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ISUZU 4x4 Pickup Emergency Accident Rescue Vehicles with Power Generator And Lighting

ISUZU 4x4 Pickup Emergency Accident Rescue Vehicles with Power Generator And Lighting
Price: $ 430000
Discount Price: $ 39000

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 ISUZU 4x4 Pickup  Highway Emergency Lighting Breakdown Van  with Generator Welding And Lighting  Electric Emergency Vehicles   rescue vehicle  Equipped with closed box and vehicle special emergency rescue equipment  .  The vehicle be used for emergency and accident emergency  .  vehicle driving type of 4 x 4, all drivers.

Janpan Brand Highway rescue Pickup Emergency Lighting Breakdown Van with Generator Welding And Lighting Pickup

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Type of vehicle:gas pipeline, water pipes and other public facilities accident emergency rescue vehicles.

1) Innovative design based on absorbing foreign advanced technologies and introducing imported German aluminum alloy profiles.

2) realized functions: warning lamp, AC220V power supply, inverter power supply, lighting, self-rescue, emergency and other main functions.

3) fire rolling shutter doors are used on both sides of the box body, and the rear part is the structure of door opening or upper hatchling. The device is quick and convenient to take and put.

4) the vehicle height is no more than 1900mm, and the community with limited height of 2000mm is unimpeded and can reach the rescue site quickly.

5) an electric winch system is installed on the front of the whole vehicle, which can save itself.

6) the equipment cabinet adopts aluminum alloy profile imported from Germany, which can be adjusted and installed according to the size of the equipment.

The equipment on both sides is fixed according to the structure of various vehicle-mounted equipment, and all the equipment has locking fixation devices.

7) the equipped folding lighting system can provide overall lighting for on-site rescue and rescue.

8) the equipped generating set can provide AC220V power for on-board equipment.

Optional configuration: optional luggage rack, ladder, roof table; Warning lights with different structures and shapes; Optional mounting of lifting rod and spare tire; . Choose one seat number according to requirements, the partition (you can choose to open the door), tool cabinets, tool work station equipped with equipment, distribution box, generator set, water pump, electric welding machine, special power cabinets, generator, the power converter system installation, decorative pattern aluminum, line installation, indoor lighting system, search light, high light, on both sides of the car body optional open the lift door, the window blind, side door, coiling plate, according to the need in the body appearance make special design or logo, can according to customer different needs with different maintenance repair equipment


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