve on-site calls and disc playback.

13. Auto-specific automatic fire extinguishing system: equipped with a special fixed aerosol automatic fire extinguishing device for automobiles.

14, power system: the system can automatically provide power for the installation equipment.

(2) Optional configuration and function

1, pulse anti-storm water cannon:

☆Maximum range: 50m

☆ Deterrence range: 32m

☆ Launch mode: pulse jet, split burst and single shot function

☆ Launch interval: ≤ 4s

☆ Launch medium: water, dye, gas

☆ Control mode: electric control

●The water cannon body is developed by our company in cooperation with famous foreign water experts.

It has its own intellectual property rights; the barrel and the gun barrel are commissioned by American professional manufacturers to design and produce, and the key components are well-known brands at home and abroad. The exposed main parts of the water cannon are electroplated and polished, and the appearance is exquisite.

●DC gun and pulse gun have combined strike function, which is needed at the scene of flooding

When you want to play "combination boxing", you can use the DC gun to face the surface (large area flooding), the pulse gun to hit (local explosion) for efficient flooding, and the deterrence is great; at the same time, the car can stop while driving. It can be arbitrarily launched in both the state and the reverse state, and has extremely high operational flexibility.

    Note: When the optional pulse riot cannon is replaced, the roof DC riot cannon should be replaced.

2, glare lighting system: professional car mobile lighting equipment, high brightness, long range of illumination, providing night illumination for various emergency activities.

3, private network communication: through the 350MHz private network, to ensure on-site command and communication.

4. Glass and lamp protection net: the cab window glass (except the rear window glass) and the whole vehicle lamp (excluding the square warning light, the position light and the side marker light) are protected by galvanized steel mesh, wherein the front windshield protection net is Hydraulically controlled flip type.

5. Infrared PTZ camera: Install the car infrared pan/tilt camera on the front of the cab to monitor the front and sides of the car.

6. Anti-riot launching device: used to disperse rioters from a distance.

Fourth, the introduction of various system classification

(1) Water system

1. The main water cannon of the roof: DC electric control anti-storm water cannon 2

Maximum range: 65m

Deterrence range: 40m

Launch mode: continuous injection, point injection

Emitter medium: dye, gas, water

Control method: remote electric control

●The water cannon has the functions of continuous water jet and point spray water. It can mark or disperse the long-distance ancillary people by emitting dye or gas solution, and its performance is at the leading level in the international industry.

●The water cannon body is developed by our company in cooperation with famous foreign water experts. It has independent intellectual property rights. The barrel and the gun barrel are commissioned by American professional manufacturers to design and produce. The key components are well-known brands at home and abroad. The exposed main parts of the water cannon are electroplated and polished, and the appearance is exquisite.

● In order to achieve a precise blow to the target of the riot, a gun light is placed on the barrel.

2. Auxiliary water cannon in front of the vehicle: an auxiliary water cannon is installed in front of the vehicle for

Combat the target of close riots.

●According to actual needs, you can choose dye, gas solution, water, etc.

Shoot the medium.

3, water pump: CB16/50-TB type, arranged in the pump room at the rear of the cab, driven by the chassis engine through the power take-off, the pump can be absorbed by the natural water source of the ground through the DN100 suction pipe to the water tank.

4. Water tank: It is made of electrolytic board with strong anti-corrosion performance, and the inner wall is sprayed with marine epoxy-rich zinc waterproof paint.

There is a baffle device in the water tank to buffer the front and rear impact of water when driving;

The water tank maintenance window is convenient for personnel to enter the water tank maintenance work;

The water tank is filled with overflow and exhaust ports;

 equipped with an electronic water level measuring instrument;

The water tank is equipped with a fire-fighting water supply and a residual water discharge device with a filter screen;

Water injection method of water tank: external fire hydrant water injection, water pump self-water absorption;

 Effective volume: 6 ~ 8m3.

5. Electromagnetic induction type liquid level gauge: The products independently developed by the company are made of high chromium content stainless steel material. Compared with the conventional industrial liquid level gauge, the electromagnetic induction type liquid level gauge has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high precision, timely response and good reliability.

6. Valve: It adopts reinforced industrial valve and is equipped with sealing reinforcement device and valve position sensor. The installed sealing reinforcement device overcomes the problem of the life of the seal when the dynamic high pressure and large flow rate are used. After strict reliability damage test The service life is up to 20,000 times.

7. Proportional mixer: The mixing ratio set by the anti-storm water cannon through the ring pump type proportional mixing device realizes the stable output of the fixed proportion mixed solution such as dye, gas and foam.

According to the actual needs of the riot scene, the remote control device installed in the control room is used to select the appropriate medium (clean water, dyeing solution, gas solution), which greatly improves the working efficiency and on-site disposal ability of the anti-riot water cannon.

8. Auxiliary valve: It adopts high-quality brass or stainless steel products, which has superior anti-corrosion performance and flexible switch. It will not be stuck after parking for a long time.

9. Auxiliary pipeline: The water system pipeline is made of industrial galvanized steel pipe and has good corrosion resistance.

10. Additive tank: Three 100L stainless steel preparation tanks are installed in the pump room for device dyeing agent, CS tearing agent and Class B fire foam stock solution. The tearing agent tank is provided with an automatic sealing switch.

It can ensure that the mixed stock solution does not volatilize.

11, sprinkler system: 10 nozzles around the body, roof and car

A total of 12 nozzles are provided at the bottom, which can be sprayed around the body when necessary.

Protection, the system can spray clean water, dye solution and tear gas solution.

12, self-extinguishing system: around the body, the roof and the bottom of the car, can spray foam solution to achieve their own fire protection.

13. Antifreeze and water discharge system: In order to prevent system damage caused by freezing water in the pipeline under cold weather, an electronically controlled antifreeze and water discharge device is installed at the lowest point of the pipeline.

(2) Anti-riot equipment

1. Electronically controlled gas protection system: Four electronically controlled combustion gas tear gas bombs are installed in the front and rear positions of the body skirt, which can effectively prevent the rioters from approaching the vehicle body and shield the vehicles from leaving the riot scene safely.

2. Gas mask: In order to ensure that toxic gases do not harm combatants, the vehicle is equipped with 2 sets of military gas masks.

3. Auto-specific automatic fire extinguishing system: Install 4 fixed-type aerosol automatic fire extinguishing devices for the vehicle engine to cover the safety protection of the whole vehicle.

●The device has two automatic and manual semi-automatic control modes. When the temperature of the protection zone reaches 138 °C or an open flame is encountered, the electronic trigger device will automatically open and quickly emit a white aerosol-like micron aerosol solid suspension. Rapid decomposition at high temperatures, through a series of chemical reactions such as high temperature endothermic, quickly interrupt the combustion reaction chain, to achieve the purpose of efficient fire extinguishing.

●The device has no residue after fire extinguishing, no pollution to the car, no damage, no damage to the atmospheric ozone layer, zero greenhouse effect potential, strong anti-shock, anti-shock and anti-corrosion performance.

4. Roadblock removal device: A V-type hydraulic clearing shovel is installed in front of the vehicle to effectively remove ground obstacles.

● Pushing the shovel for lightweight design.

●The hydraulic power of the shovel is lifted by the gear pump installed at the rear of the gearbox

Drive, lift is controlled by a manual multi-way hydraulic valve.

● The control handle is installed in the cab and is operated by the driver.

Water Cannon Vehicle-126

(three) control system

          Front passenger control layout (reference) control handle

1. Instrument display: The control panel is installed on the main instrument panel, mainly equipped with water tank and additive tank liquid level display, electronically controlled gas emission, clear water or mixed solution selection switch, pipeline cleaning, antifreeze and water release, gun reset, etc. Operate the button switch.

2, camera monitoring: the main instrument panel is installed in the 9-inch display, the surveillance camera and the gun head rotate synchronously, the image on the screen is the direction of the gun head.

3. Launch control handle: The control handle is used to control the rotation and launch of the gun. The front, rear, left and right of the gun are controlled by shaking the front, rear, left and right of the handle respectively; when the pump is started, when it is being controlled After selecting the water cannon launching medium on the panel, press “Start” on the handle and then press the “Emission” button to launch.

(4) Electrical equipment

1. Monitoring system: Install a waterproof infrared camera on each of the two barrels. The shooting picture can be displayed on the LCD display installed in the cab and stored on the car DVR for inspection.

(1) Haikang DS-2CC11A2P-IR3 infrared camera: The camera rotates with the barrel to monitor the front and sides of the vehicle.

(2) Haikang DS-M5504HM car DVR: Car DVR, the highest resolution of playback is D1, with USB backup interface, equipped with 500G hard disk.

(3) SF-9003 9 inch LCD monitor

2. Warning system: It consists of an alarm, front and rear garden warning lights, and police horns.

(1), CJB300R1 alarm: can be used to call the scene, the alarm control panel is placed on the instrument panel,

(2), LTD132 front round warning light: 1 red and blue round warning lights are installed in front of the roof.

(3), LTD532 rear round warning light: one red and blue round warning lights are installed at the rear of the roof.

(4), LTE512 large square warning lights: 1 red and blue on each side of the body, 1 red and blue after the car, a total of 6.

(5), YD-150I (150W) speaker: installed on the top of the cab.

3, position light and side marker lights: each corner of the vehicle is installed with a set of position lights, side signs installed side signs to ensure safe driving.

4, reversing monitoring system

(1) Rear view: It consists of SF-7003A 7′′ reversing display screen and SF-9880C reversing camera;

5, publicity broadcast system: add DVD player, use the alarm amplifier and speaker to achieve on-site call and disc playback.

6. High position headlights: In order to eliminate the influence of the liquid control shovel on the nighttime driving of the vehicle, high-level lights are installed in front of the vehicle to ensure the lighting requirements of the vehicle at night.

7, power system: the system automatically supplies power to the installation equipment, with short-circuit, over-current, over-voltage and other protection functions.

8, optional equipment

(1), glare lighting system: Star CJR122150/DC24V vehicle mobile lighting equipment, using a backpack-type structure, two OSRAM 150W metal halide lamps, working voltage is DC24V, luminous flux is 2 × 11000 lumens; can be wired and wireless two The remote control is operated and lifted inside and outside the car, horizontal 365° rotation and tilting 180°; the height of the lighting is 1.2 meters, which can realize all-round illumination without dead angle; with automatic reset function, the light is powered by the original car battery. .

(2), private network communication: 350MHz public security network communication equipment: car digital cluster Taiwan Motorola MTM5200.

(3) Glass protective net: The cab glass (except the rear side glass) is protected by a detachable high-strength steel mesh.

● The front windshield protection net is an overall manual flip type.

(4) Infrared PTZ camera (with control keyboard): The front end of the cab can be equipped with the car MG-TC2528B infrared PTZ camera to monitor the front and sides of the car.

The patented product captures the target in the dark without lighting conditions, infrared night vision

The distance is more than 80 meters. All-weather environment design, high-strength aluminum alloy casting shell,

Anti-impact, anti-corrosion, protection grade IP66; super strong seismic characteristics, especially suitable for vehicle monitoring; 360° infinite rotation, 180° viewing angle without blind spots; 6 patrol tracks, 128 preset positions; vehicle power supply voltage input range : DC10.5V ~ DC18V; total zoom 312X, optical zoom 26X, digital zoom 12X.

Control keyboard: VNT-K100 controls the pan/tilt action and lens function.

(5), anti-riot launch device: optional 38mm vehicle-mounted nine-tube anti-riot launcher, effectively dispel the long-distance riot people.

V. Appearance color and logo: The vehicle paint and logo are in accordance with the police appearance standard.

Six, with the car accessories

In addition to the on-board repair tools equipped with the chassis, the car is also equipped with the following special tools and spare parts.

1, DN65 water belt: 20 meters;

2. Fire wrench: 1 piece;

3, crescent wrench: 1;

4. Adding funnel: 1;

5, 65/50, 80/65 transfer interface: 1 set each;

6, suction pipe (including water filter): 4, 2m / strip;

7. 4 pieces of electric ignition CS combustion type tear gas;

8, gas solution: 1 barrel.

 Anti riot control water cannon vehicle Main  technical parameter 

Country of originChina
#Engine modelEngine displacementEngine powerEngine manufacturer
1D10.34-409 726 cc9.7 L594 cu in249 kW339 hpChina National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. (Sinotruk)
2D10.38-409 726 cc9.7 L594 cu in276 kW375 hpChina National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. (Sinotruk)
3D12.34-4011 596 cc11.6 L708 cu in249 kW339 hpChina National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. (Sinotruk)
4D12.38-4011 596 cc11.6 L708 cu in279 kW379 hpChina National Heavy Duty Truck Group Co., Ltd. (Sinotruk)
Maximum speed80 km/h50 mph
Rated load capacity6830 kg,
6650 kg
6.8 t,
6.7 t
15,058 lbs,
14,661 lbs
Weights and Ground pressure
Curb weight17040 kg,
17220 kg
17 t,
17.2 t
37,567 lbs,
37,964 lbs
Gross vehicle weight rating24000 kg24 t53,000 lbs
Axle load distribution6350 kg / 17650 kg  (tandem axle) ,
6530 kg / 17470 kg  (tandem axle)
6.4 t / 17.7 t  (tandem axle) ,
6.5 t / 17.5 t  (tandem axle)
13,999 lbs / 38,912 lbs  (tandem axle) ,
14,396 lbs / 38,515 lbs  (tandem axle)
Overall length9190 mm / 9840 mm30′2″ / 32′4″
Overall width2496 mm8′3″
Overall height3950 mm13′0″
Undercarriage and Suspension
Number of axles3
Wheelbase3800+1400 mm,
4300+1400 mm,
4600+1400 mm
Front track2022 mm,
2041 mm,
2087 mm
Rear track1830 mm / 1830 mm,
2087 mm / 2087 mm
6′1″ / 6′1″,
6′11″ / 6′11″
Front/rear overhang1610 mm / 2380 mm,
2260 mm / 2380 mm
5′4″ / 7′10″,
7′5″ / 7′10″
Approach / departure angle31 / 11, 13 / 11 deg.
Leaf springs9 / 12
Tyres and Wheels
Number of tyres10, 6
Tyres dimension11.00-20, 11.00R20 16PR, 12.00-20 16PR, 12.00R20 14PR, 14.00-20, 14.00R20


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